Proof that the 'Speed Kills' campaign is about money, not safety

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Most people realise that the prevalence of traffic and parking fines are
> about Revenue and have almost nothing to do with safety but few people
have any
> Hard Evidence about it. Well it's here.
> I have only touched on the main points of information I have on the
> Fine Scam but you can get more detail by going to
> There is the group of Victorian Police Sergants who contacted the Herald
> to tell them that they were Sick of being Used in a 'Blatent Revenue
> SCAM'.
> Harry Brelsford has created a website and book on the subject. According
> his
> research less than 2% of road deaths in Queensland happen Above the speed
> limit. Even this 2% includes known suicides and police car chases so its
> estimated that the REAL figure is closer to 1%.
> A UK study found that excessive speed 'was a factor'(but not the cause) of
> 7.3% of accidents.
> third.htm
> The whole point of speed cameras is to reduce the number of serious and
> accidents, but the data shows the Reverse. As a result of this
> British Columbia in Canada Scrapped its speed cameras.
> Due to a quirky situation Montana, USA and couple of other states had No
> Laws for a time. Recently road laws were reintroduced in Montana so a
> comparison can be made. Since the road laws were reintroduced the death
> on the roads has Doubled. Average speeds were recorded before and after
> road laws, people only drove 4MPH faster when there were No Speed limits.
> montana 2001.htm
> An RARU report showed that in Adelaide 68% of fatalities happened by
> turning at Intersections and another 8% included pedestrians and cyclists
> all of those deaths happened Below the speed limit. Only 25% of
> happen Between intersections on straight stretches of road so Why are most
> the speed cameras and radars concentrated there ?
> The American National Centre of Policy Analysis is a non-profit,
> public policy research organisation. They say that "no consistant
> between speed enforcement and traffic safety can be found".
> Autobahns in Europe have no higher accidient rate then our freeways
in spite of
> the fact that they drive Much faster.
> Italy recently Raised its speed limits, their Transport Minister saying
> Faster drivers are more alert, safer drivers.
> There have been lots of problems with the unreliabiblity of the Speed
> e.g. The old Datsun that was clocked doing 160 kmph. A test of the car
> controlled conditions, showed that the car wan't capable of attaining 160
> but the police would have continued to prosecute the owner except for the
> that she went on TV.
> A graph shows that since 1995 speed camera countries road fatalities have
> become worse than the non-sped camera countries by 1250 lives per year.
> Most drivers are caught doing Under 15 kmph over the speed limit.
According to
> Canadian research we are Safest when we are driving Over the speed limit
> this amount. US research has shown that those who speed moderately tend to
> the Safest drivers. Conversely it's the Slowest drivers that are the most
> Risky.
> In Victoria they are creating 330 000 new offenders every year, what sort
> law is that ? Nearly Half of Victoria's 3.5 million motorists are
> Motorists will notice that the vigilance in traffic enforcement is matched
> the retreat from catching criminals. This will alienate the public's view
> police.
> Authorities tell us that Christmas is the most dangerous time of year to
be on
> the road. Let's look at the facts. In 2002 there were 1715 deaths in
> which averages out to 4.7 per day. Over that Christmas holiday period the
> death rate averaged out to 4.4 per day, so that dispels that theory.
> Queensland has a road safety campaign called 'Every K is a killer'. The
> information in it so factually incorrect that had a commercial enterprise
> it it would have to be taken off the air for being Misleading.
> An American 40-year-old, alchohol free is Less likely to be killed over a 600
mile stretch in
> a car than if they did the same distance by plane.
> Now in Montana vehicle confiscation is legal and common for minor traffic
> infractions, mothers are thrown into jail for not wearing a Seat belt, and
> public gladly go along with this, believing it's for road safety. The big
> question is How long before that comes Here ?
> Gatso, the speed camera manufacturers promote themselves to governments as
> being
> the most popular makers of "Flash for Cash" in the world.
> A Secret Bonus of up to $104 000- a MONTH is being handed to the operators
> Victoria's mobile speed cameras. Senior managers of that company
> First Class, stayed in 5 Star motels and are amongst the highest paid
> Executives.
> Class action against NSW
> Websites worth a look :-
> Scroll down to "The political
> violations
> You can buy Harry Brelsford's book "Under the Radar" for $35- from PO Box
> Broadbach QLD 4218 or Fax (07) 5526-7103
> VISA, MC, BC and AMEX accepted.
> Vic Transport Minister
> Peter Batchelor
> Vic. Shadow Transport Minister
> Terry Mulder
> Fed. Min. for Transport
> John Anderson



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