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Conspriacy theories that my researches convice me are true:
world war one was planned by big business
world war one was deliberately pro-longed in order to obtain
objectives in the middle east -- the capture of oil lands from
the Ottoman Turk
the stock market crash of Oct '29  was deliberatly set in motion by margin calls
that the economy after the crash was deliberately prevented from adjusting
to the shock of the crash, thus prolonging the great depression
that the hyperinflation in Germany was a deliberate robbing of the German
middle class by international finance -- the spoils of war
that J.P. Morgan, Paul Warburg, Bernard Baruch, the Rockefellers, Kissinger, Perle
have been the authors of the greatest calamities and that they are each agents
of the international merchant banking houses
that Hitler started by taking over a populist movement (against "interest slavery")
but soon after taking power he murdered all of the populists who supported him
(in 1934) and then began to attack the assimilated German jews in order to drive
them from Germany so that they could form the professional-skills background
of the new Jewish state in Palestine that was then being planned by the
Zionsit bankiing interests.
World War Two was also deliberately prolonged to attain objectives in the
middle east (operation torch)  D-Day could have happened as early as 1943.
Joe McCarthy was blasted (unjustly) because he had uncovered the
comunist conspiracy in the US -- specifically the rule of George C. Marshall
and others  (the loss of China, the firing of MacArthur in Korea)
Robert Taft was murdered by the Eisenhower CFR (a few grand strategy
decision makers who gave him the carcinagens) because Taft was going
to run against CFR Eisenhower in 1956.
Pearl Harbor was a deliberate conspiracy -- the Japanese were carefully
steered into the attack by Churchill and FDR.
Churchill was the drunk pawn of Bernard Baruch from 1919 on.
Sec. of Def. Forestal was murdered because he knew about
the Baruch conspiracy.
Baruch was instrumental in starting the cold war and the
cold-war arms race  --  he invented the name cold war in
a speech, just as his poodle churchill invented the term
"iron curtain"  -- the idea was for a great military industrial
complex and the Jewish domination of atomic energy
(Rosenbergs gave atomic secrets to Russia to make
the cold war possible) --  Baruch Plan called for a monopoly
of atomic power in the hands of the UN -- a Jewish
dictatorship (about to be realized today, btw)
Weather modification has been developed in secret and
has been used to create weather disasters since the
early 1990's (or earlier)  -- the contrails are the laying
of cloud to reflect away sunlight, thus cooling the
surface of land or sea thereby raising air pressure
near the ground -- thus controlling winds that move
parecels of hot, cold, wed, or dry air where they want --
El Nino is created by laying cloud over the central
south pacific, to block/stop the trade winds and
effect surface water current flow  etc.
JFK was shot to make the Great Society and the
Viet Nam war possible  -- for the sake of the military
industrial complex and the international bankers
who financed both.
China was opened, but not for reasons publicized.
The week following Nixon's first visit David Rockefeller
visited Zhou Enlai  and it was here that the de-industrialization
of the US and the super-industrialization of China was planned
in exchange for cheap chinese labor and chinese markets.
The drug invasion of the US is ultimately run by banking
families and the Chinese -- drugs are a weapon (psycho-chemical
warfare) of the Chinese and the internationalists (now called 'globalists')
to destroy the world's (once) leading free pro-middle-class society.
Womans liberation is a similar plot to destroy the family institution,
in cultural war against the US (and to provide a cheaper pool of
labor to the corporations)
First Nixon's vice president Spiro Agnew was removed
and replaced with Gerald Ford, then watergate
was puffed into the crime of the century (it is nothing
by todays standards of Administration crime) in order
that Nixon would be replaced by Ford and Nelson
Rockefeller become Ford's vice president -- the plan
of this conspiracy being that anti-charasmatic Ford
would never be nominated by the GOP and that
Nelson Rockefeller would get his name at the head
of the ticket   --  although this never happened.
John Lennon was shot because he agreed to a
Request by UN Sec General Kurk Waldheim to
conduct a Beatles reunion concert for the benefit
of the boat people (Vietnam refugees) --  his wife
was Japanese and he had written a song, Revolution,
badmouthing communists and chairman Mao in
particular -- it was the Chinese who were behind
Lennon's death.
O.J. Simpson is innocent -- the murder of
Nicole and Goldman was done deliberately to
create a media fiasco to take attention away
from special prosecutor Fisk's investigation
of the Clintons -- the murder occured the night
before Hillary and Bill testified in the criminal
investigation -- the first President and First Lady
to do so  --  the (Jewish) media puffed the case
to crowd out the real important story --  the
case fizzled and Ken Starr replaced Fisk.
Reagan was shot by a programmed individual,
in order to put GHWBush in the presidency.
Clinton disarmed the US and did everything to build
up China at the expense of US security  -- Clinton
spent an entire month in China where I believe
9/11 and the Patriot Act etc.were planned.
WACO was a test run of the new totalitarian
police tactics -- it got the people used to events
like that.
The Oaklahoma City bombing on the anniversary of
Waco was a deliberate counter-intelligence propaganda
mass-murder psy-op event to discredit the militia
movement that sprang up after Waco (and Randy Weaver)
The US and the world  is run by the CFR, the Trilateral Commission,
the Bilderbergs, the British Roundtable  and other secret
organization  --  the US government that the people see,
is now an empty puppet-show sham.
The Federal Reserve and the banking interests are responsible
for all of the great economic recessions and depressions in the US.
Congress changes the structure of the economy for these
super-rich vultures to better prey on us.   The inflation of the carter
administration and the tight deflation recession of the early 80's
are cases in point  --  they were massive robberies of the American
people  -- as was the related S&L scandal.
It is a conspiracy to destroy America when industrial capital
(investment funds) are allowed to migrate to China  -- this
practice is NOT consistent with the necessary conditions
for gains from free trade  -- in real free trade the goods
cross lines but investment capital stays in each respective
country  --  those who (really) understand economics know that
the unregulated flows of investment capital is destroying
every nation of the earth -- b ut in different ways -- all for the
benefit of the rich.
China is run by Triad organized crime in cahoots with
western Finance capitalism equally criminal.
The US space effort has not really been abandoned, it has
merely gone secret  ---   UFO's are merely human technology
that has not been made public  (some of which was gotten
from Gottengen scientists after WW2) -- who knows how
far they have gotten without our knowing about it?
9/11 was an inside-job false-flag mass-murder provocateur
operation conducted by war-profiteers and Zionists -- as
proven by 9/11 evidence and much background crime --
many people profited from 9/11  --  war profiteers,
war-financers, Zionists, those invovled in the great
gold price fixing case and the illegal oil deals case --
evidence and investigators all perished in the attack
on the WTC  --  also the end of New York as the financial
capital of the world 
China and Israel are united against the Jeffersonian US,
against a self-respecting self-supporting middle-class --
the American elite are hostile to the US -- their "home" is
any place on earth where they can make money.
Remote control destruction of aircraft is a common way
that the deviant ruling class uses to dispose of political
enemies  --
Poison is also commonly used -- yet is US history books you
will never find a "historical" case  --  the ways of the elites are
taboo for historians.
The US Civil War was really a war between Jeffersionians
and the Eastern elites with ties to the City of London  --
slavery was secondary (merely an excuse to get Northerners
to volunteer)  --  Lincoln was shot and Andrew Johnson
(a great man) impeached because they would not go along
with the "Reconstruction"  -- which was a plundering no different
than the plundering of Iraq today.
The Bank of the United States that Jackson busted, was
actually the agency of the Rothschild's interests --  causing
booms and busts through monetary manipulation -- plundering
the country.
((Huey Long was murdered because he was about to
win the presidency and regulate wealth.))
The Clintons and Bushes -- their backers -- are responsible
for many murders  --  Wellstone being just one of them.
Clinton and the Bushes are organized crime figures -- and organized
crime is tied to the banks.
Dick Eastman
Yakima, Washington

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