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                  Wednesday May 24, 2006
"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when
everything the American public believes is false."
-- William Casey, CIA Director (from first staff meeting, 1981)

                   A TALE OF TWO CONSPIRACIES
                  ~~~~ The story You Never Read ~~~~
In The last 60 years of world history there have been two giant conspiracies which were completely covered up by the "insiders" within the American government.  The sure sign that they were conspiracies to cover up government wrong doing was the fact that much of the evidence from both conspiracies was locked up in the US National Archives for 75 years.  Locked up, not only away from the public, but even away from the eyes of legitimate researchers.  For 75 years nobody would know what the government had done.  In fact, there have been only those two conspiracies which have been locked up in the National Archives.

Most people know that one of the cover-ups was the 1964 Warren Commission report of the investigation into the 1963 assassination of President Kennedy.  But what was the other big government cover up?  Believe it or not, it was the government investigation into the destruction of the Columbia Space Shuttle.  What was so damning about the testimony from the people at NASA's Mission Control, that their testimony was taken in secret, behind closed doors, and then even their testimony was instantly locked up in the National Archives for 75 years never to be seen again by anyone alive today?

I have been researching the Kennedy Assassination almost continuously since it occurred in 1963.  I have worked on and written articles with some of the best known assassination researchers.  Why is it that you haven't read my assassination reports?  I noticed that many of my friends and co-authors working on the Kennedy assassination wound up dead under mysterious circumstances.  I quickly decided not to publish my research under my own name.   But that was many years ago.

A quick example of the Warren Commission government conspiracy and cover-up is the Zapruder film of the presidential assassination.  Many people have seen segments or short portions of the film since the middle 1960's.  Not until about 2001 has anybody seen the whole film.  Most people know that the "original" film had been edited and a short snippet was taken out.  This occurs just as the Presidential car seems to disappear behind the Dallas freeway sign, then there is a jump of about 10 frames and the car then comes out from behind the sign, just as the top of the President's head is blown away.  What was the reason for that edit?

My copy of the Zapruder film comes from the History Channel broadcast in 2003.  This unique version of the film shows not only the "edited and doctored" film from beginning to end without break, but also shows the whole film out to the very edge of the film including the sprocket holes on one edge of the 8 millimeter film.  Why is that important?  Because in between the sprocket holes are frame numbers put into the film by Kodak.  Those Kodak numbers are different from what are called the "Zapruder Film" frame numbers which merely count the number of frames from beginning of the existing "edited" film to the end. 

By counting the frames of the Zapruder film and comparing them to the Kodak film frame numbers, I found that there are, in fact, two missing pieces of the film, and not just the one as the car goes behind the freeway sign. And why was the film edited by removing the short snippet as the car goes behind the sign?  From a still unnamed witness who saw the original Zapruder film, before it was edited, the reason for the edit was that as the car went behind the sign, suddenly a bullet hole appeared in the sign.  You know what a bullet hole in a highway sign looks like.  Highway signs make nice targets for riflemen in rural areas, so many signs have bullet holes in them. 

But in this case in the Zapruder film, the bullet obviously entered from the back of the sign, in the direction of Mr. Zapruder taking the film.  That would mean that the rifleman was behind Zapruder in the direction of the grassy knoll.  But that just did not fit the Warren Commission cover-up "theory." So that little snippet of several frames of the film showing the sudden appearance of a bullet hole was deftly edited out of the film.  That is the reason for the strange sudden jump in the film just before the President is hit from the front by the "kill shot." 

And there is another even more obvious edit from the Zapruder film which nobody seems to have noticed before.  But it actually is a most crucial piece of evidence.  As the Presidential car rounds the corner onto Elm Street, there is an obvious cut in the film and about 50 frames are missing.  Since it is very early in the film, it is rarely, if ever, shown on TV. 

Just before the edit, the Presidential car is just rounding the corner, and there are two motorcycle policeman just about 10 feet ahead of the car.  After the edit and the missing frames, the car seems to be in the same place but the two motorcycle policeman are now about 30 yards, or about 100 feet ahead of the car.  What had just happened?

Either the motorcycle cops had jumped ahead 100 feet at the speed of light between film frames -- or the Presidential car had come to a complete stop for about 10 seconds, as the motorcycle cops moved ahead.  Obviously it was the latter.  But why did the Secret Service driver of the Presidential limousine come to a complete stop for 10 seconds sitting in front of the corner window of the Dallas School Book Depository.  Who told him to stop and wait until the motorcycle cops got out of the line of fire from the front of the car?  It is a Secret Service rule in presidential car travel, never to come to a stop -- this would make the President a sitting target.    

Since this obvious Secret Service break with the rules of Presidential car travel was not mentioned in the Warren Commission Report, and even the fact that the filming of this violation of Secret Service protocol was completely edited out of the Zapruder film -- This clearly proves that there was government involvement and cover up of the events just seconds before and after the assassination.

Thus, as I have assumed ever since 1964, the whole Warren commission Report is "pure pasture product" which still stinks to high heaven.  There were many witnesses in Dealy Plaza who knew that the Warren Commission Report was a cover-up.  They were either denied the ability to give their testimony, or their testimony was locked up for 75 years.  Now you know why.  The assassination was carried out at the behest of some "insiders" within the US government itself.  The actual assassination shooters were a group of 8 to 10 hit men thugs hired in Europe and not traceable back to any US government connection.  They were merely paid agents, and not important.  The primary question is who paid them?  It is now clear that Lee Harvey Oswald was not even involved in the assassination. 

But what about the Columbia Accident Investigation Board.  Why did they also take all the testimony from the NASA people at Mission Control and lock up all their testimony for 75 years?  The reason was that the testimony of the people in Mission Control would prove that the CAIB report was complete fiction.  The fiction was simply made up to blame the accident on NASA and not the real cause of the accident, which was the US Air Force at Kirtland AFB.  I have already written a series of four detailed articles on the Columbia accident, so I won't go into detail here.  You can find them listed in the BroJon Gazette archives.  

What is clearly obvious is that the CAIB timeline of the events on Saturday morning of February 2003 is a complete fiction made up to cover for a military accident which brought down the Space Shuttle.  The CAIB timeline is simply a fiction which anyone who was in Mission Control at that time would know was completely false.  Thus their testimony, showing NASA was not responsible for the accident, needed to be locked up and kept away from the public.

Using real and independent data, I worked backwards to show that the CAIB timeline is sheer fiction and cover-up.  Using data from a very public video shot by a Mr. Chris Valentine from Arizona, I found that over Nevada and Arizona, Columbia was 20 percent or about 10 miles below the proper NASA landing altitude.  At that altitude it would not make a landing in Florida at Kennedy Space Center.  Instead it would make a landing at Dallas, Texas.  Which is exactly what happened. 

But being that low over Nevada and Arizona, should have had whistles, sirens and klaxons blaring in Mission Control in Houston.  But that never happened.  Why?  Because all contact with Columbia had already been lost minutes before at 8:50 am at the same time as the "astronauts video" came to an abrupt end just north of Hawaii.   All the electronics on Columbia had failed at that same time.  But the heavily-military CAIB claimed that the loss of contact with Columbia came ten minutes later at 9:00 am over Dallas. That was the big fiction, and the cover-up that the CAIB commission could not let the NASA personnel testify about on the record. Thus their testimony was locked up for 75 years. 

What the CAIB had done was move the site of the space accident from north of Hawaii at 8:50 am, to over Dallas ten minutes later at 9:00 am.  The accident was caused by a North Korean "terrorist" attack using a Chinese-made 3-stage missile which was on a parallel orbital track, using Columbia as a radar shadow.  The Air Force used it's space weapon in Alaska to shoot down the N. Korean missile, but also accidentally shot down Columbia.  Columbia should have been deep enough into the atmosphere at that time to be protected from the space weapon which only works in the vacuum of space.  But it wasn't.  It was an accident.

There were several military secrets which needed to be covered up.  First, was the fact that the US had come under another "terrorist" attack, but not from middle eastern "al Qaeda" terrorists.  Instead it was from North Korea.  The government did not want you to know that the military is incompetent at handling terror attacks from Asia.

Second, the military space weapon in Alaska, called HAARP, has never been publicly acknowledged as a working space weapon.  Primarily, since it clearly violates all international treaties about space weapons.  The government and the military doesn't want you to know about that space weapon.  Thus, the CAIB had to make sure nothing about the Air Force involvement in the Columbia accident ever got put into the investigation records.  Otherwise, all that top secret military space stuff would have to be made public.

And third, you were never supposed to know that the organization which controls and operates, the space weapon is the Space Weapons Systems group at Kirtland AFB, in New Mexico.   At least, it was in February 2003.  Since then just about everything at HAARP has been changed.  It is now operated in Alaska by BAE Systems, which is a major US top-secret military contractor.  It is now doubled in size and power and exactly where and who actually operates the controls is now a deep-black military secret.  Except for the data in the BroJon Gazette, nothing about HAARP operations is believable.   Everything you have heard or read about HAARP in the last three years is complete military disinformation.

One of the major pieces of evidence used by the CAIB, was the strange photo called the "Kirtland Photograph."  But it is easy to prove that in New Mexico, just as Columbia was going overhead, the sun was just coming over the horizon, and the sky was bright enough that a tiny bright object such as a landing Space Shuttle would be completely lost in the bright dawn sky.  In California, Nevada, Arizona and minutes later in Texas there were hundreds of civilian sightings.  Many were listed in the CAIB reports and also in many local newspapers.  But there were absolutely zero, no civilian sighting of Columbia in New Mexico.  Why"  Because it was impossible to see in the bright dawn sky.  So how could it be seen at Kirtland AFB in New Mexico?  It was impossible.

 In other words, the CAIB's Kirtland Photo is a complete hoax. Were the three Air Force officers who "took" the hoaxed photo, also the same three officers who were operating the remote controls of the space weapon in Alaska.  Did those three officers make the hoaxed photo, since they were the only three people in the world who knew of the need for a hoaxed photo showing Columbia over New Mexico, since they were the same three who had accidentally shot down Columbia over Hawaii ten minutes before?

For more information and evidence read the Columbia article series shown on the front page of the BroJon Gazette.  And once again you know the reason for the CIA quote at the top of the page, "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when
everything the American public believes is false..."

    Marshall Smith
    Editor, Brother Jonathan Gazette
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