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Posted By: VP
Date: Saturday, 30 June 2001, 1:18 p.m.


Feds Murder US Patriot Ed Pack for Filming WACO, and More

Pam Schuffert reporting from Tulsa, OK

Let me introduce you to ED PACK, a true American Patriot and hero. Ed and his wife Carol lived in Spartenbrug, SC with their children and grandchildren.

On the surface, Ed was just a nice guy who made his living tuning
pianos and playing his keyboard at country/western music events. But
underneath, Ed was a red blooded American Patriot who believed in
the Constitution and American sovereignty.

Ed felt compelled to research the coming martial law scenario in which
America will be stripped of all it's freedoms and forced to come under
the United Nations and military dictatorship instead. Ed was a brilliant
researcher, a professional computer hacker able to penetrate into
deeply covert government websites to obtain classified information.

He also had deep internal moles within the government, military and
in fact within the White House itself. Such access to sensitive information
and it's sources enabled Ed to uncover much of the future agenda of
the New World Order for America. Through his internal contacts, Ed
was able to warn me three months before the bombing of the Murrah
Building in Oklahoma City that such an event was scheduled to occur,
that the government would be the culprit, and that it would be used
to defame America's militias so hated by the US government. And to
rush secretly awaiting "anti-terrorism" legislation through on the
wings of public outcry and sentiment...legislation he warned me that was simply written to put more government controls and restraints on the American people.

And on top of all this, Ed was at Waco, painstakingly filming this
great American travesty of justice even as it all happened. His raw
film footage was then turned over to Linda Thompson of the American
Justice Federation. who processed it into the Waco expose documentary
that shocked the conscience of the nation.

Essentially, Ed was a spy for the American Patriots!

And for this, the United States government decreed ED PACK MUST DIE!
And I was present to watch as it all happened over the period of two
years. Ed Pack was systematically targeted, terrorized, and forced
into poverty and hunger as his employers were threatened that their
businesses would be destroyed if they continued to hire him. Bullet
holes appeared in the windows of his home by night. His car windows
were shattered also by government bullets. Rags were stuffed into
the shattered glass holes, because Ed was too poor to be able to afford
to have these windowpanes properly replaced. One day when I came over
to his home to comfort and encourage his family, he took me to see
his computer equipment, now ruined. He shared how a deliberately created
power surge of incredible dimensions had destroyed all his equipment
used for research. (The government has developed technology that enables
them to target any home across America and to do this selectively
while avoiding other homes.)

But the worst was yet to come.

In January of 1995, Ed told me, "I was in my living room reviewing
some secret film footage someone had sent me, when suddenly I felt
tremendous burning going through my neck, through and chest. I ran
to the kitchen to get a glass of water. But when I returned to the
living room the burning continued to intensify. Sensing by this time
that it was coming from external sources, I grabbed my shotgun and
threw open my front door. And there, under the streetlight, was parked
a black government van. On top of the van was a stealth government
death weapon known as THE MICRODISH. THE DISH WAS AIMED RIGHT INTO MY LIVING ROOM. When the two men saw my shotgun, they took off into
the night, head and taillights off to avoid being followed. I staggered
back into my home, now coughing up blood. When I went to my doctor
the next day, he said,'Ed, what happened to you? You are full of deep
internal burns!'" Ed could tell him nothing.

I know THE MICRODISH is real! My personal friend and former neighbor,
Brigadier General BEN PARTIN, is a top military explosives expert.
He was the one that testified in the Oklahoma City bombing hearings

As I told him about it's use to kill Ed Pack, he remarked at his home
in Washington, DC:

"I personally developed for the military, but I never intended for
it to be used this way against innocent civilians!"

And from the time Ed Pack was microwaved, his health began to steadily
deteriorate. Because of a scarred esophagus, Ed could no longer swallow
properly. He became weaker and weaker daily. I watched him as he went
from a formerly robust and healthy man down to skin and bones and
fraility. His wife and his family suffered as they watched their father
slowly die. Finally, in June of 1996, Ed Pack succumbed to government
terrorism and simply gave up. He died.

But before he died, Ed took me aside and pleaded with me. "Pam, they
may have gotten me, but they haven't gotten you yet. Tell them...tell
the American people everything I have told you! WARN THEM ABOUT MARTIAL LAW and of what is to come to America!" I promised Ed I would be faithful to do so. And a few days later, Ed was dead.

His doctor had shown me the results of their tests that indicated
a large and long tumor growing in his neck had been spawned by the
microwave radiation. Although the tumor was removed, too much internal
damage had been done to Ed to save him.

I personally attended his funeral of June, 1996, in Spartanburg, SC
alongside his family. And there, in front of his casket as it was
lowered into the ground, I vowed to God to NEVER BE SILENT!!!

I relieved his widow of the raw film footage of Waco so the government
would no longer attack his family over it, and placed it into hiding.

Ed had faithfully warned me about many things that now appear in my
book, Premonitions of an American Holocaust. He loved his fellow Americans
enough to research and warn them of what is to come. Ed gave his life
to wake up the American people. And I am sure that as I continue to
do the same type of research to warn the American people, I will face
the same type of persecution as well.

Friends, for the sake of those who. like Ed Pack, have given their
lives to WAKE UP AMERICA, do not take such research lightly. Use it
to become informed, and to become activated in the defense of your
nation, your liberty and your American heritage from such government
treason while there is yet time.

Don't let the sacrifice of researchers like Ed be in vain!

Pam Schuffert reporting from Tulsa, OK

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