Subj: ZGram - September 12, 1998 - "The bite out of the apple"
Date: 9/11/98 2:03:18 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (E. Zundel)

Copyright (c) 1998 - Ingrid A. Rimland

September 12, 1998

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

I feel a strong twinge of caution every time we talk "conspiracy." There
is so much of that around - based on the flimsiest pretext, found in the
Bible with a magnifying glass - that I get the hives whenever someone
starts thumbing the Scriptures to make an obscure point.

However, I believe that symbols, logos, numerology etc. play strongly in
what gets translated these days for social consumption. I don't think that
it is coincidence that the Pentagon is shaped in the form of pentagram. It
was no coincidence that the five-pointed star was the logo of the
Communists that unleashed the blood bath in Europe. The dollar bill design
with the "all-seeing eye" is no coincidence.

There is a lot around that's no coincidence. It all spells One World Order.

Now I am in love with my Mac, and I have wondered for a long time about the
logo - the bite out of the apple.

I thought it was a play on "apple polishing" maybe - which in America means
that a student tries to give an apple to the teacher so as to curry favors.
I thought the Apple company was trying to do just that. I know that Apple
gave many, many computers to public schools for free. Both kids and
teachers love them.

Of course they also love the company that made this generous donation - and
wouldn't you?

Some time ago, when I still had a small foundation to work with gifted
kids, I tried to write an Apple grant, and I was told that with the "free"
computers must come an "Apple-trained" and "Apple-approved" technician. At
that time, I gave the matter little further thought, since I could not
afford one.

Now this from a real Mac technician?

"After reviewing your last two e-mail Z-Grams, I would like to make you
aware of the situation in Florida ("Public") schools.

Here in Florida, I work as a MAC technician for the local school system. In
every school, all classroom computers are connected to a main computer
known as a "server". These "servers" are responsible for ALL content being
distributed to ALL classrooms over telephone type cables.

While individual teachers can run programs from CD-Roms and various disks,
they cannot connect to the internet individually, and must address the
"server" for daily "instructional" content. Most of these programs are
filtered and are created by Macintosh corp. A "Media-Tech Person" can also
install a MAC software program known as "FOOL-PROOF" which makes certain
computer manipulation impossible by the user without the proper "password".
"A-NET" is another form of the FOOL-PROOF type system being used. In most
schools, the MEDIA TECH PERSON is the only one with the allowed PASSWORD
and it is a closely guarded secret! Most "Tech" persons are "PC" trained
and most have a four year teaching degrees.

Macintosh is one of the leading developers of socialist/communist
propaganda, and their engineers are heavily involved in the "Goals
2000/Global 2000" brain-laundering agenda. I have personally attended
meetings scheduled by MAC reps and they have declared their loyalty and
dedication to the Goals/Global agenda. So, you see, the censorship process
has already begun for computer users in "public" schools, and it isn't just
Florida schools, either!

Mac logo is also a clue to their agenda. The "apple" with the bite removed
is symbolic of Adam and Eve's fall to Lucifer. The "blessing" and
"de-blessing" of programs within the MAC system is meant as a sarcastic
blow to Christianity and the spelling of Christmas as "X-mas" in MAC
systems and software is also quite revealing, since "X" in the occult
represents Lucifer as Mullins points out in THE CURSE OF CAANAN. Mac also
distributes repair and troubleshooting manuals depicting a child praying to
a sun-god on the front cover. I will be glad to send you a copy of the
cover if you wish. As you well know, the occult, especially Illuminati,
consider Lucifer as the Sun-god (Light") as claimed by masonic Grand Master
Albert Pike in his Morals and Dogma.

Many will think that what I say is "conspiracy babblings", however, I AM
involved with MAC corp., and I know what I am talking about. I don't plan
to be working with them much longer. As soon as possible, I'll be moving on
to "cleaner" pastures.

MAC gets much of your tax dollars promoting this
communist/Zionist/Humanistic and Luciferic agenda to our kids. Should'nt we
be concerned?"

(end of letter)

Good question. Should we? Please note I am only asking a question. Is
there anybody out there who can add to the above letter and shed more light
on this matter? I would appreciate hearing from other MacIntosh and Apple
employees - if they care to share their impressions.

I know I love my Mac, and I would absolutely hate to think I should
mistrust that logo.


Thought for the Day:

"Of sentences that stir my bile,
Of phrases I detest,
There's one beyond all others vile:
'He did it for the best.'

(James Kenneth Stephen)

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