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A Computer Expert's Explanation of Electronic Voting Machines
and Why We Can't Rely on Them
Let me see if I understand the current situation with regard to using Diebold electronic voting machines and central tabulators in the November 7, 2006, election:
   With the exception of the motherboard, the other issues listed above are documented in the EJF book on Vote Fraud and Election Issues. Pictures of the Diebold motherboard and details on the Hursti hack can be found at http://www.openvoting.us/tsx/all-files.php.
   Additional examples of problems with Diebold voting machines are documented on  VotersUnite, Vote Trust USA, Brad Blog, Black Box Voting, and by many others.
    The truly frightening thing is that Diebold may not even be the worst of the electronic voting machines in use. While I have painted China as the villain in the above synopsis, Sequoia Voting Systems is owned by a government-controlled Venezuelan company. Venezuela hasn't been notably friendly to the U.S. lately, either.
     Our forbearers developed a working solution for elections. Voters go to a local precinct, hand mark a paper ballot and put it in a locked ballot box. At the end of the day the ballots are counted in public view by at least two election judges of opposing parties before the ballots ever leave the polling place. That is as safe, secure, and accurate a method as has been devised for voting. It is also considerably cheaper than electronic voting. Why don't we use it?
     Before you dismiss the above as the paranoid ranting of one more radical, consider the following listings from my curriculum vitae:
Who's Who in the World, 16th through 24th Editions, 1999-2007.
Who's Who in America, 53rd through 61st Editions, 1999-2007.
Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 4th through 9th Editions, 1998-2007.
   I began working with electronics in 1957 and with computers in 1960 on flight control and guidance systems for Atlas and Centaur missiles.  In 1976 I earned a Ph.D. in geophysics that was largely supported by the aerospace engineering department at Texas A&M. Much of my career was spent in such institutions as Scripps and Woods Hole. I also served on the IEEE Voting Equipment Standards committee for virtually its entire duration from 2001 to 2006.
    So when some election official claims problems with electronic voting machines don't exist, ask them for their credentials and educational background. Pay particular attention to their computer experience (most don't have any).
    As a Marine, I took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I still take that oath seriously.
            Semper Fi,
                    Chuck Corry

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