(Apply this SAME material to PHONIES Joyce Reilly, Alex Jones, John Stadtmiller and other PHONIES on GCN and elsewhere!!)
Who Silenced the Outcry?

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

                                                     - a.k.a. Phony Conservatives, Christian Conservatives

Back in the early 1980's, as a business owner experiencing the insanity of
bureaucratic control and governmental interference in our ability to operate
a business using our God-given common sense, it became apparent that
"something is drastically wrong here." Shortly after being introduced to the
Spotlight Newspaper and becoming a subscriber, political mail began arriving
by the buckets from unfamiliar organizations / individuals . Each letter had
its own brand of shock and horror stories about "our government." Seldom
could I read a piece of mail without getting out the check-book, writing a
healthy check/donation and always thanking our heavenly Father for His
blessings - the financial success of the business - so that I could "do my
part to help save America." It's called ignorance and naivete', folks.

If you subscribe to the Spotlight Newspaper, or have ever sent a donation to
even one of the organizations in question, it would be safe to assume you've
had similar experiences.... an overwhelming onslaught of mail detailing the
corruption in the U.S. Government; legislation which MUST be blocked;
corruption in our Courts; government land grabs; and the tragic consequences
which will befall us if we don't "sign the petition and SEND MONEY". The
money part is so the particular organization or individual can reach
millions more and if they don't receive enough. . . woe unto all of us!

The organizations and individuals of which and of whom I speak are ALL phony
conservative and so-called Christian-conservative, including 'ministers' ...
every single one of them.
Some that come to mind were the Young Americans
for Freedom, National Taxpayers Union, Heritage Foundation, Republican
National Committee, and members of the U.S. Congress... even N. Carolina
U.S. Senator, Jesse Helms (I lived in Illinois). The very common denominator
was - and still is - the fact that 90% of them are members of the Council
for National Policy - CNP.
(So is Stan Monteith on the Genesis DISINFORMATION Network by the way!!  And of course Alex Jewns props him up too!)

Because Jesse Helms was promoted as the "only" U.S. Senator guarding our
freedom in D.C., and of course the 'bad guys' were out to get him
, he
received several sizeable campaign donations from my budget, which resulted
in an invitation to a "luncheon in Washington, D.C." I passed, thank you. It
is now known that Helms is a 33rd degree Mason, a long-time CNP member and a
traitor to America.

A monthly pledge went out like clock-work to the Heritage Foundation - which
was established with the help of Paul Weyrich -- because they claimed to
have a 'hot line' to Congress so they could warn our over-worked and
under-staffed Congress critters of dangerous bills of which they should be
aware. And of course their letters were always very graphic and detailed as
to the treachery we (receivers of the mail) would be averting with our

The beginning of my awakening was a letter from Ed Feulner, President of
Heritage. It began, "Dear Jacquelyn... I was thinking about you on my way
home from work the other evening... ". The tactic was an ego stroke-job; a
reminder about the wonderful work they could do because of my donations, and
what a "great American" am I. Ed Feulner did me a great favor with his b.s.
A heated note was scribbled, sent back to Feulner with instructions to
scratch my name from their list of donors. Then, came the realization that
the donations (thousands of dollars) to all of these organizations over so
many years had made no difference; the decline of America was escalating.
>From that point, in order to resist the temptation of continuing to feed the
monster, their unopened mail was tossed into the trash.

One of our listeners recently suggested that we who receive their mail
should send letters and documents back to them in their self-addressed
envelopes. Not to worry if it's ten or more pages because they pay the
return postage.

In 1992, meeting Betty J. Mills, a brilliant and dedicated American who
could write a book - a primer for beginners - was the real beginning of my
education. There were endless hours spent in conversation together and more
endless hours reading information and reviewing documents Betty sent. Betty
became a cherished friend, mentor and one of my few heroes.

When she first mentioned Paul Weyrich, I asked, "who's Paul Weyrich?". Betty
describes Weyrich like this: "As I see it, Paul Weyrich is one of the most
dangerous men in America because he has such power and influence over the
hundreds of phony conservative / Christian-conservative leaders.
That is
when I learned about the CNP -- the COUNCIL FOR NATIONAL POLICY. When I
shared my experience with her she laughed for days, each time apologizing
and empathizing with my naivete' and explaining that mine was a classic
example of what has happened to millions of caring Americans over the past
30 years.

Betty experienced the results of the wolves in sheep's clothing. In the
1950's, soon after the UN Treaty was ratified by the U.S. Senate, many
intelligent and patriotic Americans were exposing and opposing what they
could see would be the demise of America... Federal / State Regionalism, the
LEAA, (soft on criminals to increase crime and open the door for gun
control), a general Constitutional Convention proposal by then V.P. Nelson
Rockefeller in the mid-70's which was quashed and Constitutional Convention
calls from the several States, etc. Betty explains that at that time it was
still possible for a husband to support the family, so many of the fearless
warriors for America were stay-at-home wives, Moms and Grandmothers.

In the midst of all that effective activity.... EAGLE FORUM (Phyllis
) came on the scene. Betty tells it like this: "One-by-one and then
hundreds-by-hundreds most of those wonderful and sincere women began to join
Eagle Forum, and the OUTCRY WAS SILENCED
(Phyllis advertises on GCN and phony Joey Farah and others push her often!)

Betty attempted to sound the alarm, along with some very good Americans who
stood with her, all to no avail. Over the years there were many who
discovered, from their own experiences that Betty Mills was right.

What did Betty Mills mean when she said, "THE OUTCRY WAS SILENCED"? Around
the same time Eagle Forum was founded, dozens of other groups appeared...
all professing to be Conservative and most claiming to be
. Today there are hundreds of these individuals and
groups and if you stop to think, each of them has an "issue" which will
appeal to "somebody". An issue for everybody's hot-button, whatever that may
be. In addition to the many groups, organizations, ministers, U.S.
Congressmen and U.S. Senators from whom we receive mail, we've noticed today
many of the Republican State Legislators are into the same business...
sending the warning, asking for petitions to be signed and begging
donations. They sound really good! Watch them! Don't be fooled!

To sum it up best... Paul Weyrich was quoted as saying on a PBS broadcast
that they - the Conservative New Right - "had trouble gaining control of the
conservative movement until they began speaking on moral issues."

The Reverend Austin Miles who was a guest on Sweet Liberty several times,
told it this way: He had been invited to join the CNP and felt honored to be
among such a prestigious group of people. After attending only three or four
meetings he told his wife that he believed these people (CNP members) who
are purporting to be working against the New World Order would be sitting on
the board of the World Government one day.

Reverend Miles' short experience with the CNP was a nightmare and a rude
awakening for him. When asked, on air, what he thought of Phyllis Schlafley,
his answer: "I really don't know her that well, but I do know she is not
In one meeting she made a statement that, 'the right-to-life issue
is our only hook. It's the only issue we have to hang our hat on".

When asked about Paul Weyrich he also admitted to not knowing much about
him. However, he said of Weyrich, "He must be pretty powerful. I remember
one meeting when Paul Weyrich was screaming at the top of his lungs at these
people and they were all cringing and almost bowing to him".

Why are the phony conservatives dangerous to America? Think about it. They
speak on moral issues, gun issues, land rights issues, education and our
children... all issues that reach into the very hearts of Americans who care
- people who want to be involved and help their country and countrymen and
women. These people are led down a yellow-brick road which leads to NO
Or maybe more aptly expressed - down a cow-path and over a cliff.
At the bottom of that cliff, folks is the deep abyss of the New World Order.

You'll notice that, even though these organizations have existed for thirty
years now; millions of Americans have sent hundreds of millions of dollars
and signed their petitions and made calls to U.S. Congress; America is on
the brink of collapsing into the arms of the International elite. You must
ask yourself, "WHY ?".

Betty J. Mills said it most succinctly, "With their millions of dedicated
followers / supporters and hundreds of millions of dollars coming in
annually, they could have changed all of this. Are they One-Worlders or are
they unqualified"?

Charlotte Iserbyt seconded Betty's conclusion. Iserbyt said on Sweet
Liberty, speaking particularly of the CNP members: "
With their money and the
millions who support them and follow their lead, the few-hundred of them
(CNP members) could - by concerted action - have us out of the United
Nations in thirty days
." Now, ask yourself, "Are they One-Worlders or are
they unqualified?"

You will also notice, if you listen closely, what the phony conservatives
will NOT talk about, and THIS, dear friends, is the key to their success...
our demise. And they KNOW it!

The Phony Conservatives will never talk about Regional Governance, which is
the key to global control of the billions of people on planet earth.
If Regionalism were stopped now, and dismantled COG by COG and Watershed by
Watershed the globalists' plan will crumble.

The Phony Conservatives will never talk about States Rights
, and the fact
that people should be working on a local and state level; contacting,
working with and educating local and state elected officials who have the
power to say HELL, NO! to the One-Worlders. Instead, local and state
officials are falling prey to the Delphi Technique, (Total Quality
Management, Group Dynamics... pick a name. It's all one and the same - the
Hegelian Dialectic), while our attention is diverted by the Phony
Conservatives to the D.C. arena where we, the American people, have no

The Phony Conservatives WILL lead you to believe that unless we can somehow
get the U.S. Congress to vote a particular way, we are doomed.
The sham
is... they are ALL well aware the Congress is and has been under control of
the Shadow Government / International Zionists by bribery and blackmail for
eons. It appears, they are too.

The Phony Conservatives WILL lead you to believe that presidential executive
orders mean something - like LAW
. They WILL lead you to believe that
treaties take precedence over the Constitution; in fact, that appears to be
Phyllis Schlafely's forte... leading people to believe that treaties take
precedence over the Constitution.

The Phony Conservatives will never talk about a Republican president,
governor, congress person, state legislator, etc. - UNLESS one of those
people steps outside of the planned agenda. In those cases they eat their

A classic example of the above comment was the railroading of Oregon
Congressman, Wes Cooley, who was elected by grass-roots activists - NOT by
the Republican/Conservative political machine. As a freshman in D.C., Wes
wouldn't play games with either side and he rebuffed the overtures of Paul
Weyrich. He did not tremble before the liberals, the environmentalists, NOR
the phony conservatives. According to Cooley, Ed Feulner (Heritage
Foundation) attempted to seduce him by hinting of seats on committees, etc.,
if he would just cooperate. When he did not capitulate, Wes Cooley found
himself charged with "falsifying information on his campaign pamphlets".

On the pamphlet in question, where his personal data was listed, following
the word 'Military' was printed simply: U.S. Army; Korea. Because of this it
was claimed he presented himself as a war hero and was accused of never
having served in Korea. Wes was in Special Forces, which at that time was
not a recognized part of the U.S. Armed Forces. All orders were given
verbally, and there was no way he could "prove" his assertion.

During lengthy conversations with Wes, and pages of faxes - including
letters from the Department of Army, I was convinced that Wes was telling
the truth. The Army admitted that: he was stationed at the Fort where
Special Forces were quartered; their orders were verbal; most of his records
had been "burned in a fire in St. Louis"; they could not prove he WAS in SF,
and they could not prove he wasn't.

Paul Weyrich circulated a letter in which he stated that Wes Cooley
embarrassed the conservatives because he and his wife lived together for a
period of time before they married. She (the wife) was a military widow with
a pension which she gave up - permanently - when they married, as if that's
ANYBODY'S business but the Cooley's. Did not Christ Jesus tell us to "judge
not, lest ye be judged"? And also, "He that is without sin, cast the first

Wes, in his mid-sixties at the time, faced double charges because he used
the same pamphlet in the primary race as in the regular election... $250,000
in fines and/or up to 10 years in prison. He beat the rap and we all know
that in today's legal system the winner never wins because of the vultures
in the American Bar Association. THIS is what was meant by the statement:
The Phony Conservatives will never talk against a Republican UNLESS they
step outside the planned agenda. This narrative was not a digression; the
intent was to make the point that there is nothing Christ-like about the
Phony "Christian Conservatives
" and that Conservative-Republicans in
Congress - who are allowed to stay - should be in question regardless the
'appearance' and 'rhetoric' put forth.

In essence... the phony conservatives are nothing more than CONTROLLED
They appear to be oppos˙˙˙˙the New World Order so therefore,
people like me and you will heave a sigh of relief, send in our checks and
say, "thank God, somebody is doing something". They are apparently working
for the global elite and we have all been too trusting and too naive and too
lazy to notice. "BUT..." , you say, "they sound so sincere and caring and
they tell us so much." Yes, they do. They HAVE to, or else how would we have
become so trusting of them?

Consider this. The phony conservatives are like RAT POISON. 90% of the
ingredients in RAT POISON are actually nutritious for the rat. It's that
small amount... just 10% of the ingredients that KILL THE RAT
. They are the
POISON, we are the RATS that have been caught in their traps and they are in

It would be inappropriate here NOT to mention one of the first and very
effective Phony Conservative organizations: The JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY.
in the '50's as "controlled opposition" to Communism and the United Nations
the JBS pulled in and rendered ineffective, thousands of Americans who were
not asleep at the switch and who knew the dangers of the United Nations.
>From a book exposing the Society, titled "The John Birch Society - AN
ENIGMA", the author, James E. Braddock - a former "Bircher" begins a
paragraph with the heading: THE DESTRUCTION OF PATRIOTS A GOAL OF JBS.
Braddock states in this paragraph:
"Keep always in mind, and it is quite clear, that the specific aim of the
JBS and its controlling backers was and is the diversion and divestiture of
the members from the truth and from their money. Bluntly put, get their
minds on a subject that will be common to all and at the same time milk them
of their money with the reasoning that their donations will help defeat
communism! What better targets than the patriotic, freely giving, middle

(For those of you on the net that have read John Perna's JBS GARBAGE I've warned you it is just THAT!!)

One last tid-bit to bring the point home. Here is an excerpt from the
article Merchant of Fear, about Allen Gottlieb, founder of Citizens
Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms; the Second Amendment
Committee; AND long-time member of the CNP. Gottlieb brags about how he gets
millions of $$'s from people like us:

" In Trashing the Economy, the 1993 book he and his co-author, CDFE Vice
President Ron Arnold write with startling frankness that:

'The message of the direct mail letter must appeal to three base emotions;
Fear, Hate and Revenge... The fund raising mailer must present you with a
crisis -- a problem won't do... That crisis must frighten you... If you are
not frightened, you won't send money... Then the direct mail letter must
present you with a bogeyman against whom to focus your anger... Once you've
been frightened and made to hate the bogeyman, the successful direct mail
appeal must offer you a way to get revenge against the bogeyman -- the
payoff for your contribution. The more soul-satisfying the revenge, the
better the letter pulls. All this must be dressed up in an appeal that
appears to have a high moral tone,
but which -- without you realizing it --
works on your lower emotions...
' Gottlieb may have had these figures in mind
the time he told a reporter that, 'All I have to do is turn the spigot on
and the money just flows'. "

NOW, think about the letters you receive and see if they fit this mold.

We did a series of programs on Sweet Liberty with Kelleigh Nelson on the
Phony Conservatives. We named names and gave details which left few stones
unturned. You can order the series
- 12 one-hour programs for a $53
donation. If you want the two-hour program with Reverend Austin Miles,
include an additional $9. You are encouraged to copy and share the

Jackie Patru

P.S. As mentioned, most probably 90% of the Phony