Based on the FBI's most recent (1998) Uniform
                Crime Report, the statistics don't support his
                utopian view of the issue of personal safety in
                the United States. 

                Though violent crime is at it's lowest in years,
                consider these numbers and see if it makes
                you feel safe enough to give up the best form
                of personal protection available today, in lieu
                of being "protected" only by the police: 

                     Law enforcement agencies nationwide
                     recorded a 21 percent Crime Index
                     clearance rate in 1998, which means that
                     79 percent of crimes went unsolved. The
                     clearance rate for violent crimes was 49
                     percent, meaning 51 percent went
                     unsolved, while the figure for property
                     crimes was 17 percent cleared and 83
                     percent uncleared. 

                     The crime clearance rate was lowest for
                     burglary and motor vehicle theft, with 14
                     percent solved and 86 percent unsolved.
                     How much would armed home invasions
                     or carjackings increase if nobody were
                     allowed to be armed, except the police? 

                     There are only 641,208 police officers and
                     253,327 civilian assistance personnel
                     "guarding" over 260 million Americans.
                     That's a whopping 2.5 officers for every
                     1,000 people -- do you feel "safe?" 

                     In "liberal" northeastern states like
                     Maryland, the highest officer-to-civilian
                     ratio already exists, with 2.8 officers for
                     every 1,000 residents. But that's not good
                     enough for Mr. Curran -- he still wants
                     residents in his state to be almost totally
                     disarmed, as if this "higher" police officer
                     figure is adequate to protect everyone
                     from harm, theft, or property crimes.