We've known this all along but it is good to see the facts presented in an international forum. This international study confirms that where gun control exists or where guns are banned, crime is higher. It also exposes the lie that guns are the cause of more crime when exactly the opposite is true. This study can be found at:

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From: "Albert V. Burns" <>
Subject: United States Most Violent Nation???

This is an interesting and potentially useful way to view crime stats...
Found an interesting article in "American Handgunner" today. According to the article the Leiden University in Holland conducted what it called an "International Crime Victims Survey".
It's number one most dangerous country was Australia with more than 30 percent of it's citizens falling victim to violent crime. England (including Wales) was second with 26 percent. Holland, Sweden, and Canada round out the top five.
The United States didn't even make the top ten (even though we have more guns per-person than any of the others). This is a trend that can be seen on a state-to-state level here in the US. Those states with the most regulation concerning private ownership of firearms have the highest
national crime rates. Those with relaxed standards have lower crime rates.(This is an incredibly brief summary of Dr. Lotts book "More Guns, Less Crime".)
Just something to think about!!!!!
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