Is Bush Making A Satanic Sign?

Assembled by John "Birdman" Bryant


According to "Satanism In America" the Il Corduno or "horned hand" is a sign of recognition between practicing Satanists. Here is a picture of the salute taken from a Satanic manual. [Not included here.] Notice how it is a one-handed salute, and that the palm of the hand faces outward. The following are a few examples among numerous times where Bush has been seen flashing this 'devil's salute'.

His lame explanation? According to Bush, what he is doing is not giving the internationally recognized sign for devil worshippers. According to him, he is really giving the sign of the University of Texas Longhorns. But this deception doesn't hold water for two very good reasons. #1 George W Bush never attended the University of Texas. He received his undergraduate degree from Yale University. The University of Texas law school turned him down because his record at Yale was so mediocre. Family connections enabled him to get into Harvard Business school instead. Let's face it - nobody in their right mind goes around continually flashing the sign of a college they never attended, a college that rejected him. I suggest that he picked it up at college all right, but while attending Yale, after joining a Satanic cult called "Skull and Bones". #2 There is another very good reason why his alibi just doesn't wash. Anybody who knows anything about the University of Texas knows that Bush isn't flashing the sign of the Texas Longhorns at all. This following is a picture of a University of Texas student giving the Longhorns salute.

Notice how BOTH hands are used, and the back rather than the palms of the hands are facing outwards to better simulate Texas LonghornS. It is apparent from the evidence I've accumulated here, that Bush was definitely NOT giving the University of Texas Longhorns salute. He WAS giving the Satanic 'horned hand' salute. And now he's even got his wife doing it! BTW: Laura also killed her boyfriend and got away with it.

(Some have emailed me to say that many people in Texas use the same salute that Bush does. That's irrelevant. Most of the people in Texas are also going to hell - that's a fact. Bush is giving the satanic salute, and so is everybody who gives the same salute. It doesn't matter that you would like to re-name it and call it the Longhorn salute - it is still the Satanic salute because that's how the salute originated, and that's how it is still known by most of the people throughout the world today. By the same token, you could stick your middle finger in the air and call that the Longhorn salute. But everybody knows what you're really saying, and you're not fooling anybody.)

check this out:

Vedran Hamdic wrote:

funny. Bush was doing that in Italy and it came across as the worst insult to Italians, and he was told to stop it. It was like giving them the finger.



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