A Brief History of US-Sponsored Terrorism Abroad

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by Mark Zapezauer

1946- U.S. opens School of the Americas in Panama. Now located in Fort Benning, Georgia, the "School of the Assassins" has taught over 60,000 personnel from some of the world's most brutal regimes how to subvert the truth, to muzzle union leaders, activist clergy, and journalists, and to make war on their own people.

1951- CIA is involved in a coup to overthrow nationalist Primeminister Dr. Muhammed Mossadeq in Iran. Supports Iranian military in massacre of Mossadeq supporters and returns the Shah to power. In 1976, Amnesty International concluded that the Shah's CIA-trained security force, SAVAK, had the worst human rights record on the planet, and that the number and variety of torture techniques the CIA had taught SAVAK were "beyond belief." 1951-CIA involved in terror campaign against democratically elected Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala. After Arbenz government is overthrown, CIA backed regimes murder more than 100,000 Guatemalans over the next 40 years

1961- CIA recruits 1500 Cuban exiles to invade Cuba and overthrow the Castro regime. The Pay of Pigs invasion would be a disaster, however the CIA would continue with more than two dozen attempts to kill Castro.

1963- The CIA have South Vietnemese president Ngo Dinh Diem overthrown and assasinated for supporting negotiations with the north. After 20 years of covert war the U.S. turns to direct military invasion, in a war that costs tens of thousands of Vietnemese, Cambodian and U.S. lives

1963- CIA recruits Iraqi Baath Party (including a young Saddam Hussein) to assasinate the new leader, Abdul-Karim Kassem. After the coup, the CIA gave the Baath a long list of communists and others to liquidate. During the 1980s the CIA would go on to help provide weapons to both Iraq and Iran in a war that would kill over one million people.

1965- CIA provokes a coup that leads to the overthrow of Indonesian leader Sukarno, who is replaced by General Suharto. In the follow ing weeks between 500,000 and one million people are murdered by death squads using lists provided by US State Department.

1973- After interfering in Chilean elections in 1958 and 1964, the CIA begins a campaign of sabotage and terror after leftist Salvadore Allende is elected president in 1970. In 1973, a CIA supported coup overthrew and assassinated Allende and installed fascist General Pinochet, resulting in thousands of murders over the next two decades. This year in France, former U.S. secretary of state, Henry Kissinger was served a (mostly symbolic) warrant for arrest as a war criminal for his role in the coup.

1979- After Nicaraguan dictator Samosa is overthrown in 1979, the CIA helps to train Samosa's National Guard into death squads known as the Contras. The Contras are used to terrorize rural Nicaragua while the US military blockades Nicaragua's harbors with mines. In 1989, after 10,000 deaths, the US is successful in ousting the Sandanista government.

1989- US invades Panama to overthrow and "arrest" Manuel Noriega, who has been on the CIA payroll since 1966 and supported through decades of drug running, political assassination and corrupt elections. After the invasion, which included the fire bombing of an entire urban ghetto, human rights observers uncover mass graves and estimate that over 4,000 died during the invasion.

1991- US and allies (mostly Britain) invade Iraq after U.S./CIA supported Saddam Hussein invades Kuwait. 200,000 Iraqis are killed, including over 400 civilians killed by two U.S. missiles in the Al-Amerya air shelter. Over the next 10 years another 400 tons of explosives will be dropped on Iraq killing another 300 civilians, and hundreds of thousands more starved through U.S. imposed sanctions. The U.S. forces Saudi Arabia to allow thousands of U.S. military to remain indefinitely within its boarders.

1998- Al Shifa pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum, Sudan is bombed without warning by 13 U.S. cruise missiles killing a janitor. The attack deprives Sudan of desperately needed medical drugs and potentially killing tens of thousands of people. The CIA later admits that information linking the plant to Osama bin Laden was probably "incorrect."

Due limitations of space I have not included the U.S. support of Israeli acts of terror against Palestinians, the atomic bombing of 200,000 civilians in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the numerous other U.S. invasions south of the Rio Grande, the invasion of Grenada ,the 19th century war of terror against U.S. indigenous peoples or the 200 years of slave trade.

Source: The CIAs Greatest Hits by Mark Zapezauer
Third World Traveller

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