We have long ago lost our moral compass, so how can we lecture the Islamic world?

By Robert Fisk

It is true that most Christians, Jews and Muslims draw on the tolerant, moderate aspects of their tradition. We prefer not to accept the fact that the religions of the children of Abraham are inherently flawed in respect of intolerance, discrimination, violence and hatred.

Hurricane Hugo at the U.N.

By Mike Whitney

Hugo Chavez's performance at the UN was greeted with the bucket-loads of bile that one expects from America's rightward-titling media. - The outpouring of venom came from all corners; appearing in many newspapers across the nation, invoking the hackneyed expressions of contempt for any foreign leader who rebuffs Washington or who follows redistributive economic policies.

Car blast in Iraq kills 30 civilians near food stands : In all, at least 52 people were killed or found dead yesterday throughout the country

30 killed in various attacks, explosions in Iraq

Gunmen assassinate Iraqi parliament member: Insurgents killed an Iraqi member of parliament and wounded a second in an ambush north of Baghdad, police and officials said on Sunday.

Soldier killed by IED : One 56th Brigade Combat Team Soldier was killed by an improvised explosive device while conducting a combat logistics patrol at about 10:50 p.m. Sept. 17, near Al Asad, Iraq.

My Son was Waiting for a Taxi, So He was Killed: “I went. I saw [my son] lying there, shot in his chest, his stomach, his legs, his hands…” he explained to us as the tears came, breaking his proud appearance and revealing a grieving father.

Shootings put security contractors under scrutiny in Iraq: Foreign workers firing on civilians, US officials say

Shiite militiamen block centre of Basra demanding release of commander: Armed members of a radical Shiite militia, which fought bloody battles with American troops in the past, blocked streets with barricades of burning tires in the southern city of Basra on Sunday demanding the release of one of their leaders, police said

Iraq approves definitive draft of new constitution: - Iraq's parliament approved a final draft of a new constitution on Sunday and submitted it to the United Nations, which will print five million copies and distribute it around the country.

Iraqi Girl Blog: Draft Constitution : I’ve been reading and re-reading the Iraqi draft constitution since the beginning of September. I decided to ignore the nagging voice in my head that kept repeating, “A new constitution cannot be legitimate under an occupation!” I put those thoughts away and decided to try to view the whole situation as dispassionately as possible.

Army recruiting protesters face federal trial: Group that poured blood to protest Iraq war looking at serious charges

Pentagon: Muslim Society Does Not Seek To Be Liberated By U.S. : "There is no yearning-to-be-liberated-by-the-U.S. groundswell among Muslim societies -- except to be liberated perhaps from what they see as apostate tyrannies that the U.S. so determinedly promotes and defends," the Pentagon board said in a report.

News Analysis: Alliances shifting in post-Iraq world : Countries that Bush considers partners - China, Russia and India - were banding together to stymie a U.S. and European effort to bring sanctions against Iran for its suspected nuclear weapons program

Defiant Iran tells UN: mind your own nuclear business : The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, declared in an angry and defiant address to the United Nations last night that his country is the victim of "nuclear apartheid" and set about lambasting Western governments accusing them of being state sponsors of terrorism around the world.

US Calls Nuclear Statement by Iranian President 'Very Aggressive' : A senior U.S. official who spoke to reporters called the speech "very aggressive" and said Mr. Ahmadinejad's repeated assertion of an Iranian right to enrich uranium appears to cross "red lines" set by the three European Union states that have negotiated with Tehran.

Iran Readying for Conflict With US: Incredible though it may sound there are signs that Tehran may be preparing for a military confrontation with the United States, and has convinced itself that it could win.

Sharon Feted On Sabra/Shatila Anniversary: The twenty-third anniversary of the massacre in the refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila has gone virtually unnoticed by a western press too busy feting war criminal Ariel Sharon for his "courage" in returning a fraction of stolen Palestinian lands

Liar, Liar: What would our president say if he were compelled to tell the truth.:

FEMA: A Legacy Of Waste: The handling of aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina is only the latest in a series of missteps and fraud that has plagued this tax-funded government agency. The Sun-Sentinel took a look at 20 recent disasters and found mismanagement and misallocation abound.

Pillaging, looting - these guys are pros: The $200 billion that President George W. Bush has earmarked for rebuilding the Gulf of Mexico region is chum for the big-ticket, GOP contributors. It will bring in the Great White contract-seeking sharks from Maine all the way to Iraq.

Former leader says Australia a US colony: Latham opposed the Iraq war and in February 2003 described U.S. President Bush as the most incompetent and dangerous in living memory.