Birdman Writes the Stanislaw Burzynski Cancer Clinic on Their Antineoplaston Therapy

By John "Birdman" Bryant




Dear folks:

I know that antineoplastons are made from the patient's urine. What I am wondering is, would drinking one's urine be a substitute or adjunctive treatment for Dr B's?

This is not a joke, as ayurvedic medicine, and even naturopathic physicians such as Dr David Williams, have long suggested that drinking one's urine is a good health practice, and in fact I have done so for many years. A book currently available on the subject is entitled Your Own Perfect Medicine.

I am webmaster of a popular website,, and would be happy to post your response.


PS: I do not have cancer, and am not inquiring for purposes of treatment.


[The clinic responds:]

Dear Mr. Bryant

Medicinal use of urine and urine extracts has been known for centuries. With the development of new technology and DNA sequencing, Dr. Burzynski is now able to synthesize the peptides that were originally isolated from human urine many years ago. Therefore the antineoplastons of today are now manufactured in Dr. Buryznski's research laboratories. Generally, I do not believe that Dr. Burzynski would recommend drinking one's own urine as a substitute for any type of cancer treatment. His treatment is individualized for each particular patient and he would be able to determine a patient's optimum dosage levels of these peptides in a more efficient way. Anyway, I hope that this information helped.

Kind regards,

Frances Vu Patient Coordinator Burzynski Clinic 713-335-5626

[Note: As the perceptive reader will understand, what I am really asking is, Couldn't the Burzynski therapy simply be replaced by drinking one's own urine? Obviously, these folks have an investment in Dr B's work, and wouldn't want to say so if it were true. Could this be why the Dad Gummit is so pissed off at him?]



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