666 In The Universal Product Code
Is The UPC Code The Forerunner Of The "Mark of the Beast"?

Eric Jewell (

Rev.13 [16] And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: [17] And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. [18] Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

This particular passage has intrigued man since the day it was prophesied. For centuries man has tried to understand this passage, but I believe that until this latter day, we weren't able to understand it. Even today, many have tried to use different numerological methods to calculate and manipulate numbers in a way as to designate this number to particular men, whose names somehow add up to 666. I don't believe that the truth will ever be found in such a manner. We do however have the technology today that can eventually fulfill every part of this prophecy.

In this day of terror, we have many calling for national, or even world identification numbers. We also have a great number of people calling for a more sure method of identification. Certain methods being considered can fulfill these requirements and possibly have many other seeming benefits as well, such as greatly reducing black market trade such as drugs, prostitution, as well as muggings, robberies, etc. One of these methods, surprisingly or not, will also fulfill every part of the prophecy concerning the "mark of the beast".

1. it will be a man's number

2. no one will be able to buy anything without it

3. no one will be able to sell without it

4. those refusing it will be seen "enemies of mankind"

5. it can be implanted in the right hand or the forehead
Many are familiar with the concept that this is possibly a computer chip identification code. Many have heard for instance of the "digital angel". With all my heart I believe this scenario to be true, and this is intended to show how and why.

So how is it that a computer chip identification implant will fulfill these things? Is the "666" the number of a single man?... or will it be the number of "mankind"? Is it literal?... figurative? We hope to show that it is indeed very literal. We are all familiar with computer chips, but are we all aware that these chips can actually be bar-coded? We are all familiar with the UPC code. We see the bar-code on nearly every product we buy, but many are not aware that the bar-code operates on a "666" system. Yes, perhaps not surprisingly, the products we buy contain a "666" on their bar-code.
One good way to verify that the following is true is to go to the kitchen cupboard and pull out several items and look at the bar-codes. Pick several which have recurring numbers. The code is divided into 2 halves so look for repeating numbers in the first half, then choose a few with repeating numbers in the 2nd half. You will be able to see a very important pattern in the end. Its very simple, I just pray I don't complicate the explanation.
First let's look at the construction of the barcode. There are 2 types, both containing 3 sixes, but we will only concentrate on one type. We will call it the long type. Notice in the figure below that the barcode is "bracketed". The 3 sets of long double lines we will call the brackets. One set of thin double lines at the very beginning, one set in the exact center, and one set at the end. The brackets actually separate the code into 2 halves, the right half and the left half. The set of double lines in the center separate the 2 halves of the code. These brackets are also numbers and serve specific functions when scanned.

(We have dimmed the internal numbers to emphasize the 'bracketing' system)

Notice also the numbers at the bottom of the bars. Each of these numbers will be represented by 2 bars and the spaced distance between the 2 bars. The width of the 2 bars and the distance between them determine which number they represent. Most bar-codes will have a number outside and to the left of of the first bracket. This number will be represented inside the code by the first 2 bars just to the right of the first bracket. From this point, the next 2 bars will represent the 1st number inside the code, just above the number, but not necessarily centered over it. Then the next 2 bars will represent the next number and so on until you get to the center bracket... Do not go past the center bracket though. Below is the code for the first half of the barcode, from the first to the center bracket. The reason it seems difficult to decode the barcode is that the bars and space between them, which represent the numbers below them, change for the second half of the code.
Next we have below the decoding for the 2nd half of the code. The 2nd half begins with the first 2 bars just to the right of the center bracket. The first 2 bars to the right of the center bracket represents the first number to the immediate right of the bracket in the 2nd half. Again 2 bars and the space between represent the number below them. To the right and outside of the barcode there is usually another number, which is represented by the last 2 bars just to the left of the last bracket.
Now... look for a product whose barcode contains at least 1 "6" in the second half. Examine the bars and the space between. Now look at the chart of the 2nd half of the code.... Wow! Bingo! What we can see from this is that the 2nd code representation for the "6" matches the bars which make up the 3 brackets. This means that each barcode contains a "6, 6, 6"!!!

Note: in the above code there are two 1's and two 2's side by side, which we have not split apart.
These do not represent 11 and 22.

The above illustration depicts the "0" outside the barcode represented by the first two lines inside the first bracket (see 'Bar Code Brackets' above). Also depicted is how the "6" outside the barcode and to the right is represented by the last two lines before the last bracket. As you can see, each number corresponds to its exampled line based equivalent, depending on if it is on the left or right side of the center bracket (see Left and Right numerical/line examples above, A and B).


Is the barcode the mark of the beast? Of course not... but... it is my honest belief that a bar-coded, implantable computer chip will be. The evidence is overwhelming, and technologically speaking it is the only thing that will completely fulfill everything we are told about it. Technologically it is the only thing we have that even comes close. Biblically its an exact hit. As far as current events, and the direction we as a world are heading, it is inevitable in time.



Dan Rardon

Hey Jeff,

Just wanted to let you know, on Sunday 2-10-02, when Andy Rooney was doing his thing on '60 Minutes' (I wasn't paying too much attention as I don't take those shows too seriously). He was rambling on about how security is too tight at airports and sporting events like the Superbowl and the Olympics. He was saying that if it doesn't get any better, people will quit going out. Then he went on to say basically, "Something must be done to fix this 'problem'". I was paying attention when I heard what he said next. He said (not an exact quote, but very close), "Maybe we could get tattoos (I'm sure he mentioned 'tattoos'), or maybe a computer chip implant under the skin. I would be willing to have a chip implant so that I could go through security and just wave my hand through a scanner to indentify me."

I know, this is no surprise to you or I, but I never figured they would be so blatant as to mention 'tattoos'. We need 'tattoos' to secure the 'homeland'. How long until we see swastikas all over again? Will a chip implant really prevent someone from entering a stadium and blowing up a bomb? Will it keep someone from spreading a biological agent around an airport? Just thought you might find this interesting, if you haven't heard it already. The old 'problem-reaction-solution' scenario, that we hear so much about on your show. Thank-you for all your good work.

A loyal fan,
Dan Rardon

P.S. As I'm sure you realize, my questions are rhetorical.



Alton Raines

I want to commend Eric Jewell for breaking down and explaining in very plain terms what others have touched on, but never quite gotten across without complicating it. Those "6" brackets which act as primary functions when a barcode is scanned, in three specific places, is simply too obvious to blow off as mere coincidence. Why 6? Why not 333? Why not 888? Who determined 6 to be a functionary element for the barcode? Granted, 6 is not the only functionary number in a barcode, every number has significance and purpose, all rational and all legitimate. But the 666 bracketing stands as an indentity, as a distinct super-code over the whole code. I know that the prophet Daniel was told that near the end times, knowledge would increase and that the revelation of prophecy would come to light (or be revealed). This appears to be coming to pass.

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