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Subject: JULY 7th 2005, London - Two Revealing Articles - MUST READ

Mossad’s major blunder

London Bombing a Mossad false-flag operation

The only people who had prior knowledge of the London Bomb attacks on the 7th
July 2005 would have been the perpetrators of the attack.  We have already been
informed that the Israeli Finance Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was warned prior
to the event, supposedly by Scotland Yard.  This is not correct.  A later
version states that the warning went to the Israeli Embassy and then to
Netanyahu, but again it appears that the second story is also flawed.

An article printed in the Jerusalem Post on the 7th July 2005, the same day as
the bombing was authored by Efraim Halevi, a former head of Mossad, and dwelt
upon the London Bombings, and made mention of facts that were at that stage
unknown, such as the fact that the bombs detonated on the trains were detonated
simultaneously.  This fact was not picked up on as the original times of the
explosions were logged on at the time the explosions were reported.  [“The
multiple, simultaneous explosions that took place yesterday on the London
transportation system were the work of perpetrators who had an operational
capacity of considerable scope.”]

It was also first reported that the explosions were not bombs but ‘power
surges’, which again meant that Halevi’s article conflicted with facts released
at the time.  The only way that Halevi could get it right if the known facts
were wrong was by prior knowledge.

Halevi also praised the work of the ‘terrorists’ stating how good it was, but
when the supposed ‘terrorists’ were identified within days, and video
photographs that appeared to have been interfered with were released, it was
demonstrated that the tracking and detailing of the supposed ‘terrorists’ by the
‘Security Services’ was even better, almost as if they knew.

But there was a major blunder.  Halevi’s article was supposed to have been
printed on the 8th July.  Please read the quote again.  It stated ‘yesterday’,
but it was in fact printed on the very day of the bombing, and there is only a 2
hour time difference between Jerusalem and London.  In other words, the former
head of Mossad knew in advance that a bombing in London was to take place, and
in particular the bombing in Tavistock Place, on the bus.

Again when the article was written, there were no specifics concerning the train
bombs, only that they were simultaneous.  No locations, and thus it can be
demonstrated that the bombs were not detonated independently by suicide bombers,
but rather by a single device, and that Halevi did not have that information
when the article was written, because the article was written prior to the event.

When the error was identified, the articles placed on the Internet were changed
to read ‘today’ instead of ‘yesterday’, but then the next blunder occurred.  The
original article was released as an educational discussion paper in its original

We can now demonstrate that the former head of Mossad, Efraim Halevi, and his
chief, the Former Israeli Prime Minister and current Israeli Finance Minister,
Benjamin Netanyahu were aware of the London Bombings that occurred on the 7th
July 2005 at least 24 hours prior to the event.

Andrew S. MacGregor

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 Subject: JULY  7th  2005, London
JULY  7th  2005, London
When corruption becomes treason
 From: Vivienne Rawden

the" non-existent "CCTV footage" - is a poor quality fake with the four
"Photoshopped in": white-hat-man has been particularly-badly added with his body
in front of the railings and half of his face and lower left arm behind the
rails : the rail sections, either side of the phantom, do not align : at a busy
time for Luton station, no-one else is in the photo ..

  The July 7 05 : 07.40 : Luton to London train was cancelled.

   The next train to London, the 07.48, arrived at London King's Cross at 08.42:
seven minutes before the detonations of the first  explosives on the rail tracks.

As the cancellation could not have been foreseen and with it being far too late
to alter the plans, the police released the pre-prepared "four suicide bombers
took the 07.40 train" etc. statement.


  The London Underground - entrances, platforms, carriages, escalators - has
saturation CCTV coverage. No footage showed any evidence of the four "suicide


Tony Blair, with remarkable speed, announced that he would not order any Public


  Eye-witness reports tell of the explosions on the Underground being on the
rail-tracks : effectively ruling out any external party involvement.  

    "The policeman said 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal
was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train.   They seem to think
the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb
was, or any bag,"  

   " I knew it was a bomb. . . A second later and the explosion would have
punched a hole in our carriage. .our driver . opened the outer door and looked
at the track ahead. There were huge pieces of metal which had been ripped out of
their rivets lying about."  

     " . there was a woman  ..  who was on her back, trapped in the metal WHICH
lining of the carriage had been blown off . there was a big hole in the middle
of the floor." POLICE WOMAN  Lizzie Kenworthy.


"An Israeli security firm has been chosen to provide security for London's
Underground train network. ...   Verint Systems, ...   Israeli security
companies are usually manned by Shinbet or Mossad ex-agents.  .."         21 09


The announcement that it was, obviously, military explosives that were used, was
quickly changed to "home made"  : then followed farcical raids on
"home-made-bomb-factory-houses" in Yorkshire.


Stagecoach employees have reported that the no. 30 bus - the one which had the
explosive device under the top-deck back-seat -  was the only bus diverted after
the tube explosions .                        

The previous Saturday, a maintenance group, previously unknown to the depot
crew, spent "20 hours" "on CCTV maintenance" on that bus ; an unheard-of length
of time for that task.


There has never been any evidence, whatsover, linking
the explosions with Islam or "Al Qaeda".


   On July 21,  a "failed suicide bomber" stunt was set up. This had two main
purposes : to fix in the minds of the gullible that "home-made explosives"  had
been used on July 7 and to facilitate the execution of the Brazilian contract
electrician, Charles de Menezes, who probably  had inside knowledge of the
placing of the devices and/or the reported electrical surge which triggered them.


  After 8 weeks and with the "suicide bombers" story falling further apart, the
BBC Arabic Service, Al Jazeera, broadcast a "suicide bomber" video ; an obvious
fake, parotted, uncritically, by the  media.

   The police/BBC later came up with a "bomber reconnoitre" video and more Al
Qaeda claims.




Following on from their Panorama programme and constant news items, on Oct 28,
BBC  2 TV Horizon reinforced the  Islamic suicide bomber fable - including the
Photoshop Four  photograph :  the programme came to us courtesy of   Ariel
Merari of Tel Aviv University,  Marc Sageman,  producer/director Alicky Sussman
 and  editor  Andrew Cohen.


Blair again announced, in December, that he would resist all calls for a public
inquiry .


Alex Carlile, fully aware of the reality of the situation and especially chosen
by Blair to head the review of the U.K. "terrorist" policy, declared, in
January, 2006,  that we could expect "more" "suicide bombers."  



ALL of the major UK Press and television organisations

were made aware of the facts in August 2005.






LET'S STOP KIDDING OURSELVES! No Arab group planned or perpetrated 9/11! It was
simply the most startling act of
terrorism - among many others - of our own government AGAINST ITS OWN PEOPLE...
with the gleeful cooperation of
Israel and the International Criminal Conspiracy of the self-Chosen. However,
this  time the act of terrorism was so blatant
and undeniable that it has created a worldwide mass psychological tsunami! The
American dollar, the source of strength for
International Zionism, is collapsing against gold, silver, copper and other
essential commodities. Let's call it the 9/11 GOLD
BULL MARKET and watch it go! It won't stop until the criminals are brought to
justice! It's an info war! Forward this article to
the world!  henrithecelt@gci.net

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