The Hand of Masonry?

Assembled by John "Birdman" Bryant

Freemasons are said to identify themselves by putting their right hand in their upper vestment. If so, there are at least a few Masons who have identified themselves to the rest of the world with this gesture. This may have some relevance to conspiracy theory, in case that is your pleasure.


Napoleon was a bone apart, so said his mistresses. But maybe not so far apart from his Lodge brothers.

Not a very good picture of Stalin, but he may be doing more than keeping his fingers warm. A few associates of his were Masons too, but I couldn't put my hand on the picture.

Here's a statue of Uncle Joe -- can't see the mug too well, but the hand is definitely in the Masonic position.

Allan Pinkerton, President Lincoln, and General John A. McClernand - Antietam, MD, October 3, 1862 - Are we to wonder whether the Civil War was a Masonic conspiracy? Well, at least it looks like Old Linc wasn't part of it.


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