The Dawn of the Feminist Police State

By Henry Makow Ph.D.


August 23, 2003

Clark Gable's acting career took off after he decked Barbara Stanwyck in the movie Night Nurse (1931). He got 10,000 adoring letters from breathless females. Today male and female action heroes routinely slug it out on the big screen but if ordinary men and women so much as push each other, they can be arrested for "domestic assault."

Today men risk jail, legal bills, and the loss of family, home and job if they so much as argue with a woman.

These draconian measures are the result of the widespread "zero tolerance" policy which defines domestic assault as any physical contact, no matter how innocuous. The charge is laid by the state.

Ostensibly this policy protects women but its real purpose is to emasculate men and persecute heterosexuals. It's another front in the Rockefeller-based elite's ongoing campaign to degrade society, destroy family and decrease population by making heterosexuality unworkable.


What couple doesn't experience stress, especially if they have children? Now a woman can incarcerate her husband simply by dialling 911 in a heated moment.

The policy makes love and marriage a perilous enterprise. It accustoms people to the interference of police in their personal lives, hallmark of a dictatorship.

The policy is also a grotesque boondoggle for police, therapists, prisons, courts and lawyers. It swells the already bloated government bureaucracy, gaining more accomplices to the elite's agenda.

The social price is even greater. Lives are destroyed and people lose their respect for the law.

I do not condone or encourage hitting or any act of violence. But 90% of these incidents are trivial. Police should be involved only when someone has been endangered or injured, and police should have more discretion.

When two men in a bar get into a fight, there is a mediation process and no charges are laid for a first offence. Why are lovers treated differently?


In Winnipeg where I live, half the 1200-man police force is dedicated to domestic violence. "To me that statistic is staggering," police Chief Jack Ewatski, told the Winnipeg Free Press "It puts a significant stress on our ability to police the city in other areas."

More than half the inmates at the overflowing "Remand Centre" are husbands. Special facilities have been built at a penitentiary to house 200 more "domestics." Most of these men have yet to be convicted of anything.

I have interviewed about 65 people charged with domestic assault for my web site, Most of these people have limited means. The fights are usually trivial, harmless and involve alcohol.

I met only one person who fits the profile of a "battered woman." Even she wants the choice of charging her abuser or not. She feels she can handle her situation.

A veteran lawyer who specializes in domestic violence confirmed that only 10% of his clients fit the profile of chronic wife beater.

Finally, I have only seen one same-sex couple (2 lesbians) in two dozen courthouse visits although domestic violence is reputed to be fairly common among homosexuals.


Most people called the police to help defuse a tense situation only to be arrested, finger printed and jailed. They missed work and lost jobs.

"Sometimes I deserve a smack," one male said. "She gave me one. I pushed her out of the way and left. We're fine. We're a normal couple. We had one rough night. No one was hurt. No one charged anyone."

The woman was arrested when she called police in an upset. He was awakened in the middle of the night and didn't even know he had committed a crime.

Another male said his common law wife falsely charged him just to get him out of the house. From the back of the police car, he saw her standing on the lawn with her boyfriend. "She mixes Prozac and alcohol and doesn't know what she's doing," he said.

"Women make false charges like crazy," a Legal Aid lawyer said.

Another man also heard the 2 a.m. "knock on the door." He had broken up with his girlfriend earlier that night. She charged him with holding her arms (she was hitting him.) He had a hefty legal bill and risked losing his job because of a criminal record.

The majority of these cases are "stayed" after many court appearances because the offended party won't testify.


A man told me: "It's supposed to be a free country but it don't seem free any more."

Having an argument is now a crime. "The walls are thin," one couple said. They were arrested even though witnesses vouched they didn't touch each other. The cops said a neighbour complained and they have no discretion.

A lawyer said: "The women call the shots." Police often refuse to accept a man's charge. When a wife bit his husband's finger, the cop told him: "What was your finger doing in her mouth?"

Another man was told to "take it like a man." Another was told, "it wouldn't look good" if he made a charge.

Generally the policy undermines male authority. A husband called his wife "lazy." The neighbor said, "teach him a lesson." So she called the police and falsely charged him with slapping her.

"Now she needs help with the children and but we have to live apart," he said. "She is very upset and sorry."


One mother of four on social assistance slapped her common-law husband when he said he didn't care about the children. He pushed her against a wall and she called police.

They arrested only her. "That's what I get for being honest," she said. "I don't know why I'm being persecuted."

Another woman slapped her boyfriend when he made light that she was pregnant with his child. He called the police and she was arrested. Legal fees: $1200.

Another woman said: "My ex boyfriend called me from jail. He was out in two days and bothered me. What's the point of calling the police? It's not worth the trouble."

In the crush of trivial cases, women or men in genuine danger will be overlooked. In the past, police had the discretion to act only in serious cases. Now, they have no choice.

As for feminist activists, they don't care about helping women (who are sleeping with 'the enemy'.) They use them to advance the elite's lesbian Communist political agenda.


The zero tolerance policy makes a mockery of the principles of justice. A real crime (i.e. injury) must take place before someone is arrested and jailed. There should be a presumption of innocence. There should be evidence and not just one person's word.

Domestic violence was not a problem before feminists and their elite sponsors invented it. It isn't a problem today. For example, according to the 1999 Canadian General Social Survey, only 7% of people married or common law experienced "some type of violence" within the previous five years. These are almost evenly divided between men and women.

The rate of spousal homicide for wives is 7 per million in Canada. In the U.S., the murder rate for wives/girlfriends is between 1 and 4 /1000th of one percent depending on race.

Something fundamental has gone awry when half the police force is dedicated to marital spats.

Heterosexuals should wake up and smell the coffee. We have been under sustained elite attack for over 40 years. It is no accident that the roles of wife and mother have become stigmatized and men have been demonized as ineffectual or as violent rapists. It is no accident that, as with people inflicted by a terminal disease, we hear no discussion of our collective future.

Society is victim to an insidious campaign of elite social engineering and political persecution complete with "the 2 a.m. knock."

Marriage and family are necessary for personal fulfillment and the future of the race. It's time we told our Lucifer-loving financial elite, "Enough."



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