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Chemtrails or Contrails | Facts
13 Frequently Aired 
Reporting a 5 year investigation into Chemtrails
Source | Chemtrails Confirmed | by William Thomas

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FAC 1: Paranoid chemtrail conspiratorialists are actually seeing normal condensation trails from increased commercial air traffic. Combined with changing atmospheric conditions, wetter and denser air masses are leading to more lingering contrails.

Ans: Air traffic is up sharply. Some 15 million commercial flights annually have increased artificial cloud cover 20% over heavily trafficked air routes in the USA; 10% in Europe, and 10% averaged over the entire US. Contrails and chemtrails may also be responsible for recently discovered “global dimming” – which cannot otherwise account for sharply decreased levels of sunlight over some regions of the planet.

Increased moisture and cooling of the air also contribute to increased natural and artificial cloud formation. But warmer, drier air masses mean fewer contrails. Recent NASA studies show a sharp decline in contrails over the Pacific Northwest – even as observers in Seattle and Portland complain of many lingering aircraft plumes.

After multiple plumes appeared over Santa Fe, New Mexico, Clifford Carnicom pioneered the collection of government weather data from 30,000 to 38,000 feet. On days of intense aerial gridding, Carnicom found the temperatures and humidity at high altitudes to be only one-third as cold as the –40F and 70% humidity needed for contrails to form. Atmospheric scientists at the National Climate and Atmospheric Research Institute in Boulder say the only way to form contrails in such warm dry air is by adding tons of tiny particulates to the atmosphere. The smaller the particles for scant moisture to coalesce around, the more hazy clouds are formed.

In Texas, Mark Steadham’s landmark study used Flight Explorer software to identify all aircraft leaving ‘trails over Houston during the winter of 2000. Steadham found that the plumes left by identified commercial airliners lasted on average 22 seconds before dissipating. Plumes left by multi-engine military aircraft in the same airspace at the same time lingered four to eight hours.

Experienced commercial pilots, military personnel and other qualified observers say the phenomena they are often observing are not normal contrails.

FAC 2: Come on. My government would never do anything like this without telling us.

Ans: Check out the origins of Gulf War Illness, Patriot II, depleted uranium, atmospheric nuclear testing upwind of populations, 50 years of “open air” biowar experiments on Americans, the stand down of US air defense on 911, and official White House policy toward unconvicted prisoners for starters. Then ask yourself if an unelected “president” beholden to Big Oil would restrict fossil fuel use or opt for a quick climate change fix involving the spraying of sunlight-reflecting particles from hundreds of US Air Force tankers at a projected cost of just $1 billion a year.

Ask yourself how a jet can be seen leaving no contrail or a very short and short-lived contrail in the same sky as another large aircraft or pair of planes leaving broad white lingering plumes.

Then ask yourself why formations of “commercial jets” are suddenly appearing far from airports and air navigation beacons – only to vanish, then return weeks later. Airline pilots flying back-and-forth grid-patterns, making head-on passes and crossing in X-patterns would quickly lose their licenses.

Commercial aircraft prominently display their airline logo, "colors" and registration numbers. Photo-identified KC-135 and KC-10 spray aircraft are modified Boeing 707s and DC-10s. While they can be mistaken for airliners, air force tankers are usually painted all white or silver, and carry no large identification markings. Zoom video shots show no windows in the fuselage – a feature not especially appreciated by “passengers”.

FAC 3: You’re saying these tankers are laying down swaths of sunlight-reflecting materials to cool the atmosphere and reduce global warming. But global warming is a Hollywood fantasy cooked up by the elite to take away our cars and other rights while increasing their control. Don’t you know that climate naturally cycles between extremes?

Ans: Climate swings measured in ice core sample shows the planet is warming faster than at any time in the last 200,000 years. Like a trigger being pulled, slowing warm water ocean circulations have seen sudden climate “flips” causing a mini-ice age within 30 years. So it isn’t smart to mess with these natural processes by pumping seven billion tons of greenhouse warming gases into a closed recirculating atmosphere that can only cleanse one-third of these inputs. Just wait until the oceans warm up a few more degrees and several gigatons of methane are released. Methane traps 20-times for heat than C)2. The last time this happened, temperatures zoomed 18 degrees F in a singe decade.

It was the late Edward Teller – the man who gave us the H-bomb and advised using it to carve out harbors in the US coastline – who called for an aerial sunscreen in 1998. Computer simulations at Lawrence Livermore national lab showed no net temperature increase over 85% of the Earth despite an expected doubling of atmospheric CO2 by 2050. The conference Teller addressed convened the world’s top scientists to discuss a “Planetary Emergencies” from global warming. Try telling Alaskans that melting permafrost is an illusion. Ask the Inuit why they are looking for words not available in their 12,000 year- old languages for “robin” and “mosquito”. The continued disintegration of Antarctic ice shelves, the complete disappearance of the Arctic ice cap and the stoppage of the Gulf Stream within the next 20 years are nightmares – not illusions.

FAC 4: If formations of two, four, eight or more tankers were flying around spreading chemtrails, they would be spotted on radars covering every inch of US airspace.

Ans: They are. In three taped interviews with radio reporter ST Brendt, the Air Traffic Control manager for the northeastern seaboard of the United States described formations of USAF tankers leaving long trails of reflective particles that show up clearly on radar. Brendt made the call after she and her partner counted 340 aircraft plumes in rural Maine skies usually devoid of air traffic. “It looked like an invasion,” they said. The news staff at WMWV went outside and confirmed this number of plumes.

Our “Deep Sky” air traffic control source told Brendt that air controllers at America’s busiest airports are seeing these planes and plumes on their scopes – and are being ordered to vector commercial airliners under this radar haze. Controllers in Edmonton, Alberta watching USAF tankers flying south from Alaska to circle this Canadian city can move a cursor and zoom in on reflective materials – before going outside to confirm these planes and plumes by visual observation. US air controllers are being told that the tankers flying in “commanded airspace” that excludes other traffic are engaged in a “climate modification” experiment. At least one ATC’er was so worried about the effects of this radar-tracked fallout on human health, she visited a hospital that weekend to find the emergency room jammed with people complaining of acute respiratory attacks.

Contrail or Chemtrail, Photo comparing Contrail To Chemtrail
FAC 5: Now you’re saying that contrails make people sick.

Ans: Contrails do no rain cobweb-like material and Jell-O-like "goo" over porches, power lines and police cruisers. While jet fuel pollution has been found to make tanker crews, ground refuelers and residents living around airports extremely ill, the momentarily flash-frozen water vapor in contrails does not make people sick. Chemical trails – or “chemtrails” – do. Many eyewitnesses have ended up in ER’s after seeing visible fallout, or tasting and smelled something metallic in the air. While there are no medical matches for chemtrail exposure and resulting symptoms, check the dates and locations of peak hospital admissions alongside sightings of heavy "spray days". They match.

The health hazards posed by chemtrails are not necessarily toxic. The high levels of aluminum oxide found in scientific lab tests of chemtrail fallout in Edmonton and Espanola, Ontario are as ubiquitous and inert as sand. The barium found in the Edmonton samples could be benign or toxic to humans depending on the particular “barium salt” involved. (We don’t have that refined analysis.) The highly reflective quartz particles that predominated in the Espanola lab test are also inert.

The problem is the small particulate size. The Environmental Protection Agency calls any air pollutant 10 microns or smaller “an extreme human health hazard”. (A human hair is 100 microns in diameter.) These microscopic particles from car exhausts and coal-fired power plant emissions, for example, can damage human hearts and lungs – leading to increased death rates, according to the EPA. Environmental consultant Mike Castle uncovered a 1991 patent issued to Hughes Aerospace, which called for the aerial spreading of aluminum oxide particles 10 microns in size for the “Reduction of Global Warming”.

FAC 6: Any particles spread from high altitudes would disperse over such a wide area, concentrations would be minimal at ground level.

Ans. Actually, the distribution is random. Fallout tends to arrive at ground level in clumps of high concentrations, while just yards away levels are minimal. For humans exposed to them, chemtrails are a form of roulette. Depending on your age, gender, health and immune vulnerability, these unpredictable exposures could be health threatening.

FAC 7: What symptoms are you ascribing to these chemtrails?

Ans. Thousands of North Americans are complaining of acute asthma-like attacks, gastrointestinal problems, and lingering severe flu-like illnesses including a persistent dry hacking cough that eventually goes away – only to return. Other symptoms of chemtrail-related illness include sudden acute gushing nosebleeds, dizziness, migraines, joint pain, twitching eyelids and sudden extreme fatigue. Short-term memory loss and the inability to concentrate or enunciate simple thoughts are also common complaints. In Espanola, exposed townspeople all started forgetting where they’d parked their cars.

FAC 8: So it’s the flu.

Ans. Except there is no fever. And patients test negative for flu. Doctors, nurses and the Centers for Disease Control all say they do not know what is causing these “mystery ailments”.

FAC 9: How can tiny airborne particles cause such severe symptoms?

Ans. According to medical studies, once in the bloodstream, microscopic pollutants can attack tissue – including the walls of the heart. (Check out hospital records in Phoenix – a hotbed of chemtrail activity.) An Idaho naturopath examined more than a hundred people complaining of chemtrail-related illness. According to Dr. Joseph Puleo, almost every one he examined was host to a fungal infection. Instead of contracting the fever of a flu, when you’re blood temperature drops during an illness you know you have a fungal infection. I suspect that chemtrails are bringing down UV-mutated viruses, bacteria and fungi now known to be widely circulating in the upper atmosphere. If so, our immune system would not recognize or be able to cope with these novel pathogens.

FAC 10: How dare you cast aspersions on the US military, accusing them of poisoning their own people.

Ans: It’s not exactly deliberate. The US military has conducted "Open Air" biowarfare testing involving dangerous pathogens and carcinogens and resulting in illness and fatalities over hundreds of American cities without the informed consent of residents since 1949. Military participants were told the simulants were “harmless” and their efforts were essential to national security. Spray plane crews are undoubtedly being told the same thing today. They are also being ordered to keep silent - or suffer consequence that could ruin their careers, catapult them into a military prison, or even involve their families. As for illnesses on the ground – and screwed up weather patterns and drought in the wake of chemtrail spraying – some people are saying these effects are intentional. I don’t think so. I believe we are seeing yet another “quick techno fix” triggering the Law of Unintended Consequences.

FAC 11: So why haven’t we heard from anyone actually involved in this project?

Ans: We have. In an interview with Columbus Alive magazine, two scientists working on chemtrails at Wright-Patterson air force base in Ohio told award-winning reporter Bob Fitrakis that there are two projects currently underway. One is aimed at reducing catastrophic global warming by spreading sunlight-reflecting particles in the atmosphere. Another project involves spreading temporary barium “antennas” in the sky to “duct” or conduct radio and radar waves over the horizon for tactical military operations. Barium chemtrails were spread over Afghanistan, the scientists said, to relay radio commands to remotely piloted Predator drones. One scientist expressed concern that chemtrails could be precipitating pathogenic bugs out of the upper atmosphere, bringing them down to people on the ground.

FAC 12: Why don’t our political representatives do something?

Ans. In the Fall of 2001, Rep. Dennis Kucinich introduced House Resolution 2977. As former head of the House Armed Services Committee overseeing US military projects, Kucinich’s bill called for a ban on exotic space weaponry – including HAARP and “Chemtrails”. In the resulting political furor, a substitute bill was subsequently introduced omitting mention of chemtrails.

FAC 13: If the government is doing something to stop global warming, isn’t this a good thing?

Ans: Ken Caldeira, one of the scientists who ran Teller’s chemtrail computer simulations, says this program - which he does not believe is actually underway – could destroy the ozone layer. Along with many scientists, Caldeira says the only way to address global warming is to increase energy efficiency and switch immediately to clean, renewable energy sources. Natural cloud cover acts as our planetary thermostat. During a time of increasingly chaotic atmospheric changes, further tampering with large-scale geoengineering experiments such as chemtrails invites further Unintended Consequence – and climatic disaster.

Chemtrail patterns

Chemtrail FAQs:

Top Chemtrail Sites:

  1. Carnicom: Huge online community of concerned citizens and researchers. Lots of test results and evidence.
  2. Chemtrail Central: Vast database of over 1200 photos sent in from around the world, solid research evidence, active online forum.
  3. Rense: Massive list of chemtrail articles and sightings.

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Welsbach seeding for reduction of global warming US Patent : HERE

Reported side effects of chemtrail spraying include:

Allergies, sore and blocked sinuses;
Dry, hacking, persistent cough;
Nosebleeds, blood in mucous;
Swollen, burning, teary eyes with mucous;
Flu-like, fever, sore throat;
Pneumonia, upper respiratory;
Mycoplasma infections;
Migraine or splitting headaches;
Pain in back of neck, particularly at the
top of the spine, extremely stiff neck;
Disorientation, foggy brain, sudden dizziness;
Extreme fatigue, lethargy, inability to concentrate;
Loud ringing in your ears;
Depression, anxiety attacks;
Gastrointestinal distress, bloating;
Diarrhoea, bloody stools; joint pain,
Aching joints and muscles;
Thirst (your pets, too) or loss of appetite;
Loss of bladder control, tics or spasms;
Recurring fungal infections;
Metallic, oily or corrosive smell and taste
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