Part 1
By Mario Andrade

Chem-Trails: The Final Verdict



Chemtrails are no longer just a 'conspiracy theory'


How many times have you heard government officials and NASA scientists referring to chemtrails as “nothing but a conspiracy theory?” Even newspapers, such as USA Today in an article titled “Conspiracy theorists read between lines in the sky,” by reporter Traci Watson, cites some comments from scientist Patrick Minnis from NASA's Langley Research Center saying in essence that anyone that believes in chemtrails is part of the conspiracy. Further, Minnis stated that “the cloud-forming contrails that conspiracy theorists find so ominous are perfectly natural.” In an effort to debunk the chemtrail debunkers, we at decided to conduct some research and gather as much evidence related to the so-called “conspiracy theory” of the chemtrails. The evidence we found indicates overwhelmingly that chemtrails are absolutely real.


Many researchers have presented and published documentation linking chemtrails to biological or chemical experiments. Others have argued that chemtrails may be related to radar experiments or weather modification. While we can’t dismiss any of these possibilities, our research was conducted mostly in relation to weather modification.


What is a chemtrail?


A chemtrail has many similarities with a contrail or condensation trail created by an aircraft under certain atmospheric and meteorological conditions. However, chemical trails or chemtrails appear to last a lot longer, and apparently they seem to accumulate more moisture than contrails. In some cases, chemtrails may actually turn into clouds due to the moisture they absorb. Additionally, it is said that chemtrails differ in their flight pattern configuration from contrails; they do not appear to show aircraft trajectories from point A to point B, but rather crisscross-like patterns.


NASA aircraft conduct an athmospheric spraying exercise


The involvement of NASA and the Department of Energy


Despite the ridiculing statements towards anyone investigating the origins of chemtrails from government scientists, NASA has been involved in a research experiment called the “Wake Vortex Simulation,” carried out by the NASA Langley Research Center, home base of scientist Patrick Minnis –the same individual that called anyone that believes in chemtrails is a conspiracy theorist. Reportedly, the experiment involved aircraft spraying chemicals into the atmosphere in order to study the effects of ‘contrails’ in relation to the weather, among other things.




The U.S. Department of Energy’s Tropospheric Aerosol Program (TAP)



The Department of Energy’s TAP Program Plan was launched in March of 2001 based on previous research and assessments carried out by the National Research Council, the National Science and Technology Council, and the North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone or NARSTO, which happens to be a hybrid organization that includes researchers from both government and the private sector. Furthermore, NARSTO has recently begun studying the effects of spraying aerosols in the atmosphere and the environment.


The TAP program was also formed in part by the DOE Office of Biological and Environmental Research. Also according to the DOE’s own TAP website, many other federal government agencies are involved in the program, such as EPA, NOAA, NASA, and the NSF. So, for anyone to say that the government wouldn’t be involved in spraying chemicals into the atmosphere would be absolutely inaccurate. According to the Department of Energy’s own admission, the research conducted by programs such as TAP is “driven primarily by health effects but also to some extent by visibility and climate change considerations.” Does this mean that the government has been experimenting on the population without the American people knowing about it?


Despite the involvement by the government in aerosol spraying, major branches such as the EPA dismiss any talk about chemtrails as a conspiracy theory. The EPA published an open statement and fact sheet on its website describing ‘consistent contrails’ or chemtrails as something absolutely normal.




A wing tip generator, such as this one is used for spraying heavy metals and aerosols into the atmosphere for weather modification purposes.

Some aircraft use racks such as this one, in order to mount up to 120 smoke flares (capable of spraying up to a total of 40 consecutive minutes) that contain silver iodide for chemtrail spraying purposes.

Weather modification


The private sector and government contractors are also heavily involved in aerosol spraying. One company, “Weather Modification Inc.” conducts spraying for cloud seeding purposes. Cloud seeding is also called cloud modification, or atmospheric resource management (a more politically correct term). According to their own definition, the purpose of cloud seeding is to  “deliberately introduce material(s), or “seeds”, into clouds with the intent of changing their characteristics, thus “managing” to some degree, atmospheric water.”


Companies like Weather Modification Inc. utilize aircraft equipped with spraying equipment, such as pyrotechnic flares or wingtip-mounted burners called ‘generators,’ to spray the atmosphere from altitudes of about 4,000 feet. The flares are manufactured by companies, such as “Ice Crystal Engineering,” which have been developed by a “team of atmospheric research chemists and engineers who collectively have over 60 years of experience in the weather modification industry.” Imagine having 60 years of experience in something that’s supposed to be a conspiracy theory, such as weather modification!


The pyrotechnic flares are apparently made of chemical compounds designed to melt hail or ice, such as calcium chloride (CACI2). Others contain silver iodide (Agl). How many people out there know that the air they breathe contains aerosols and heavy metals? The sprayed chemicals accelerate the formation of clouds by increasing the size of the cloud moisture droplets. The accumulation of cloud droplets, and thus the increase in size of a cloud, is the first step in the development of precipitation. The droplets at such early stage are too small to precipitate. In order for precipitation to occur, the droplets must grow much larger; they need to increase in density so they can actually fall and not evaporate after coming in contact with dry air. This is where the aerosols containing calcium chloride and silver iodide come in place; they cause the droplets to attract more moisture. This process requires freezing temperatures in order to work. The anti-freeze properties of calcium chloride would prevent the droplets from turning into hail. The entire process is monitored by using remote sensing equipment, such as radar, satellite imaging, radiometry, magnetic imaging, and other technologies. Could HAARP be one of these ‘other’ technologies?



A King Air 200 airplane with wing tip chemtrail sprayers.

 A King Air 350 airplane with wing tip chemtrail sprayers.

The aircraft


The most popular aircraft used in the private sector for aerosol spraying is Learjet 35A. This is a small, but a high-performance twin-turbofan aircraft that has participated very successfully in many cloud-seeding operations. It is flown by a two-pilot crew and is equipped with anti-ice or ant-hail spraying devices. The Learjet 35A is very light and fast; it can reach altitudes of over 40,000 feet, facilitating operations above thunderstorm clouds. It can also operate in severe weather conditions.


Another popular small plane is the Cessna 340A. It is a turbocharged twin-engine aircraft. It can last over 6 hours at cruise speeds of 210 knots at 20,000 feet. The Cessna 340A is also equipped with de-icing systems. Some of the newer models are “FAA known icing certified.” The aircraft is also equipped with sophisticated digital weather radar.


There are, of course, many other types of aircraft involved in aerosol spraying, such as military and government airplanes. According to many eyewitness reports and photographic evidence, some of those aircraft are as big as passenger airliners.


The health hazards


Besides the calcium chloride and silver iodide, there have been independent reports about high levels of radioactive barium and a form of aluminum discovered by researchers like Clifford Carnicom. These heavy metals are known to be linked to Alzheimer's disease. Other reports have indicated the presence of high levels of metallic particles in rainwater, which eventually end up in our rivers and reservoirs. In addition to chemicals, there have been reports of biological material found after chemtrail spraying operations. In some instances, there have been samples collected by researchers containing molds –a serious respiratory hazard.


To be continued...





NASA image shows intricate web of chemtrails over the US
may 5, 2004

Brought to our attention by a listener, this NASA image shows an intricate web of chemtrails over Florida and other southeastern states. writes of the image:

"This enhanced infrared image from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS), aboard NASA's Terra satellite, shows widespread contrails over the southeastern United States during the morning of January 29, 2004."




Citizen Note: They are obfuscating something here but sources reported that massive chem-trailing was documented just prior to this phenomenon.






Mass Elk Deaths in Wyoming May Be Tied To Seismic Activity…03/07/04
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)
Earth Changes TV Exclusive!
Beginning on February 6th 2004, ECTV was the first to break the news of a
removed seismic event measuring 5.3 magnitude. This event was placed on the
USGS (United States Geological Survey) seismic event website, and then suddenly
removed sometime later. However, this 5.5 mag. event remained on the EMSC
(European-Mediterranean Seismological Center).
In ECTVs investigation as to the cause of the removal, USGS representative
Pam Benfield states the 5.3 mag. event was not an earthquake; it was a
mine-blast. This was the reason given as to the removal from the USGS website. When
contact was made by ECTV to the Wyoming State Geological Survey in Laramie,
Wyoming, supervising representative Jim Case stated we were told that a 5.3
earthquake had registered on Feb. 6th in Wyoming. We believe it was a glitch and
have no further information to report". When I informed Mr. Case of Pam
Benfields USGS/NEIC statement the event "was a mine blast", Mr. Case reacted with
disbelief and stated "no, I don't think it was a mine blast. If it was an
explosion, and measured 5.3, we're talking something on the scale of MOAB or a
nuclear devise." He went onto to explain that it could have been a "mine
collapse". However, a mine collapse would still not measure up to a 5. 3 mag, but more
likely a 2.5 to 3.5 quake.
After the Feb. 6th event, three other seismic events in the central and
western part of Wyoming occurred. This time however, the USGS was quick to confirm
all three post events were in fact earthquakes. The last seismic event
occurred Feb. 21st and originally measured 3.2 mag. Then within 24 hours was
escalated to a 3.6 mag. On Feb. 22nd just one day later, two elk still alive but
paralyzed were first found by hunters. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has
since discovered over 300 dead and dying elk by combing the area on foot, four
wheelers and by airplane.
The latest reports state the Elk were first paralyzed. "They are alert, but
they just have no strength," said Kent Schmidlin, Lander, Wyoming region
wildlife supervisor. "When we find them, they are lying down on the ground but they
can't get up, almost like they are paralyzed in their lower extremities."
Veterinarians, toxicologist and pathologist have been called to the scene, and are
analyzing about 10 of the carcasses to determine what caused their death.
Poison, disease and other factors are being explored, with preliminary results
expected early next week. 

Mr. Schmidlin of the WGFD states The elk were all in good condition and
there was no evidence they were harassed or run until exhaustion. Mother Nature
can't be blamed either.  Then what was the cause? What would paralyze wild
animals? Could it be toxic fumes such as sulfur, which is known to kill
animals and often occurs prior to a volcanic eruption? Is it radio active poising
from an underground nuclear blast? Could it be methane gas fumes due to a
Once again, far too many questions, and not enough answers. Are we witness to
the first curb of a Three-mileIsland cover-up? Is it just a coinsedence
that four seismic events occurred days prior to now over 300 elk suddenly
dying by unknown causes? And finally, is it underground military testing of
bio-warfare which went terrible wrong?
Joe Nemick who is the lead wildlife biologist on the scene made the following
hair raising statement: "Right now, we are asking folks to stay out of the
area so we can do our investigation and find out what is killing these elk,".
Several square miles have been closed to the public. At the time of this
writing, I have not confirmed if Yellowstone Park Super-Volcano is to remain open. 
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