From a militia newsletter - Thanks David Lindstedt


I begin by telling all of you I'm very sorry for the delay between the first part of this newsletter and the next portion. I'll tell you what happened in the Parting Shot section.

Today, as most of you know, is when we can announce that the Militia of Georgia has standardized its weaponry for the Special Forces Division. Those weapons include: M1A / M14 and its variants, the M1 Garand, .30 caliber Bolt action weapons (preferably .308), any AR15 / M16 variant and 12 gauge pump action shotguns. A lot of you said you couldn't afford the expense of the AR but, still wanted one.

When we suggested that you build your own, many were ready to jump on the bandwagon. And just as Johnny Cash sang about building a Cadillac "One Piece at a Time" you too, were ready to build your custom AR that way. So, here's a list of companies that will sell you the parts. The parts can be bough via the phone and shipped directly to you.

The LOWER RECEIVER is the only part you cannot buy through the mail. It has the serial numbers on it but, can be purchased at gun shows, in gun shops or ordered by a dealer for you. The average cost of the LOWER RECEIVER (stripped) is about $145 or thereabouts. One M.O.G. member bought a completed lower with the stock attached for $300. We later found a completed upper (sights, barrel, etc. for another $350) but, he ran short of funds. Today, we presume you will buy the LOWER stripped and purchase all the other parts from a dealer. Here's the Dealers, the kit price, etc. :

1 - American Spirit Arms Corp. has kits beginning at $500. Call them at 1 - 888 - GUN - KITS ( 1 - 888 - 486 - 5487 )

2) J&T Distributing has great quality parts for $435 in the collapsible stock or full stock models with the NEEDED 1 x 9 twist barrel. Their number is 1 - 888 - 736 - 7725

3) Sarco has parts sets offered at $375 but, it's not known if these are post or pre ban - new or surplus. Their number is 908 - 647 - 3800.

4) Model "1" Sales has parts sets for $400 in any configuration you can think of : 16 inch to 24 inch barrels. You have to specify the barrel twist (1 x 9) though. Their number is 847 - 639 - 3192

5) M&A Parts (a good company) has sets for $415. They have any configuration you want: post ban, pre ban - full size or collapsible models. Call them at 847 - 550 - 8246

6) Olympic Arms sells kits for $424 to $449. Your dealer can even order a complete rifle with a MSRP of only $600. See their website at

7) Rock River Arms has a complex pricing structure. Call them at 309 - 792 - 5780 or visit the site at

8) Bushmaster has a lot of variations PLUS you can get your rifle barrel fluted, custom flash suppressors, etc. They are among the most expensive but, you can build a truly custom weapon with their parts. Call 1 - 800 - 998 - SWAT or visit Their parts and services are good but, their politics are questionable.

Again, you want a barrel of 1 x 9 twist rate so you can shoot all the different kinds of ammo with a consistent accuracy. Military parts (M16) fit the receivers but, dealers tell me it is "illegal" to build them that way. It's not my area of expertise because back in the 70s, everybody built ARs with military parts. I'll tell you what I know but, my area of expertise is in the M1 Garand and M1A rifles. ##


I have an UNCONFIRMED REPORT that Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft said on some television report that the "Militias were a threat to national security." My source is trying to get a copy of the video. I don't doubt that Ashcroft said it.

Bush says he will sign a bill to require background checks on private gun sales. That, as I've explained many times is NATIONAL GUN REGISTRATION!!! Under so - called "illegal immigration reform" the INS will keep all those "background check" records forever. And y'all know Bush's record on illegal immigration. If INS has access to those records, they can give it to the FBI, BATF, MJTF, etc. at any time.

If we are sincere, we are a threat to this unconstitutional legislation. The American Revolution began with gun confiscation... and registration always precedes confiscation. We must not comply with this kind of legislation.


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