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Posted by : Anonymous on Oct 31, 2005 - 08:46 PM
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Did you ever wonder where the money the New World Order crowd uses to manipulate the media, the politicians and the events, such as, 9-11 and the 7-7 London bombings, comes from? There are 2 very brave women who say it comes from your taxes.

Catherine Austin Fitts was a former managing partner at Dillon Read, a New York investment bank. She served as deputy Secretary of HUD under the first President Bush. She once found one block in San Diego on which HUD had financed 10 mortgages for buildings that never existed.She also found that during the Clinton administration the federal government gave $4,000,000 in flood relief to Bronxville, New York which had never had a flood in the past 100 years. Are these exceptions? Catherine says no.

Susan Gaffney was the Inspector General for Clinton's Housing and Urban Development department (HUD)in 2000 when she testified before the senate. She told the senators that 59.6 billion dollars of your tax money was missing. When asked what she did,she said she adjusted the books to reflect the fact that 17.6 billion went missing in 1998 and 59.6 billion dollars went missing in 1999 from this one agency. No attempt was made to recover any of that money. And few attempts have been made to recover any of the money stolen from other departments. Ms. Fitts notes that the past 4 Treasury Secretaries have presided over budgets which feature over 4 trillion dollars in unaudited federal spending which were just ripe for looting.

Does the game seem stacked to favor of those who need to steal billions of dollars from our paychecks each week? Is this a coincidence.Probably not. If all that money went to feed the poor, we would never hear the end of it in their press. Yes. The mainstream press is theirs. This website and others like it are ours.

The second brave woman in this battle is Indira Singh. She was a software enterprise consultant to some of the biggest banks in the United States. Enterprise wide software gives you access across departments and agencies even if they are using different computer systems and languages.

Indira came across a company that had access to the computers at Treasury, the IRS, the FBI, the Congress, the FAA, the Pentagon and many other agencies. This company had the ability to give anyone who wanted it access to steal billions of dollars every week from the Treasury which is to say your pocket. She has claimed in an interview that they are even stealing billions from the Social Security trust fund. If you own the, banks, the press and the government, you have the right to use this unlimited computer access to steal all the money you need to bribe the politicians and the press and to conduct covert operations.

This one company that had access to the computers at the FAA and the Pentagon and the FBI and Secret Service on 9-11-2001 was on a terrorist watch list, because of the supposed links to terrorist organizations. Michael Chertoff, who is now the head of Homeland Security, was the head of the Department of Justice's Criminal Investigation Division on 9-11. He refused permission to any FBI agents to raid the offices of this company that had access to the computers which allowed the second and third planes to hit their targets. This despite the links to "Arab terrorists" by their board of directors. When Indira SIngh talked to an honest CIA agent, he said he could not talk about a "Front Office" operation. Their offices were raided after everyone fled the country. That company changed its name and continues in business to this date. You may have noticed that I never mentioned the names of the individuals and companies involved. That was to avoid lawsuits.

You can listen to Indira Singh's interview by Bonnie Faulkner of the Guns and Butter radio show here [4]

Indira Singh has not been sued to date. She has had her life threatened many times. She has been told that she is not allowed to talk about drug and gun running in Chechnya under penalty of death. Catherine Austin Fitts has spent more than 6 million dollars defending herself in lawsuits.

Catherine has earned the right to tell us what she has predicted the elite is planning. The money being stolen from HUD, the military, Social Security and other departments under both Democratic and Republican administrations has been sent overeas where it is multiplied through money laundering of drugs and illegal weapons. The proceeds are invested in hedge funds that profit from swings in the price of oil and in the value of the dollar and other currencies. When, not if, the dollar collapses, Catherine believes they will buy American corporations for pennies on the dollar with our stolen tax dollars.

When the dollar collapses, I would expect after tax wages to be cut 70% for the working class, 80% for families and individuals making $100,000 a year or more, and 90% for those who live on pensions and savings.All small businesses will go bankrupt. The unemployment rate will be 25%. We will all essentially be working for Wal-Mart taking home $2.50 an hour except for the rich who will take home ten bucks an hour. The graduated income tax will push the poor into tax brackets designed for the rich. The elite will love that because it is our destiny to pay taxes to support them. At least, that is according to their media and their history books and their sycophants.

Financing the New World Order

Catherine's bio is here [5].

References on the web:

  • Missing Money articles [6]

  • Catherine Austin Fitts on Elite Destructive Economics [7]

    Indira Singh is currently writing a book entitled 9-11 Blueprint for Terror.
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    Re: Financing The New American Century

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    by Anonymous on Nov 03, 2005 - 12:18 PM

    They Live - We Sleep
    Things are not as they appear to be.
    August 23, 1999

    Gretchen Helfridge
    WBEZ Radio
    Navy Pier
    Chicago, Illinois

    Dear Gretchen:

    Concerning your August 23 Odyssey program with John Gordon and the National Debt; Mr. Gordon succeeded in mis-educating and keeping your listeners ignorant (asleep).

    If anyone believes that tax dollars are being collected, sent to Washington and being wasted, the only thing being wasted is that persons mind.

    You asked about repaying the debt. The sad truth is that all money in circulation except for coins, is in circulation on the basis of a debt. If there is no debt, there is no money! Hard to believe, but true. Those pieces of paper you mistakenly call dollars are the representation of the debt. The monetization of debt is the technical term. How can you repay a debt with debt, even if there would be money left over when you got through repaying?

    Also, dollars do not exist as anything tangible. Like a mermaid, you can picture a mermaid, but you cannot touch or hold a mermaid, because it exists only in your mind. A dollar is even more difficult to visualize, itís impossible, because a dollar is a unit of measurement, like an inch, foot, mile, pound, quart, or ton. You can visualize a quart of milk, but you cannot visualize a quart. If you go to a store and ask for a quart, the clerk will ask you, "a quart of what?" If you ask for a quart of milk, the clerk knows exactly what youíre talking about. A dollar is a unit of measurement which measures a quantity of gold or silver! You cannot hold a dollar in your hand, but you can hold a dollar of gold or silver in your hand. There was a time when you went to a bank and asked for twenty dollars, the clerk would ask you, "twenty dollars of what, gold or silver?"

    Some very important questions that should have been asked are:
    1. How can the debt be repaid, if repayment just reduces the amount of money in circulation? Remember, no debt, no money! Do you now see why the debt never decreases?
    2. What is the money of account of the United States and what is a dollar quantity of it?
    3. Who said, "Spend, spend, spend, tax, tax, tax, the people are too damn dumb to understand?"
    4. Who said, "If the people should ever refrain from paying taxes, the worthlessness of the money will become apparent and the fraud perpetrated on the people can be concealed no longer?"
    You see the purpose of taxation is not to support government, but to get the worthless paper money out of circulation before it creates hyper-inflation.

    If the government needs a battleship they do not have to tax anyone for it. They just print the money to buy it, pay the printer with what came off the printing press and tax what they printed out of circulation before it creates inflation!

    I know this is all hard to believe. Harder to believe is that the truth is contained in government and Federal Reserve documents. Take time to research the subject for yourself and not rely on those pseudo intellectual experts and Manchurian Candidates being turned out by the thousands in the thought & behavior modification clinics known as colleges and universities. There is a condition of the mind called cognitive dissonance where a person will only believe what he has been taught to believe or what is pleasing to that persons mind. The truth is there for all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

    Gretchen, if you had control of all the money in the world, what would you buy with it?

    Let me tell you what those who control the powerful do buy with it. They buy: publishing houses of text books, newspapers, magazines; radio and TV stations, experts. They buy everything they need to control the
    Read the rest of this comment... [9]

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    • Re: Financing The New American Century [11] by Anonymous on Nov 03, 2005 - 12:36 PM

    Re: Financing The New American Century

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    by Anonymous on Nov 03, 2005 - 12:24 PM
    Excellent exposť.

    It also rather puts the edge on why Bush is so very much looking forward to an influenza pandemic. Steal the wealth of ordinary individuals and let them die for want of an effective and affordable vaccine.

    It's all downhill from here on.

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