Comment: Wherein Victor Thorn takes an unnecessary swipe at competitor Alex Jones for the emancipated mind. We need 'em both! And fear is a survival trait! Think of David Irving and Ernst Zundel...
Big Brother And The Fear Junkies

Connecting the Dots

Big Brother & the Fear Junkies
by Victor Thorn
What if human beings had the ability to monitor the movements, thoughts, and actions of every ant or bee on the planet? Would you personally do it? Of course not. Why? Because you don’t care enough about what they’re doing to exert that much effort into their activities. In other words, they’re not doing anything that is of interest – or a threat – to you to merit such an exertion of energy. Even if you had the technology to do so, it simply wouldn’t matter.

With this scenario in mind, do you think the New World Order elite – who view the mass populace as nothing more than cattle (useless eaters) – really give a damn what most people do? Hell no. These men and women lord over wars, multi-billion business deals, and world governments. Do you think they really care about Martha Martin’s e-mail from Massapequa, Long Island; or John Smith’s cell phone call in Topeka, Kansas?

The answer, of course, is no; yet a multitude of fear-mongers in the alternative media want all of us to be quaking with fear and paranoia. Yet Big Brother doesn’t give a damn what 99.99999% of society does. Why? Because they don’t do anything. They’re not a threat to them in any way, shape, or form. Rather, they’re simply docile sheep who remain inside the parameters of an acceptable bell curve.

Look at it this way. Pretend there were 2,000 bees and ants buzzing or crawling in the woods behind your house. Would you care what they’re thinking or doing? No. You have more important things to do. But what if they started building a nest or mound outside your garage? Then the bees and/or ants might have an impact on your life; but not necessarily. I mean, if the insects didn’t affect you directly on a day-to-day basis, you may just let them be.

More so, would you want to monitor every thought and movement of the worker ants and drone bees? Not a chance. You may possibly care about the Queen Bee or King Carpenter Ant; but in all honesty, how many people have had a hornet’s nest hanging from their garage for decades? They really don’t seem affected.

In this sense, do you think the fantastically wealthy and powerful NWO elite are concerned with what most of us are doing? Do you think they have their NSA/CIA/FBA agents tuning-in to our every intricate thought?

Imaginary conversation inside the NSA: “Pssst, hey George, check this out. Joe Jefferson there in Selma, Alabama just bought a box of Cheerios at the supermarket with his super savers card. Then he purchased a pair of boxer shorts at K-mart, and now he’s driving home on Elm Street and talking to his girlfriend about how they’re going to rake leaves in the backyard tonight. And, oh yeah, I forgot – last night they watched American Idol and logged onto”

Do you think they really care about this guy, let alone six billion others? It doesn’t matter to them, just like the ants or bees don’t faze us in the least. Sure, due to an innate sense of self-importance we’d like to think our actions are important enough to merit constant vigilance, but face it – they don’t.

And if you want to know the truth, would it really change things anyway if they beamed-in on our every thought and action? Here at WING TV, Lisa Guliani and I don’t talk about anything different on our TV or radio show – or in our articles – than we do in private. Thus, what you see us discussing publicly is exactly what we're doing behind-the-scenes.

What does this mean? Simply, that we’re not afraid in the least of THEM! And anyone in the mainstream or alternative media that pushes this hyper-fear on you is acting as an Agent of Big Brother. Y’see, the overlords thrive on inducing fear and paranoia in you because that’s one of their control mechanisms. And those who push this schtick that the NWO cares what TV shows or Internet sites you log onto are actually serving the Controller’s goals by placing you in a box of trembling, look-over-your-shoulder fright.

Let’s face it: the NWO only wants three things from you:

               1) be a productive member of society
               2) obey the laws
               3) pay your taxes

Now we’re getting somewhere. Don’t you think it’s strange that the alternative media fear-mongers (and you know who they are) constantly rant n’ rave about Big Brother worrying about what roads we drive on, or supermarket bonus cards with a metallic strip on the back; but they NEVER mention how most of us willingly give the government our most personal information of all – and that’s our financial data. Think about it. Big Brother already knows everything he wants to know about you because you give – without a fight – the most minute, detailed analysis of your lives to the IRS. Yet the fear-mongers never rail about this subject or try to organize millions of people into not paying their taxes. I wonder why? It's because these very same people are working in unison with the government to keep you in line ... inside your contained little boxes.

Let’s boil it down to brass tacks: the government doesn’t care what TV shows or Internet sites you log onto. They only want your money. And if you give it to them and don’t go out into the streets protesting, they could care less what else you do. It’s that simple.

What you should be irate about is how the Feds rape us on a weekly basis via the income tax, not to mention the dozens and dozens of other taxes that we’re forced to pay. And when you surrender your money to the IRS, nobody’s holding a gun to your head. You simply fork it over, then roll-over and play dead.

At any rate, if the fear-mongers truly cared about your well-being, they’d be telling you to absolutely, under no circumstances, give your most personal information to the IRS. But instead, they try to hammer you over the head and force you to hide under your beds by filling you with fear. And when you consider what the end result is – crippling paranoia – then they’re obviously working hand-in-hand with Big Brother!

Further, we need to accept a reality of our lives, and that is: we’re already monitored on a fairly regular basis anyway, and have been for years. I’m not condoning this state of affairs, but am instead pointing out that there are cameras on street corners, highways, banks, ATM machines, convenience stores, apartment lobbies, supermarkets, and gas stations. And why does the NWO do such a thing? Their reasoning is two-fold. First, it further imposes their fear-factor upon us; and secondly, to have a record if any hell does break loose or if laws are broken. It’s that elementary. Do you really think they want to watch us walking down the street, cashing our checks, or filling our cars with gasoline? Hell no.

Here’s another concept to ponder. How many of the rampant fear-mongers that you listen to in the alternative media actually urge people to go out on the streets to protest, or try to organize us as a legitimate movement? None of them do. Why? Because they’re too busy doing the exact same thing that Big Brother is doing – COLLECTING YOUR MONEY! Can’t you see what’s taking place? The fear-mongers are the same as the government – the only thing they care about is your money money money (buy my video, buy my video). Beyond that, you’re not a concern to them.

So, the big question now is: how do you want to live your lives – freely, or under the thumb of fear that is perpetuated by alternative media schizoids? Personally, if Big Brother walked into our office/studio right now, Lisa Guliani and I wouldn’t act any differently than we do right now on our show, or when we’re doing work in our office.

Do you get it? Big Brother doesn’t have any power over you unless YOU give it to him. And people like Alex Jones are playing right into the NWO’s hands by making you passive, weak, and fearful. It’s all an ILLUSION, because Big Brother doesn’t give a damn about what you’re doing. And even though Lisa Guliani and I have been officially categorized as “known protesters” by the government, we’re still not afraid of them, and we’re not going to allow anyone to make us afraid with their heavy-handed fear-mongering tactics. On the other hand, if you want to tremble with paranoia, just remember that those atop the control pyramid will be laughing like mad as you crawl beneath your bed and hide with the cobwebs.

Turn off your FEAR RADIO and let Big Brother know that you're not going to live under his tyranny any longer! Believe me, you'll see how much better your life will become.

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