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WND Exclusive Commentary
American public schools:
Working just as designed


The American public schools are not failing. Quite the contrary, in fact; they are succeeding at doing exactly what they were designed to do. The problem that has inspired so much press and political action over the past 30 years is one of cognitive dissonance, not performance. Education, you see, in the eyes of the educational establishment, is not about reading, writing and arithmetic, as so many misguided parents believe, but about directing the development of children into the kind of adults the establishment and its supporters want them to become.

As William Torey Harris, one of the fathers of the public school system, once wrote: "This is not an accident but the result of substantial education, which, scientifically defined, is the subsumption of the individual."

Subsumption of the individual to what? The State, of course. There is nothing more dangerous to the would-be Guardians of the State than individuals with a strong moral code who are capable of independent thought. This is why the destruction of the traditional one-room schoolhouse became necessary, and it is also why the home-school movement is considered such a dangerous threat, not only by the educationalists, but also by those who favor a strong central government. Totalitarians have always placed great emphasis on maintaining tight control of the schools, as they know that children free to develop as independent thinkers will inevitably resist control of their minds, bodies and spirits.

Indeed, it may come as a surprise to most to learn that the concept of the classroom was first developed in India, where it was used by the Brahmin caste to handicap the mental development of the far more numerous lower castes to keep them more easily in check. This is why it should not have been a surprise when the Washington Post quoted a study reporting that nine years of home school was essentially equivalent to 12 years in a public school or 11 in a private school.

But what about socialization? Again, the dragon of cognitive dissonance raises its ugly head. The socialization provided by the public schools has nothing to do with learning how to function as an adult in a civil society. Indeed, it is designed to do exactly the opposite by hurling the child into a savage environment where they are literally demoralized in every sense of the word.

I still remember riding on the bus during my last year of public school, sixth grade, and listening to a ninth-grader attempt to talk his girlfriend into sexually servicing his best friend. "But I don't want to f--- with him, I only want to f--- you!" she protested weakly. It was rather eye-opening stuff, even for a kid who'd been through a year of Sex Ed only two years before. Although I switched over to a private school the following year, by that time I'd already been properly socialized.

And let me share something with you parents who think that while most schools are in bad shape, yours is OK, and your good little children are doing just fine. The vast majority of you are totally wrong. They're not OK, and I know it for a fact because I knew parents like you back when I was in high school, when I was out partying with your sons on the sports team and having sex with your daughters in the youth group. The fact that you live in a nice community where everyone goes to church and drives a German import means nothing, and the fact that a school might send a few academic high flyers off to Harvard doesn't indicate that the moral foundation of its students has not been destroyed.

It is important to understand that there is no fix for this, because it is not a problem with the system. The school system we have today is exactly what it was designed to be a place to detach children from the values of their parents, destroy their moral foundations and degrade their ability to think independently. There is no excuse for any parent who would knowingly sacrifice his son or daughter to the fires of this Moloch, no excuse for wittingly allowing a child to remain within the system for one day longer than necessary!

I have heard it said that home school is not for everyone, but I say that the American public school system is for no one, especially not the children of Christian parents. What fellowship can light have with darkness? Get a clue, and get your children out of the schools!

Vox Day is a freelance writer.

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