Willie's Wisdom

By Willie Martin


Wasting Our Money: the UN budget has expanded from $20 million and 1,500 employees in 1945 to $10 billion and 50,000 employees today. The US is assessed 25% of this budget, yet has only one vote equal to that of the tiniest nation. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan lives in a luxury penthouse. You and I pay the bills. We pay him a salary of $350,000 a year: tax free. We hire his chauffeurs, pay for his limousines and his bodyguards and staff. The majority of the countries that vote in the UN hate America, and, just recently, the UN voted to condemn America for opposing Communist Cuba. Only 3 countries voted with America. Cuba Won. (The Mini-T.W.C., 3/01)

Did You Know: That at least 120 million children between the ages of 5 and 12 work for less than $1 dollar per day, and that most produce goods for the US and Europe? That multi-national corporations are estimated to make a $6,000 profit for each of these slaves, many which are held in work camps and gulags? That in medieval England serfs were expected to work 98 days per year for their lord while American taxpayers mut work about 150 days for our "lord?"

The Israeli state is strategic to Washington's domination of the oil-rich Middle East. It intends Israel to exist as a garrison state, a cats-paw for US policy, a continuing source of instability in the region. The system of US rule feeds on war, its profits are based on war and militarism and the control of global markets. It is a system that creates the greatest wealth for a few and at the same time the greatest human poverty in history.

Religious Pluralism: The United States has become the most religiously diverse nation in the world, according to Harvard researcher. A half-million Muslims live in Chicago. American Muslims (6 million strong) now outnumber American Presbyterians or Episcopalians. Only 25 percent of the nation's immigrants since 1995 have been Protestant. Forty-four percent are Catholic and 35 percent are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and of other non-Christian faiths (Christian News, 6/18/01) another study predicts that France will become a Muslim country before long. Muslims, who are very pro-life, believe that they can conquer the world with patience and with children. As Iranian Atifa Dawat has stated, "When there are enough Moslems in the world, then we will have world victory." (Social Justice Review)

Famine Explained: With a population less than a tenth of the US North Korea fields the fifth largest army in the world. It finances its war machine by selling missile technology to Iran, Syria, and other potential rogues (World 5/26) Since 1995 at least two million NKS have died of starvation. The UN spends over 30 percent of its food budget on NK. The US is the largest donor of food and is sending 500,000 metric tons of grain annually. Mennonites and other church groups send massive aid much of which is used by communists NK to feed its army and buy new military equipment while its population starves. (Calvary Contender, 6/15/01 via Christian News)



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