A Prosecutor Speaks Out On Crime

By Steve


Dear John:

I have another perspective on your analysis of black on white crime statistics. A few years ago, I was a criminal prosecutor for about 9 years in 2 different cities, New Orleans and Dallas. For more than five years of that period, I was head of a commercial crimes Division that investigated major insurance fraud arson and staged auto rings, most members of which were predominantly black. At the time I chose to undertake this massive project, other than a few federal agencies -(FBI, ATF, Secret service) that I worked closely with, no state law enforcement agency in the State even bothered to investigate this massive fraud, which conservatively amounted to probably 20-25 % of all auto claims and larger percentage for insurance fire losses. I assembled a first rate task force from both the public and private sector, and after years of tedious and difficult work, involving 70 to 80 hour workweeks continuously for several years, I was able to achieve tremendous success and was recognized with numerous awards and recognition from the Insurance industry and Agencies like the ATF.

During this time I began to notice and carefully pay attention to the fact that our organized crime division was churning out thousands of convictions and jury trials on poor black kids for felony drug cases. The vast majority of the criminal defendants were poor, uneducated black kids who were set up by undercover narcotics officers who went out and solicited kids to buy dope from. They'd start with a gram or two and keep the kids going back for larger and larger amounts until they obtained undercover buys large enough to really hammer them as a “major dope dealers.” It appeared to me from observations and discussions with the prosecutors that these special units of elite narcotics officers rarely, if ever, even tried to work their way up to catch the big suppliers and dealers. They, along with the District attorney's office were simply playing the "stat" game to get numbers of convictions to pad their stats for the public and to get more federal grant money. I would estimate that you could easily set up 35% -40% of all poor ignorant black kids in this way.

The scary thing about these tactics, is that had they worked the white neighborhoods and schools in a similar fashion, they likely could have set up a very high percentage of white kids from more affluent, educated parts of town. Occasionally they do work such areas. I know this from my experience as a prosecutor and from personal experience: They did it to the 17-year-old son of my cousin. The undercover cop started out with a small amount of cocaine and kept asking my cousin to go back and get larger and larger amounts. My cousin knew a guy with drug connections and was able to get a fairly large amount of coke by the fourth deal. The prosecutor recommended a 30 year sentence which he probably would have gotten if I had not intervened and was able to show the Judge that my cousin was just a punk kid - hardly the hardened criminal type. My cousin’s case had been worked up by a typical undercover narcotics cop, who all too frequently choose to create major dope dealers out of nothing kids, rather than actually going after the real major drug dealers. My knowing the Judge well helped get him off easy-with a fair sentence (boot camp and probation).

When I worked the black fraud rings, I always cut my deals with the nothings at the bottom and worked my way to get the major organizers at the top. I developed great sympathy for the mules at the bottom who were used and who rarely profited much. I offered them fair sentences after interviewing and milking them for knowledge of the Organization- often probation. Then I used their testimony and cooperation to work my way to the top of the organization to make cases on the Organizers, for whom I had no mercy in my punishment recommendations. I always saw this as the proper way to do my job. It’s amazing how few people in my profession at that time shared my views.

Most of our prisons are filled with the former type (the mules), rather than the latter (the organizers). It becomes a vicious cycle for so many black kids. They start out as uneducated and ignorant from having grown up in the Projects - classic victims of the Welfare State, with no traditional family, no effective education (despite the public paying a fortune for the public schools). These kids go for an easy buck since there are no jobs available in the inner cities for social misfits, as most victims of the Welfare state are. They get set up or get involved in the drug trade or casual drug use and plea to probation for the typical first offense. Being a convicted felon or on probation, it becomes even harder to find or keep a job, (illiteracy, not learning good work habits and being a felon is a dangerous combination - a certain formula for perpetual unemployment) They then get their probation revoked for any number of reasons (another crime, dirty urine, don't report timely to probation officer or pay monthly fees, etc.) So now they’re doing time in the penitentiary. They get out and its even worse- they still can’t find a job (or keep one even if they find one) and the next conviction qualifies them as a multiple offender, with enhanced punishment.

You see where it goes from there. Our prisons are filled with such types - social misfits who are fodder for a multi-billion dollar criminal “industry” that lines the pockets of hundreds of thousands of people in a multitude of ways. I have a novel solution for prison and criminal justice reform that would actually work, but will never happen, because if you understand the politics of the situation, like the Welfare State, the criminal justice industry is “big business”

I left the Dallas District Attorney’s office thoroughly disgusted and do no criminal defense work. Most of the State Investigators and police I worked with could not investigate their way out of a paper bag. They didn't even try. Why work when there are so many easy targets out there. The good police and cops I worked with (we all tend to band together) spent half their time fighting their own lazy, coffee drinking, donut eating comrades, who were too "underpaid" to do any real work. I could tell you some stories, believe me.

John, the problem is the welfare State- which was designed to impoverish the black race -to keep them stupid and ignorant - and most important all: dependent on their benefactors and “masters”. The strategy is divide and conquer -pit black against white, man against woman, rich vs. poor, gay vs. straight. When everyone is pitted against each other fighting, it’s easier for a small group of powerful elites to assume control. The nation of Islam and Farrakhan seem to understand this. There are white liberals who seem to want to exploit the black race.

Regarding hate crimes legislation - In the early 90’s I prosecuted a 60 person insurance fraud arson ring where staged burglary/arsons were set up to appear that white supremacists had been victimizing and terrorizing poor black families. The house would be trashed and swastikas would be spray painted all over the walls, as were comments like “nigger go home!”. Of course, the real perpetrators were the black criminals themselves. I had indisputable proof of all of this, including taped confessions of the actual torches and vandals who did this cute handy-work. One of them called me from an out-of state prison today asking me for a good word to help him get leniency on some new crimes he is charged with. All of this makes me wonder just how many of these so-called “hate-crimes” were actually perpetrated by white racists.

I have seen much demagoguery over the hate crimes legislation. The media makes this out to be a black/white issue, with whites being the source and cause of most of the problems. Obviously, this is a specious argument, which the statistics bear out with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It has become very apparent to me that the whole purpose of hate crimes legislation is to pave the way for hate speech and hate thoughts legislation. Isn’t that what this is all about? Who is the driving force behind this?

When I get the time, I will write to explain to you why I believe there was a staged vandalism of a black church in Dallas, allegedly by suspected white supremacist haters, on the eve of the hate crimes law passing in Texas. There appears to be significant evidence, direct and circumstantial, to demonstrate that this was a set up - staged to give a couple of fence sitting Republicans cover so they could vote for the legislation, including our cowardly Republican Governor, Rick Perry - a politician in the truest sense.




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