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From: joalaska <joalaska@ptialaska.net>
Source:  La Estrella del Loa (newspaper)  Translation (C) 2001.
> of Hispanic ufology. Special thanks to Gloria R. Coluchi
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> New Chemtrails Theory Just Might Make You Sick
> by Jim Marrs - Special Thanks to Misty: Armageddon-or-newage@egroups.com
> A report from a Canadian research foundation concluded that the much
> discussed, but little publicized Chemtrails, may be an attempt to hide a
> sickening military secret.
> Professor Donald Scott, president of the Common Cause Medical Research
> Foundation, claimed that Chemtrails are a belated attempt by U.S. military
> and intelligence chieftains to stop the spread of a debilitating disease
> first concocted in the early 1980s.
> According to Scott's account, the military began developing diseases in
> the 1970s which were infectious but not contagious. In other words, an
> ailment which could be spread to enemy troops but would not pass into
> other populations.
> One such disease was based on a zoonosis, a disease which can be
> transmitted to humans by animals, in this case brucellosis. Brucellosis is
> a bacterial disease usually found in cattle, which can cause undulant
> fever in humans.
> By manipulating this disease, researchers were able to design a disabling
> bacteria which disappeared following infection. Troops could be infected
> yet exhibit no signs of the bacteria when examined by a doctor.
> In the early 1980s, secret government labs worked to produce a brucellosis
> pathogen which could disable enemy troops without the risk of infecting
> friendly forces. This pathogen reportedly was based on brucellosis
> bacteria in a crystalline form first developed by researchers in 1945.
> According to Scott's report, such a bacteria was tested during the summer
> of 1984 at Tahoe-Truckee High School in California, where individual rooms
> were fitted with an independent recycling air supply. A teachers lounge
> was designated as the infection target. Seven of eight teachers assigned
> to this room became very ill within months.
> The high school was only one of several locations where the specially
> designed pathogens were tested, some distributed by aerosol sprays and
> others by the use contaminated mosquitoes.
> Scott reported that one hundred million mosquitoes a month were bred at
> the Dominion Parasite Laboratory in Belleville, Ontario, during the 1980s,
> then tested by both Canadian and U.S. military authorities after being
> infected with brucellosis.
> Some observers believe the viral epidemic reported around New York City in
> recent years may have been the result of these infected mosquitoes.
> The testing of unsuspecting victims was conducted by both the military and
> CIA, according to Scott, and monitored by the National Institutes of
> Health as well as the Center for Disease Control.
> Encouraged by what they felt was a successful test, military leaders
> reportedly passed the brucellosis bio agent to none other than Saddam
> Hussein, who in the mid-1980s was fighting a protracted war against Iran
> at the behest of the CIA.
> In 1986, with the approval of Vice-President George Bush, Saddam received
> shipments of both brucella abortus, biotypes 3 and 9, and brucella
> melitensis, biotypes 1 and 3.  After Saddam obtained a stockpile of the
> brucellosis, a terrible discovery was made - these designer bacteria
> mutated and became contagious.
> According to Scott's report, Saddam used this pathogen on American troops
> during the Persian Gulf War in 1991, resulting in the illness referred to
> as Gulf War Syndrome. More than 100,000 Gulf War vets now suffer from this
> syndrome, which causes chronic fatigue, loss of appetite, profuse sweating
> even at rest, joint and muscle pain, insomnia, nausea, and damage to major
> organs.
> Much of this information may be found in a 1994 report by Senator Donald
> W. Riegle, Jr., titled, "U.S. Chemical and Biological Warfare-related Dual
> Use Exports to Iraq and Their Possible Impact on the Health Consequences
> of the Persian Gulf War."
> Troops initially were told that no such infection existed and that the
> problem was mostly in their mind. Slowly, over the years, authorities were
> forced to admit that something had triggered severe illness in many Gulf
> War veterans.
> By then, a variant of the brucellosis had spread to the civilian
> population. Many people began suffering from general debilitation and
> tiredness.  When it became know that the contagion was spreading into the
> general population, top officials with the National Institutes of Health
> and Center for Disease Control, as well as the Defense Department and the
> Department of Health and Human Resources began a program of
> misrepresentation of the disease to mask their role in its origin. The
> illness was claimed to be connected to the Epstein-Barr virus and was
> labeled "Chronic Mononucleosis."
> This has now become known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Like the veterans
> before them, victims of this ailment were told it was merely a
> psychological condition.
> One victim, Dr. Martin Lerner of William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak,
> MI, told his peers in the American Society of Microbiology that his bout
> with this mysterious disease left his heart damaged. Dr. Lerner and others
> suspected that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is caused by viral infection.
> Top-level officials, concerned both with the spread of the contagion and
> with the risk that their role in its origin would become publicly known,
> moved to counteract the pathogen. This program may explain the mysterious
> Chemtrails which have been noted over major population centers during the
> past couple of years.
> As explained by Scott, "We have learned . . . that a patent was issued in
> 1996 for an aerosol vaccination process which would permit the vaccination
> of wildlife and domestic herds by spraying them or their disease vectors
> (birds) from the air. . . .
> "We have noted that many of the sightings of Chemtrails are over migratory
> bird flight paths. We are currently preparing a report on this subject for
> release in Spring 2001.
> "The Chemtrails program may well be a belated effort by the U.S. and
> Canadian governments to get the brucellosis genie back in its bottle."

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