Fascinating! How do red blood cells get into con trails... unless,
of course, they aren't con trails at all...
Positive visual identification of erythrocytes, or red blood cells, is now apparent from the microphotographs which are presented on this page. The samples shown are taken from atmospheric testing in Santa Fe, NM using the methods of electrostatic precipitation as described earlier. The magnification achieved on this most recent analysis makes the case quite clearly that biological components are now a regular feature of the atmosphere that we all breathe. This is in addition to the saturated level of particulate matter that has been documented at an equal level of veracity, along with the obvious degradation in visibility that is now all too apparent. Crimes of the highest order are being perpetrated on the citizens without their knowledge or consent. The citizens of this country must confront this issue in a public and vocal forum with urgency.
From: Elaine
The material below supports the following interview:
Beginning In November / December 1998 many people began seeing a new sight in the skies above.  White trails from jet planes that STAYED in the skies instead of dissapating and disappearing as normal jet CONTRAILS had done.  Also, attention was drawn because many trails were laid down in 'X' patterns, tic-tac-toes, parallel rows and other PATTERNS.  Many websites and digital photos of these 'CHEMTRAILS' popped up on the internet along with speculation for thier purpose.  This has grown to THOUSANDS today along with numerous complaints to government AND MEDIA officials that have routinely been IGNORED.
Here is but one important example:
Distinction between CONtrails and CHEMTRAILS
First, the distinction between a normal jet contrail and a CHEMTRAIL.  As a jet burns jet fuel, it produces CONdensation or water vapor.  Many government officials have been told to dismiss CHEMTRAIL complaints as jet condensation.  This is proven to be yet another one of thier LIES for several reasons.  Normal jet CONtrails disappear shortly behind the jet as the water vapor mixes back into the atmosphere.  CHEMTRAILS REMAIN visible in the atmosphere and actually fan out to turn the whole sky into a powdery blue/white haze in appearance.  This material is NOT dissapating or being absorbed back into the atmosphere.  Also, you can often see planes flying at the SAME altitude and environmental conditions yet some leave CHEMTRAILS and others do NOT.  More importantly, material ejected from these planes is reaching the GROUND and under the right conditions can be seen by the naked eye.  More on that later.  It's also been visually determined using higher power scopes and binoculars, that the planes that started this spraying were MILITARY jets!  Specifically Air Force KC-135 TANKER planes and NAVY Tacamo planes were identified.  Today we're also seeing all white planes that resemble commercial jet liners.  It's also interesting to note that the NAVY had filed the PATENT on contrail powder generation and they're closely tied to the CIA.  Sightings are in several western countries.
As to the PURPOSE for these CHEMTRAILS, unfortunately human GENOCIDE comes up as the ultimate goal.  I'll support this by showing 2 effects of CHEMTRAIL spraying.  The deliberate dissemination of BIOLOGICAL material and WEATHER MODIFICATION by causing DROUGHT.  Both of these suit the AGENDA of the U.N. and globalists for removing 9/10 of the population from the United States with the appearance of PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY.  By that, I mean achieving an ILLEGAL goal with what APPEARS to be a 'natural disaster.'  PLAGUES and DROUGHT.  The U.N. has already mapped out the areas they'd like to see CLEARED of human habitation in a BIODIVERSITY MAP.  Also, rich globalists like Rockefeller, Ted Turner and others have an ideology that includes CULLING off humans to help the earth mother GAIA.  These ideas are even written in a stone monument in Georgia called: The Georgia Guidestones.  Sick twisted mural paintings depicting a dying populace overseen by russians wearing gas masks can be seen at the Denver International Airport which is also thought to be sitting on top of a secret underground NWO (New World Order) control base.  Many of these globalist and U.S. leaders are LUCIFERIAN in their beliefs.  Current U.S. leaders have been asociated with the Bohemian Grove in CA which has been videotaped has having a SATANIC like sacrifice and ceremony there.  We're talking George Bush Sr. AND Jr. AND Dick Cheney and others here folks!  So if you don't think these people are CAPABLE of MASS MURDER..... YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!!
It is interesting to note that the oldest satellite photo of obvious CHEMTRAILS is over the GULF WAR theater in 1991.  MANY soldiers came back from that war SICK and many DIED.  One effect noted by many after seeing heavy spraying is that MANY people get seriously ill with flu-LIKE symptoms.  MANY HAVE DIED!!!  I first saw my first trails in February 1999.  Shortly after this, my sister was quarantined in a hospital for MENENGITIS and thought she might die.  Her boyfriend got PNEUMONIA.  Her son got a serious EAR INFECTION.  Her daughter got a 104' fever.  A farmer down the road got a respiratory infection.  I started to get one and knocked it down in 3 days by taking large amounts of colloidal silver.  MANY OTHERS GOT ILL IN THE SAME PERIOD OF TIME.  Since these sightings, material resembling 'spider web' had been observed falling from the sky.  This material had been collected by people and many labs REFUSED to identify what it was.  One concerned citizen, Clifford Carnicom had started a website on CHEMTRAILS and did some personal analysis of these fibers.  He found by STAINING some with an iodine dye, that some type of BLOOD CELLS were attached to these sticky fibers.  Once stained these could be seen under a microscope.  Soing searches on the internet, I found one site that mentioned being able to SEE fragments of these fibers under a BLACKLIGHT.  Interestingly enough, not just any blacklight but only the fluorescent tube type.  The bulb type would not work.  Since I've had one of these since I was young,   I decided to try this easy experiment.  I was AMAZED to find these tiny threadlike fibers on my hair, hands, arms and clothing.  I tried various control tests to make sure this was coming from outdoors and wasn't just some 'dust' or something.  REPEATEDLY after heavy CHEMTRAIL spraying I was able to collect this 'PARTICULATE' on dark clothing.  Additionally, I was able to see this material on various persons and their clothing.  Most was seen on their hair and their shoulders bolstering the conclusion that this was 'raining' down on them.  Clifford Carnicom found a method of SEEING this particulate in the daytime.  I also have found that by using a maglite flashlight on tight beam, or a spotlight, you can see virtually a CLOUD of this 'particulate' whizzing around on still nights after spraying.  I even caught a 1" fiber and confirmed its 'sticky' properties.  These are simple methods you can do YOURSELF.  It's very interesting to watch people's reaction when they SEE these fibers on THEMSELVES.  It makes the whole thing a bit more REAL for them.  Logically, if there are BLOOD CELLS attached to these fibers and you're breathing them in, they probably have a cumulative effect.  The more you breathe, the more easily your body can be OVERWHELMED by them.  Like being over run by the Chinese.  Also, with this 'DELIVERY SYSTEM' operating intact, almost any disease or illness that can be contracted through the AIR can be disseminated.  HOOF and Mouth for animals perhaps? Did you hear this was DELIBERATELY stolen from a British BIOWARFARE LAB and then the whistleblower mysteriously comitted SUICIDE? Then appears to have been DELIBERATELY spread in the U.K.  by the British Army.  OR possibly something faster and more LETHAL for humans will be sprayed.
DELIBERATE DROUGHT  (Weather Modification)
Since I began reporting on CHEMTRAILS in newsletters from February 1999 on, I've noticed something repeatedly and consistent.  Here in Indiana where I live, whenever we'd have the probability of RAIN in our area, CHEMTRAIL activity would noticibly increase.  Additionally, the appearance of the cloud 'structure' would CHANGE different from what I'd ever seen before.  One of my many 'hobbies' as a kid was reading books on meteorology and I saw many photos of cloud formations and the names given them.  NORMAL rain bearing thunder clouds had a dark gray and 'bumpy' appearance to them.  Clouds would move overhead having this appearance then CHANGE!  The bumpy appearance would flatten out looking like a watery lake above.  Also, the dark grey color would LIGHTEN and the whole sky became a homogenous one color light grey/white in color.  REPEATELY this would yield only a very light rain.  Indeed I wouldn't call it rain so much as a 'misty drizzle' which would yield very LITTLE water.  Over and over and OVER this would happen.  Those that got the newsletters I sent would receive reports of these 'drizzles' as they happened. Gradually I noticed more and more DROUGHT stories appearing on the internet.  As the farmers in Klamouth Falls Oregon took their plight before a court, it had become clear to me that these DROUGHTS were DELIBERATE EVENTS.  An FAA official confirmed that planes had to be moved to allow MILITARY planes into his area.  The purpose he was told was WEATHER MODIFICATION.  Shortly thereafter, heavy CHEMTRAILS were sighted in his area.  Interviews were heard on Jeff Rense and Art Bell shows.  Prior to Sierra Times and other stories on the farmers plight, a satellite photo showing CHEMTRAILS being sprayed into oncoming storm fronts appeared.  Another series of satellite photos showed specific CHEMTRAIL 'grid' patterns over Portland Oregon itself.  Other stories and hearing stories of wells drying up HERE makes 2 plus 2 equal FOUR!!  The farmers NEED to be INFORMED that their plight was caused INTENTIONALLY!  And WE need to SUPPORT THEM!!  It's been no accident that meters have been put on wells.  Alex Jones reported that FEDs want to get on Texas farm grounds to mark wells with GPS coordinates.  Heritage Rivers act.  The World Bank wanted to start a WATER BANK.  Doesn't all this seem a bit OBVIOUS??  The danger of people being driven off their land by WILDFIRES is now a greater risk also.
Photos of a rainstorm being modified:
What can you DO about it??
COUNTERMEASURES for the BIOLOGICAL aspects CAN be taken.  It's no accident that the U.S. government has restricted importation of GAS MASKS.  However, the visible size of the biological material means it CAN be filtered out.  Your KNOWLEDGE of its existence means you should LIMIT your EXPOSURE whenever you can.  I know it's summer and nice outside, but these creeps are REALLY TRYING TO KILL YOU!  And if you're elderly or more suceptible to respiratory illness, you're at greater RISK.  In your home, a good HEPA air filter WILL trap this particulate.  Try using it in your bedroom at night as you sleep.  Don't try to clean the whole house with it.  If you HAVE to be outdoors, I personally use an air respirator filter from Lab Safety Supplies catalog.  Even a simple paint respirator filter from an auto parts supply or hardware store would work.  Get extra filters.  Many people have reported that COLLOIDAL SILVER helps alleviate infections and symptoms.
Many people have already written government and media officials.  The best approach is to BYPASS conventional media and talk to your friends neighbors and relatives DIRECTLY about CHEMTRAILS.  Print stories and photos off the internet for them to see.  Leave some around to be 'found' by curious people.  There are literally THOUSANDS of website addresses on CHEMTRAILS.  Simply use a search engine like: http://www.google.com/ and enter the word: CHEMTRAILS  See where it takes you.  There's also a 2 hour VIDEO on CHEMTRAILS available from Free America at: Phone: (505)-423-3250   Texxe Marrs and Joyce Reilly and others are selling it also.  Typical cost is $25 and is NOT copyguarded.  Copies ARE encouraged by owner.  I personally pass out a FLYER to people and have put a SIGN on my cars.  It's amazing how curious people are and read them with different reactions.  Adding a website for them to view helps like: http://www.carnicom.com/ is the best in my opinion.  Beat up on the media for NOT reporting this story.  WHAT COULD BE BIGGER??  THANK those that DO!
Join an online club such as: CHEMTRAIL TRACKING USA or MESSAGE BOARD 
Whatever you do, DO SOMETHING!  We MUST do what we can to STRIP the government's PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY and EXPOSE this heinous tool of the New World Order.  Maybe when people fully realize what's being done to them and WHY they'll rise up and throw off this heavy yoke.  Until then, things WILL get worse and nobody will escape the effects of FOOD AND WATER SHORTAGES.  So I urge you to get educated and involved BEFORE we're under MARTIAL LAW and can do NOTHING!
If you need any assistance or have any questions I might be able to help with, contact me at: hitech@smithville.net
Current newsletters on these and related topics may be seen at: http://groups.yahoo..com/group/LLNews
I thank Wayne Hicks, J.J.  Johnson, SIERRA TIMES and anybody who takes this issue SERIOUSLY and spreads the word.
May God help U.S. ALL!!
Larry L. Lawson    hitech@smithville.net

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