Sliding Into Serfdom, Part part 1, journalist J. Ruth, on the scene in Ecuador, documents the behind the scene moves leading to the destruction of Ecuador's monetary system and its financial ruin. He notes the covert airlift of billions in US Dollars to Ecuador. In this final part, Ruth documents insurrection, the forcing of Dollarization by Bill Clinton, the horrifying ramifications for Ecuador's people, and offers his vision of the ultimate goal of the globalists in the Western Hemisphere and how to stop it.

 Part 1


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SLIDING INTO SERFDOM: Are We OUT of Time? Part 2 Part 1

THE UNEXPECTED; Insurrection

In the interim, as money was covertly airlifted into the country, what the government of Jamil Muhuad had not counted on was the extreme level of opposition that began to germinate against the Dollarization plan. Ecuador's indigenous, native population was particularly opposed to Dollarization. That segment accounts for roughly 6 million Quechua Indians who make up half the population of Ecuador and who are very powerful in the highlands and rural areas.

These are the people who ancestors ruled this land for thousands of years before the Spanish conquest. They remain proud, patriotic, religious, and conservative in their values. They have also remained second class citizens in their own land, long since ruled by transplanted foreigners. First they came under the subjugation of the Spaniard and, in more recent times ,the progeny of recent immigrants like Muhuad and Grunbaum. A growing Mestizo-Indian-European mixed race population in the cities holds the Indians in contempt as backward peasants from another time. They, meanwhile, remain harried by an exploding African population along the coast.

The reaction to the Dollarization proposal was unanimous among these indigenous people who responded with an overwhelming ..NO WAY! Leaders like ...Antonio Vargas, President of the indigenous organization, Conaie, immediately denounced it as a scam to reimpose feudal slavery upon the masses.

Vargas decried what the Indians see as the foreign imposition of a grinding system of wage slavery designed to send all the fruits of Ecuadorian labors, along with the revenues of her exports, into channels solely dedicated to servicing unending interest on a never-to-be-paid -off, 11 billion Dollar external debt. In other words, the nation was to became a slave state existing only for the service of debt interest held by non-national entities. Nothing would be put back into the nation, which, in turn, would continue to be squeezed of all substance like a wet rag.

Following the blocking of the mountain passes with government troops to prevent protesters from arriving in the Capitol and the mocking remarks of Jamil Muhuad on television. Tension increased markedly.

Capitol Buildings Stormed

The popular reaction to that series of acts and comments was the eruption of a mass of angry public sentiment at almost every level to end peaceful petition and to physically remove Muhuad altogether. During the next several days thousands of people reinfiltrated Quito on foot overland , bypassing military roadblocks, where they began staging for a mass assault on government buildings.

On the morning of the 21st of January, elements in the army, specifically mid level staff officers in Quito who were ordered to send out troops to disperse the crowds, instead joined them. They were not, however, joined by regular troops but only cadets from the military academy . The cadets, staff officers, along with the Indians, then stormed and took over the buildings housing the chamber of Deputies and the Supreme Court. Therein, under the leadership of a previously obscure colonel called Guttierez, they demanded Muhuad to resign, called on the rest of the military to join them, and proclaimed a revolutionary council.

"Rather Die Than See My Country Live in Slavery"

Guttierez himself appeared on television and spoke before the nation calling for a mass uprising of the people . Perhaps most worrisome to Globalists, he called for the arrest and executions of the financial traitors and proclaimed that he would "rather die than see my country live under the slavery of the international bankers ". Riots broke out across the country as various regional councils and organized political groups either proclaimed autonomy from the central government or attempted to seize government buildings.

Violence was particularly fierce in Guayaquil where local military units struggled in pitched tear gas and rock throwing battles to evict demonstrators from government buildings and prevent anarchists from burning the downtown banking district.

Picture from El Telegrapho Newspaper

However , while the majority of the people and the military all agreed that Muhuad had to go, they could not bring themselves to fall in behind Guttierrez and the 80 other colonels who had joined him, either. At that point the putsch stalled and no one appeared to be fully in control of the government. Real civil war became a possibility .

Sometime after midnight following hours of behind the scene haggling and threatening between the various factions and power brokers, Guttierrez and his followers were induced to return to their posts. General Medoza , the Army Chief of Staff, proclaimed a "Government of National Salvation" . The new government consisted of General Mendoza , Indian leader Chavez and other obscure legislators . President Muhuad was forced to resign and was taken from the Corondolet Palace and placed into " protective custody " sometime during the middle of the night .

Coup Ends After Clinton Administration Threat of Embargo

According to reliable sources, early in the morning of the 22nd, Mendoza received a message from the White House. The message was plain and simple . Either Muhuad be restored to office immediately and the Dollarization program be resumed or Ecuador would be "Haitified" with a complete and total embargo. Such an embargo, it goes without saying, would set the country back twenty years and create mass starvation and misery, even above that caused by Muhuad and Grunbaum. It would also unleash social anarchy beyond the power of even the military to contain.

Worse still, a Clinton Globalist-Embargo, with the massive Liberal Media propaganda machine to back it, would ultimately cast Mendoza, like Raul Cedras, as the villain instead of a saviour. To the world he would be portrayed as a greedy dictator solely responsible for the misery, starvation and economic ruination of his nation .

As they did to Cedras in Haiti, Clinton and the Globalist pack would point at Mendoza and say "see what he has done to his people...they are starving and dying from disease , the world must not tolerate this,"...even though the embargo and resultant famine and chaos would be all the U.S President's making at the directive of the Globalist Institutions.

Going down as a true patriot, recognizing defeat and sacrificing principal before lives, Mendoza sent back word that he would resign as head of the army but would only agree to turn control of the State over to Muhuad's constitutional heir, Vice President Gustavo Naboa . While Clinton had originally insisted that Muhuad be reinstated, even the US Embassy in Quito had to counsel the President against insisting on that course of action.

US experts on the scene had to advise against it on the grounds that the level of hatred towards Muhuad was such that it would generate a social explosion that could be far beyond even the ability of the army to maintain public control. Most significantly, however, The US Government, which only weeks before had been presenting the public impression that it had no role in and was ambivalent towards Ecuador īs move towards Dollarization was now ordering through the American President! The reality being that the directives for the entire program had been formulated in New York and Washington at the behest of Globalist directives many months before.

THE GLOBALIST PLANTATION...Best Job - Prostitution

The results of the Globalist policy are already evident as once proud descendents of the Inca have been reduced to lining up by the hundreds for a few dollar-a-day jobs picking fruit, begging on the corners, and rummaging through garbage cans to eat. Also, scores of young frightened girls have turned to prostitution, on the streets for the first time, out of desperation to feed their children and families. One sees heart rending sights in the cities these days . Chronically ill people with intravenous drips in their arms laying in the middle of highway medians while other family members implore passing vehicles for money to purchase more medicine for their loved one.

Situation Muddied by U.S. Media

The situation and subsequent events have been muddled by the Liberal Media in the US in a deliberate attempt to conceal the true facts concerning why the uprising ultimately failed and why a reconstituted, continuum of the Muhuad government was restored the next day.

While the controlled Liberal-Globalist media would have Americans believe that the current government of Ecuador is the product of a military coup, actually nothing could be further from the truth. Another fallacy of the liberal controlled media concerns the contention that the Ecuadoran military staged a coup, installed a government and has gone unpunished for the event. In fact the complete opposite has occurred. General Mendoza, who resigned as Head of the Army, now faces investigation and possible indictment. Colonel Guttierrez and several other staff officers who joined the Indians in the putsch have been arrested for subversion against the constitution and face a minimum of five years each in prison. (what price are YOU willing to pay for liberty? - Ed)

Of the 80 staff officers who were members of the first revolutionary council that occupied the Chamber of Deputies and declared Muhuad's Presidency to be at an end, several have taken asylum inside foreign embassies, are in hiding or have left the country. Similarly, all of the cadets from Ecuadors' military academy who joined the rebellious colonels have been dismissed . Other officers and units have not been charged or disciplined simply because they either did not actively choose sides or participate openly in Muhuad's ouster . In fact , to the contrary, most openly stated they would only support a constitutionally based government and stayed in their barracks waiting events out while the top brass argued amongst itself.

On the flip side, and in order to secure the peace with the powerful indigenous association headed by Antonio Vargas, the new President, Naboa, had to also agree to appoint the independent judiciary committee to investigate Muhuad and Grunbaum. Vargas, however , remains untouchable ....his arrest would precipitate a mass uprising .

The New President Faces the Pragmatic Choice 

President Naboa, a conservative Catholic and former history professor, is considered by most factions to be a gentleman untouched by the scandals of his predecessor. He has found himself elevated to performing a delicate balancing act in role he never anticipated in his life. He must finalize the surrender of his nation's financial and de facto political sovereignty to the Globalist forces that are now holding all the cards. Also, he must do so while attempting to avoid another social explosion .

Acting out of genuine compassion, Naboa appears to be trying to wring a few concessions out of the Globalist Entities and representatives like Franz . His sole goal at this time is to try to ease the suffering and hardships of his people during their transition into what represents a coming millennium of economic serfdom. Serfdom under a new type of global feudalism being imposed under the lords of international high finance.



Protestors gathered to vent their unhappiness with economic and living conditions in Ecuador, 4/5/2000

Ecuador; Guinea Pig for International Monetary Control?

  Ecuador was selected by the Globalists for targeting by the multilateral institutions under their direction as a guinea pig in a controlled experiment . Their purpose was to observe the sociological and economic effects of destroying a national economy and currency and replacing it with a Dollar driven monetary system . The country was deemed small enough that it could be sacrificed in this test case without creating the risk of a systemic failure and backlash across the world "plantation" should the scheme backfire.

  Dollarization Ordered by the IMF . . . Continent-Wide 

Jeckyll Island; The Truth of the Federal Reserve and Income Tax

the nation was to became a slave state existing only for the service of debt interest held by non-national entities.







Ecuador īs move towards Dollarization was now ordered through the American President!







...assisted suicide... or a compliant submission and economic surrender really the only decision that is being left up to each nation....





...scores of young frightened girls have turned to prostitution, on the streets for the first time, out of desperation to feed their children and families.




















His sole goal at this time is to try to ease the suffering and hardships of his people during their transition into what represents a coming millennium of economic serfdom.


In a recent meeting with one of the regional directors of Ecuador`s Central Bank, the Director agreed to speak to me on the grounds that his name not be used when quoting him . What he told me only confirmed what was becoming more obvious than hypothetical. Simply stated, the Regional Director, a man who had reported directly to Grunbaum, stated that the order to Dollarize had come straight down from the IMF and that he was already aware of it by mid last year...months before the Muhuad speech.

Also, since that time, the Banker's conversations with counterparts in other nations across South America have revealed that all the national banks have been ordered to prepare a plan for a similar Dollarization to be carried out before 2005. (more info) Also, they have been informed that the process can either come in either an orderly fashion or in a painful one as was the case in Ecuador. Those being the only choices available.

The End Game: "Choice" is no choice at all

The ultimate objective of the the Globalist stratagem in play is to create one massive hemispheric economic block stretching from Patagonia to Nome . Extensions of NAFTA and the powers of the OAS to regulate matters of economics and trade within the block will be next and all the nations of Latin America will have Dollarized by the year 2005. Of course the program is purely "voluntary" and up to each nation to supposedly decide to adopt.

However, the regional Bank Director told me, whether the decision is painful and takes the form of assisted suicide, as has been the case of Ecuador`s decision, or a compliant submission and economic surrender of the other South American countries really the only decision that is being left up to each nation to ponder.

Ecuador , by its suffering, is being held up as an explicit example to the others of what you really don't want to happen.

Thus , best to just cooperate.

Perhaps the most damning indictment of the Globalists on this count came from one of their own coterie of money brokers, Martin Schubert, President of European Inter-American Finance in Miami . Schubert was quoted in The Miami Herald on January 20th as saying that the "IMF had changed the rules and that Ecuador was delivered tragic advice". Another bond speculator, American Michael Hunter, President of Dart Management in Summit New Jersey, whose company is stuck with now worthless Ecuadoran bonds, states he consulted with Grunbaum and other Ecuadoran officials prior to the default and was advised that their instructions came from the IMF and the U.S. Treasury Dept.

 Although Michael Hunter has clearly identified those responsible, and is angry, he has failed to understand the bigger picture and the ultraistic reasons for which his financial status has been sacrificed on the alter of Globalist dreams.

With the final conversion of the entire hemisphere to the use of the Yankee Dollar a new problem will be certain to arise . Inevitably there will come a call for an entirely new currency altogether . Obviously, it would be insensitive and cannot be expected that our new partners in equality should have to pass money bearing the facial images of dead white racists and slave holders. Thus, a new currency reflecting the new economic and cultural realities will have to be designed and put into use. Perhaps the new "all American" money could be emblemic of a white and brown hand clasped across the Equator with a background motif of pine trees, oak leaves, wheat, pineapples, bananas, palm fronds, eagles and macaws? Of course, it would have to be colorful, too... Like Carnival .

Former national armies will become national guards for use in crowd control and natural disasters. Presidents will become more like the governors of states or provinces only responsible for local matters of administration . Most importantly as in the new European Union, borders will vanish. The demographics of North American will then undergo a massive shift as millions of Indians, Mestizos, and Africans will leave the poorer regions of the new empire. They will migrate towards the more desirable zones of work, climate , health care and opportunity that will still exist, to some degree, within the former old fifty American States and Canada .

With that historic migration, one which is already in progress, the dominance of Western European peoples their culture will cease to exist in North America. This will probably be accomplished before the first half of the new century is completed. In fact, President Clinton has most recently, during his State of The Union Speech, rather gleefully predicted such an event. Bill Clinton should know; his political party of Democrats has been the cats paw of Globalist aspirations for decades....and Clinton just one of their most recent, morally defunct, and willing agents .

While the energies of the Globalists are currently heavily focused upon driving Latin America towards complete Dollarization by 2005 as a prelude to a total economic and political union later. It is not their only current arena of activity. One of those concurrent Globalist enterprises consists of the drive for Puerto Rican Statehood. Seemingly unrelated? Think again ! Once Puerto Rico becomes a state the entire North American Union officially becomes a bi-lingual nation. Once the US is a bilingual nation it will cease to become relevant which language is spoken by whom or where, since both will be equal.

Subsequently, with the U.S. as a bilingual state, the merger with more Spanish language states is a natural and logical next step ...the precedent already having been established with Puerto Rican Statehood.

Commentary and Solutions

The greatest crisis and decisive crossroads in their entire history is now facing North Americans of European descent . Is there still time to avoid what appears to be planned on the Globalist menu ...? Yes, possibly...but not much. To fully understand the contrast in choices of the future facing Euro America and possibly Western Civilization itself, it is best to contrast the values of a man like Antonio Vargas, leader of the Indians, with what the Globalists are not.

Globalist Hatred

Globalists hate men like Vargas because he represents homogeneity, traditional tribal, folkish, and family values, patriotism, conservatism, faith in God, and leaders who want to put the interests of their own people ahead of global dictates. In the process of doing so he does not advocate hatred, or closure of his nation towards others ...except perhaps those who seek to enslave and destroy his people and culture. Rather, Vargas represents true national freedom and control over his people's destiny. Then again, the right to self defense has been a time honored sentiment even in North America...or at least it was. (Note the recent moves for global disarmament of individuals by the United Nations & NGO's - Ed: Details Details2 Details3 Details4 )

Contrast such sentiments and values of Vargas with two of the pop stars of Globalist culture...Michael Jackson and Madonna, two persons who present themselves as Globalist ideals to the youth of the world. An analysis of the values presented by these two Globalist icons provide the clear and defining example of the choices facing all the nations of the world today. The defining struggle being between traditional national values and cultures and the anti-national nihilism and decay spread by the forces of Globalism. On the one hand, family, country, race and God ...On the other, the Globalist ideal presented by the two world "superstars"....of perversion, vanity, idolatry, greed, mulatto children out of wedlock, vulgarity, nothingness and the upside down cross.

 In the interim, contrary to the sense of fatalism and inevitability that men like Clinton or Muhuad may attempt to convey about the fate of our nations, the truth is more obvious It goes without saying that history is for the making by those bold enough to take the initiative. No state of human, socio-economic affairs has to be inevitable if a free people are able to take control of their destiny and give themselves direction, in time.

No circumstances created by man are beyond the control of man. That includes control over our national frontiers and immigration policies by those who currently have or who come to assume control of our own nation's instruments of power and enforcement. The traditional elements of North American society still have the ability to take control of the Federal Bureaucracy through the electoral process and put it to work solely in the interests of our nation and Western Culture. However, be acutely aware, the day is rapidly nearing when such peaceful transformations of national policy and opposition to Globalist dictates through the ballot will be closed.

  What are our current choices? Something as follows:

To the Gobalist left...The Democrats offering hard socialism and forced integration into the new expanded global plantation being erected at home and to the south .

On the right: The Republicans offering soft socialism and gradual assimilation . Those are the choices being given to Americans .

While a vote for the Republicans is a step in the right direction , in the end it does not go far enough and probably never will unless a new generation of Republicans is able to reform that Party from within.

For now, at least, even the GOP is still at the mercy of global financial influences that can ruin our economy and unleash havoc in short notice, unless its desires are consistently met. In many ways....but not all , we are as vulnerable to the blackmail and threats of the Globalists as the Ecuadorans.

  Globalists Still Require American Muscle

We differ from the Ecuadorans, however, as we still enjoy some status and clout because the Globalists, as much as they despise the American patriot, rely on his muscle to enforce their will over the other victims of their tyranny. That will change too, eventually, with the gradual conversion of the US Military into a multi-national mercenary force composed of men having no national sense of identity until, one day, they will fire upon American Patriots without a second thought.

Time is running out. But when, and if, the American Patriot can place himself back into the seat of power, he will then have the power to legislate whatever future he envisions for himself and his/her posterity.

It does not have to be the vision of Bill Clinton, Al Gore and their Globalist handlers. Being crushed into the morass by their steamroller, that's slowly trundling towards us, only becomes inevitable if we keep standing in the way and allow it to happen. It will never happen, however, if we dislodge the current steamroller drivers. We can use the legal processes that are still available to us and drive the thing off in our own direction. Meanwhile, Dollarization is scheduled to occur here in Ecuador on April 1st ...and that is no joke! Who says those Globalists donīt have a sense of humor, too?

J.A. Ruth










Then again, the right to self defense has been a time honored sentiment even in North America...or at least it was.









With the final conversion of the entire hemisphere to the use of the Yankee Dollar.... Inevitably there will come a call for an entirely new currency altogether










Subsequently, with the U.S. as a bilingual state, the merger with more Spanish language states is a natural and logical next step ...the precedent already having been established with Puerto Rican Statehood.


J.A. Ruth is an historian and marine archaeologist from Florida who has been working on marine archaeological projects in Ecuador since 1997 involving official sanction of the Ecuadorian Government . Most recently he has been in Ecuador since July 1999 and has been witness to many of the events he has written about and has close ties to persons in the current governing party. His work has been featured in many top journalistic outlets, including World Net Daily.

He may be reached at :



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