Do They Want Us To Rebel?

Thanks Willie Martin


DO THEY WANT US TO REBEL? I can't imagine why they would want us to do that except maybe to give them an excuse to declare martial law, suspend the Constitution, and send in the troops. Under the Hegelian Principle, sending in the troops is "solving the problem" they've created. That's what usually happens when violence against the government gets out of hand and usually leads to a permanent "suspension" of rights and a dictatorship. I sure hope that's not what those power seekers in our government are up to. But if it happens I'll be one of the first out on the streets. Why do I think this? Let me give you just a couple of examples. The Klamath Falls situation. Why would the government shut off all water to all the farmers in a given area? Water that is necessary to their economic life? Water that if withheld would cause those farmers and the entire area to go "belly-up?" Think about it. What's left for those farmers but armed rebellion or bankruptcy? Why would the government destroy an entire section of the country to defend a damned fish, for Heaven's sake? It's either stupid or diabolical. Now what about the government's increasing theft of our children and destruction of families under the thin guise of "child protection?" They claim that child abuse is rising at an alarming rate. But if you examine things you'll find that 80% or more of those "increased reports" are false, manufactured by "lowering the bar" on the definition of child abuse, making things that were normal and natural for our parents into crimes, such as a simple spanking. I'm expecting wronged parents to start going into child protector offices to kill these people in ever-growing numbers any time now, and I will find it hard to be against them because they're messing with something basic: the family. These are just two of the areas in which they're knowingly or unknowingly whipping people into a frenzy of hatred for their government. So my question is: "Why?" Is this what they want? (Source: Common Sense) [070501-1]



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