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Cap'n Ed sent me this some time ago, and I have been sitting on it hoping to get it read, but I have failed, so I am posting it now. The subject is important, and anyone who finds anything of special importance is invited to submit the url individually. -Birdman

I recieved this today. It represents an awful lot of research, put together to make a very interesting theory.

I'm not sure what to make of it.

Comments welcomed.

It all started after WW2 ( well, it doubtless began long before that, but for our purposes.. ). The United States intelligence community brought over

700 - 800 German scientists to work with them on secret intelligence projects ( "Paperclip", it was called ):

One of these projects was to develop perfect mind controlled assasins(MKULTRA):

In the 1970's, congressional hearings overheard victim's testimonies. 80% of the project's documents were destroyed. The experiments resulted in 2 deaths.

Congressional Hearing -

Victims were given financial renumeration. But none of the perpetrators served any time. The people running the MKULTRA and related projects were slapped on the hand and told to 'not do this anymore'. The consensus was, that the prgram just went 'underground'. But actually it went OVERground! The project wound up being researched in mainstream respectable institutions, such as University of Pennslvania, Tavistock Institute ( a psychological think tank research facility, headquartered in Germany, that deals with the Military, Corporations, and Media ), Harvard, Yale, John Hopkins, Rand ( another military research think tank ), Stanford University, Berkley......:

A bit later, each year..more and more 'Missing Children' are reported...year after almost epidemic proportions ( current estimates are 800,000 this last year in this country alone )

The Children are being used in these 'MKULTRA' projects, because they make the best subjects:

CIA experiments on children

Some are surfacing:


The Children started showing up, who escaped the camps. All with similiar stories of torture and abomination. And implicating the same people. They wind up in therapy. The Institutions erected as 'Fronts' for these operations, are, in many instances, 'respectable' IE: Babysitting services Child Care centers Pre-schools Centers for Child Abuse Child Psychologists

pedod-Http: ( read all seven parts )

Much of MkUltra is done at Stanford Research Institute

( search around here and 'Rand Corporation' for current Children Programs..psychotherpy etc. ) This is where the Bush's New Education program will be coming out of. This and "World Bank" ( look at World Bank Website "Ministries of Education" which is tied in to EVERY country ). Notice the over interest in 'Child Abuse', Childhood Trauma psychology, and *False Memory Syndrome* at Stanford and Rand. In fact..the "New Education", is calling for MORE Pre-Schools. Note also the similarity in reference to 'Electronic Libaries'. Same terminology as the Tavistock Institute, in Germany.

All this makes one wonder as to just who is doing all the *buying* of all the children in Afghanistan, whom are being sold for a mere *meal*.

And as we see from the overwheling evidence, the 'King Pin' culprits are folk at the very TOP of the financial and power structures. People such as:

Warren Buffet ( one of the owners of ABC ) George Bush Sr. Clintons Gerald Ford\ V.P. Chaney

etc etc.....

of course, many many many many many more..

This is the explanation for zero media exposure & the fact that law enforcement and the judicial system has it's hands almost completely tied ( who else would have the POWER to do this? ) ( See Senator Decamp's book - "The Frankin Cover Up" ) or even "George Bush - The Unauthorized Biography" ( can be read in entirety on net ) ).

This seems to be what is happening to our children. We see it every day in the paper.

A) Some Suicidal Homicidal maniac ( & suicide bombers )

B) People accused of child abuse & - organized REPEATERS of Child Abuse (like in the Catholic Church )

The Unibomber was even a victim of Mkultra:

Unibomber -

unibomber (consp)

His neighbor was sort of interesting also:


Some of the stories we hear of the so called 'illuminati',ie: behind the scenes organization of the preposteriously rich and powerful pulling the strings behind the scenes that shape world events are -

absolutely TRUE:




A few general interest sites:

In the entire of the Human Beings' history of atrocity toward's its fellows, I personally don't believe anything even comes close to what is going on right now, right in front of our eyes. This is unsurpassed abomination.




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