The Masonic presidents were, according to Clausen and
other sources:  Washington, Monroe, Jackson, Van
Buren, Tyler, Taylor, Pierce, Polk, Buchanan, Johnson,
Garfield, McKinley, T. Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, FDR,
Truman and Ford (as of '76).  He does not admit that
Nixon was, too, but I have evidence of that from him.
The Masons are not proud of Nixon or LBJ, apparently. 

Ike's boss, George Marshall, and his former boss,
Douglas MacArthur, were 33rd Degree so I am certain
that Eisenhower was, as well. Ike said after he was
president, "The smartest thing I ever did was ask
Bernard Baruch for advice on my career in 1939."  

LBJ was a Freemason, as were Reagan and Clinton. The
Bushes are at the top of the Masonic pyramid.  Carter
was apparently not Masonic.

An English friend of mine, Pierre DeVilliers, was an
artist and sculptor.  He told me the following story,
not knowing of my interest in Freemasonry:

He knew another sculptor, a young man named Henry
Christian Clausen, Jr.  Pierre was a more accomplished
artist and young Henry told him one day in 1970 that
his father had a commission for him.  So Pierre went
to father's office in San Francisco and met HCC, Sr.,
an attorney.  Mr. Clausen told him that the commission
was to create a magnificent bust of Mr. Luther Smith,
the outgoing Sovereign Grand Commander of the 33rd
Degree.  He should go down to Mississippi and meet Mr.
Smith, also an attorney, to begin the task.  The bust,
he said, would be unveiled at the Supreme Council of
the 33rd Degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry in
Washington, DC in about six months.  Mr. Clausen
explained that he was Mr. Smith's successor as SGC.

The intercom buzzed and Clausen's secretary said that
the president was on the phone.  Clausen told her to
tell him that he would call him back shortly.  She
came back on and said it was urgent.  Clausen excused
himself and picked up the phone.  He began to curse
the caller and called him a "dumb son of a bitch" and
other contemptuous terms.  He insisted that the caller
would be at the Masonic HQ as invited - or else.  Then
he hung up.  Pierre was shocked at his language.  He
finally said, "Was that President Nixon?"  Clausen
said, "You didn't hear that."  Then he told him to get
a haircut and a shave and go on down to Hattiesburg,
Mississippi and see Smith, which Pierre did.

A couple of months later, Henry Clausen visited Pierre
at his studio in Pacific Grove, California to check
his progress.  Pierre showed him the huge bust, which
was in black marble.  Clausen was stunned.  "It's
black!"  Well, yes, said Pierre, that's the medium. 
"This is the head of Freemasonry!  It can't be black!"

He ordered Pierre to start over but he found a way
chemically to change it to gray or dark green, which
turned out to be acceptable.  It was unveiled the
following October at the Supreme Council HQ in DC. 
Richard Nixon was present at the unveiling ceremony.

A few years later Pierre's children were kidnapped by
his ex-wife, who belonged to a mystical cult in
Bisbee, Arizona.  I'd helped him get his children to
England a year or so before but the cultists came to
England and took the children.  They were all in the
Old Bailey and it was in the papers because the boy
was an international karate celebrity at the time. 
But the cultists prevailed and took the children to
Arizona.  Pierre showed up in great distress,
wondering what we could do to get them back?  I could
only say, do what we did last time.  He said it
wouldn't do any good - they were too powerfully
connected.  For about a week he stayed with me and we
thought of things to do.  He complained that his
ex-wife had the judge in Bisbee around her finger.

I said, hold on!  Most judges are Freemasons and you
know the top Mason in the world!  Call Henry Clausen! 
He was reluctant but did so in my office.  I listened
on another phone.  Clausen said that he would send the
judge a letter, and would Pierre like to see it first
and send it on?  I nodded to him across the room.  He
said, yes please.  Within a couple of days this letter
showed up.  It was on heavy gilt stationery, with
mysterious Masonic symbols across the top.  Clausen
told the judge that he would consider it a personal
favor if he would help reunite Pierre with his
children.  We copied it and sent it to Bisbee.  Within
three days we got a phone call.  I gave it to Pierre. 
The Bisbee courthouse said, "Come get your children." 
And that was that.  

And based on this strange experience I concluded that
everything Pierre told me about Clausen, Smith,
 Nixon and the rest was true.