Possible Origin of David Icke's 'Reptilian Shape Shifters'

By Dave S


There is a fictional antecedent of the concept of "Reptilian Shape Shifter" to be found in the work of Robert Howard. In addition to the Conan stories, he wrote many others in the heroic fantasy genre. One series, considered by many to be his best, revolved around King Kull of legendary Atlantis. In "The Shadow Kingdom" published by Weird Tales in 1929, there are creatures who are basically snakes (Howard had an intense hatred of all snakes) who could change their shape to look like any human being they chose. As such they impersonated people and did all sorts of mischief. In the end they were thwarted and butchered by Kull himself. In the story these creatures were well established and had been preying on humankind for many centuries. They and their human allies had gained so much power that anyone who suggested their existence was ostracized or killed.



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