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Diabetes is the inability of the body to metabolize properly, sugars and carbohydrates. Cancer is nothing more than the very simple inability of the body to metabolize proteins properly. And that's all cancer is. William Donald Kelley, DDS

[note: William Donald Kelley passed away on Jan 30, 2005 in Weatherford, Texas and is buried next to his last wife in Missouri].

Until the reader understands what cancer is, they will be unsuccessful in applying the proper treatment.

The commonly held view of cancer is incorrect. Cancer is not a tumor, metastasis or blood or lymph invasion.

A malignant tumor is a SIGN of cancer, a SYMPTOM of cancer, a malignant tumor is NOT cancer.

Cancer is the inability of the body to metabolize proteins due to a lack of pancreatic enzymes. It is the pancreatic enzyme that digests the cancer cell. Pancreatic enzymes will attack and digest any cell foreign to the body but will not harm normal body cells. Pancreatic enzymes taken by mouth escape digestion and are absorbed intact into the system. The enzymes have survived boiling in hydrochloric acid at a temperature of several hundred degrees. Pig enzymes are most similar to humans and are the preferred source by some doctors. Beef enzymes are a close second.

[But how does this square with the fact that insulin cannot be effectively taken by mouth, and that cancer and diabetes are considered different diseases, without one necessarily implying the existence of the other? The first question is addressed later; the second is not addressed.]

Cancer is a failure of the pancreas to produce enough pancreatic enzymes to keep the daily growth of trophoblast cells in the body under control. All trophobasts originate in the yolk sac. They are now called STEM CELLS.

It appears as though the pancreatic enzyme is the ONLY bodily defense against the growth of malignant tumors arising out of the trophoblasts/stem cells scattered throughout the body. Other apparent cures are probably the result of the facilitation [by the supposed curative substance or procedure] of the pancreatic enzymes to do their job in digesting cancer cells.

Everyone grows malignant tumors in their bodies every day. Trophoblast Cells designed to form the placenta in every pregnancy are found scattered all throughout the body and when triggered into reproducing, begin to form malignant tumors.

Pancreatic enzymes “sniff out” these incipient tumors and digest them. Pancreatic enzymes do not attack and digest normal body cells.

This is why the fetal pancreas turns on so early in gestation. It helps digest the trophoblast cells of pregnancy which eat into the uterine lining to “prepare the bed” for the embryo. Those trophoblast cells are the same cells that form malignant tumors.

The true cause of cancer was announced in 1902 and published in 1911. It was later described as The Unitarian Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer.

The cause of cancer has been steadfastly ignored by mainstream medicine for an entire century because the cure has nothing to do with medicine nor drugs, nor heroic or mystifying procedures. Millions and millions of people have suffered and died unnecessarily because of criminal interference by organized medicine and the pharmaceutical industry, aided and abetted by government bureaucrats and the alphabet soup of bureaucracies, in particular, the NIH, CDC and FDA. xxx

If you are growing tumors and have been told you have cancer – unless you have the cancer of pregnancy [80-90% of which respond to orthodox drug treatments with Methotrexate etc.] your best chance for recovery is to begin pancreatic enzyme therapy and follow the protocol developed by Dr William Donald Kelley, the Texas orthodontist who rescued himself from pancreatic cancer. Dr. Kelley’s protocol is based upon the John Beard theory of cancer. There are many lay people scattered around the USA ready and able to help cancer victims to put the Kelley protocol to use.

The more affluent patient should contact Dr Nicholas Gonzalez of NYC. Initial fee $2800 with appointments scheduled at six month intervals costing $650 initially.

In reviewing the different approaches to cancer in alternative medicine one must keep in mind that anything that facilitates the effectiveness of pancreatic enzymes in the body will appear to be a cancer cure. For example, a sympathetic dominant, overly acid cancer patient with solid tumors who engages in a vegetarian based diet cure for cancer might achieve enough pH balance to increase the effectiveness of their pancreas and recover. On the other hand, a parasympathetic dominant cancer victim with lymphomas and blood related cancers might be able to effect the same result by resorting to an entirely different, meat based diet. The latter patient who tries to go vegetarian and eats lots of green salads etc. thinking that is the healthy thing to do will make matters worse.

Orthodox medicine attacks malignant tumors with poisonous drugs which add to the poisons that result from the tumor breakdown. This often overwhelms the system and the patient dies from the toxins released by the tumor breakdown plus the drug effects, plus their basic malnourished state and junk food diet. In my opinion, most cancer patients die from the medical treatment long before they would die of their cancers.

When using the proper therapy [pancreatic enzymes plus vitamins, minerals and essential food factors], the patient only has to contend with the poisons from the tumor breakdown. Coffee enemas that stimulate the liver help this process along and help the body to rid itself of toxins. The coffee enema was a standard in medical care for over seventy years and was used to rescue patients from toxic shock syndrome. It was originally used for pain relief during the Crimean war when supplies of painkilling drugs were exhausted. I have just been informed by Dr Kelley’s son that Pam MacDougall, a long time Kelley colleague uses infrared sauna for eliminating detoxification effects. As soon as I gather the material on this I will add it to this discussion.

Patients have to stop pancreatic enzymes [and their other nutritional supplements] for periods of time to enable their liver to clean out the toxins. Presently, patients stay on the protocol for up to 15 to 20 days and then rest for five days to enable to the system to cleanse itself of the toxic tumor breakdown products.

During the five day abstention from the vitamins and enzymes of the protocol - purges, liver flushes and “clean sweep” techniques are used to help clean out the body.

The bigger the dose of pancreatic enzyme the greater the destruction of the tumor masses.

The greater the destruction of the tumor mass the worse the patient feels.

If you are treating yourself for cancer with pancreatic enzymes and don’t feel bad, one of three possibilities exist:

1. you are not taking enough enzymes

2. your tumors are very small

3. something is blocking the effect of the pancreatic enzymes.

This latter point is one of the most important guidelines for the recovering cancer patient.


1. John Beard’s reprint advertised on this website.

2. The Immortal Cell by Gerald B Dermer who spent half his adult life as a cancer researcher. He describes cancer research as, “…a scientific and medical scandal of the highest order...a tale of poor science and the pressures that induce cancer scientists to do unsound work.”

3. A New Approach to the Conquest of Cancer, Rheumatic and Heart Diseases by Howard H Beard, PhD [no relation to John Beard] Note: I listened to Dr Beard lecture in 1973. He claimed that he had some tumors growing in his bowels and when they got too big he just stopped the donuts and took some pancreatic enzymes. He told this story in a humorous, joking manner when asked about his personal diet but it was my opinion that he was serious about the tumors in his bowel. Howard Beard recommended the urine pregnancy test as a cancer diagnosis since anyone with HcG in their urine had to be pregnant or have cancer. Back in those days we were doing pregnancy tests on males to help diagnose cancer – everyone thought we were crazy.

4. One Answer to Cancer By Dr William Donald Kelley. Dr Kelley explains why no one can cure your cancer and that you have to do it yourself. He gives you the guidelines to accomplish the task. It helps to have someone knowledge to help you along the way. The nutritional treatment of cancer is a full time job and the patients need lots of help. For example, using the Gonzalez enzymes require up to 96 capsules of pancreatic enzymes a day in six divided doses with one dose between two and four AM at a time when the body is most alkaline. Pancreatic enzymes work in an alkaline environment.


Cancer patients call Kelley’s health food store in Texas. College Health Store

410 Lution

Weatherford, Texas


Tel 1-888-477-3618 toll free from within the USA, or 1-817-594-0705 outside USA. Fax number is 1-817-594-1471.

Ask for the nutritional catalog that contains the pancreatic enzymes and other nutritional items necessary to comply with the Kelley cancer treatment protocol. ALSO ASK FOR A COPY OF THE NUTRITIONAL PROTOCOL FOR YOU TO FOLLOW.

Call 1-888-477-3618 toll free and order Dr Kelley’s SELF TEST and take it from there, he will recommend the specific nutrition for each metabolic type after you complete the comprehensive (2 to 3 hours) questionnaire cost is only $19.95 for the SELF TEST. [call 1-817-594-0705 if you are out of the country] If you are not a do-it-yourselfer call Dr Gonzalez in NYC 1-212-213-3337. For quick urine testing in the USA, and for periodic testing to evaluate the continuing effectiveness of your protocol call AMERICAN METABOLIC LABS in Hollywood Florida., 1818 Sheridan St., Hollywood, Florida 33020. Dr. E.K. SCHANDEL, M.A, Ph.D., M.D., FACB, Clinical Lab Director. 954-929-4814/4895, fax 4896. [added Feb 28, 2004] To draw tumors out through the skin learn about BLOOD ROOT SALVE – a registered pharmacist faced with brain surgery for a tumor decided to take the alternative approach and discovered Blood Root salve. He put the salve on his neck and drew the brain tumor down through the lymph and out through the skin. Thousands of patients have literally sucked tumors out of their bodies by using Blood Root Salve. When coupled with the Kelley nutritional program cancer cure rates should approach 100% depending upon condition of the patient when proper therapy is finally begun. Call Larry Rawdon 1-800-726-0662 – the registered pharmacist and request help with the Blood Root Salve, it’s available for less than twenty dollars at this writing! Also call Janetta Alford 1-615-849-9766 and get her first hand description of pulling fourteen tumors out of her body with Blood Root Salve after being diagnosed with breast cancer and being given the death sentence. She states, as others do, that the salve acts like a magnet and literally pulls the tumor out through the skin. Rawdon described how his tumor was connected to tentacles that allowed the tumor to drop out of the skin while still connected. It took several days for the tentacles to withdraw completely and drop the tumor free of the body. He claims that he didn’t try to rush it and just kept applying the salve on the top of the tumor. I personally treated a woman for several years who used the salve and pulled over a dozen tumors out through her breast – she finally succumbed due to lung surgery [surgical removal of one lung] prior to finding out about the alternative methods. Alford and Rawdon are available to help To receive two tapes on the use of Blood Root Salve call Tom Kohler at 1-814-723-6383 and order tapes #456, 05-13-04 on Blood Root by Larry Rawdon, and tape #457, 05-20-04 on Blood Root by Janetta Alford. [both tapes recorded during doctors second opinion conference] TAPES ARE TEN DOLLARS EACH. Ask Tom about other tapes that are available on AUTISM, Alzheimer’s etc. Tom’s address is 16 Park Place Warren, Pa 16365. A new addition to the Kelley protocol is the use of Beta Glucan to assist in overcoming inhibition of pancreatic enzymes by toxic metals etc. Call Tom Kohler for a source of Beta Glucan and identify yourself as doctor or patient – he will make the Beta Glucan available to you.


The remarks herein are also supported by the study published in the peer reviewed journal, Nutrition and Cancer vol. 33, no.2, 1999 (June). The question of the effectiveness of ORAL pancreatic enzymes was finally settled and reported in 1965 in the J of Exp Med. Initially, investigators thought that pancreatic enzymes could not survive digestion and exert their effects on cancer cells after being absorbed through the digestive system. This was found to be untrue. Pancreatic enzymes survive the digestive process and then go about their business of digesting cancer cells – regardless of their location. This was demonstrated on a strain of lab mice that routinely develop and die of cancer within six months. When these mice were placed on pancreatic enzymes, 100% of them survived and lived out normal lifespans! – 100& of the controls, fed the usual rations, died of cancer as usual.

The great nutritional genius of the 20th century, Dr William Donald Kelley has been completely vindicated and should be nominated for a Nobel prize for giving the public a totally effective cure for cancer that requires no outside help, no poisoning, cutting or burning (chemotherapy, surgery, X-radiation) and can be done at home.

This article should also serve to expose the chicanery of Chris Wallace with his latest ABC “Primetime” show (Jan 2002); the criminal activity of the major news networks; the curious activity of Stephen Barrett, known as the chief “quackbuster” for organized medicine; the destructive and misleading activities of Tony Fauci and gang at the CDC/NIH; and all the medical quacks practicing orthodox medicine and those churning out useless, junk-science based “scientific” papers at the public’s expense. This latter group was properly exposed by Gerald B. Dermer, a cancer researcher who spent a good part of his life doing cancer research and then dropped out to expose it as a colossal fraud. Read his book, The Immortal Cell: Why Cancer Reseach Fails.

Any MD with common sense and the power to think for him/her self who has practiced orthodox medicine five or more years eventually realizes that they’re doing more harm than good. Some of them then begin to look around for a less harmful approach – often ending up in non therapeutic activities such as radiology, psychiatry etc. I have been told this over and over by MDs I have met over the years.

In 1973, this writer taught a seminar on the Kelley nutritional treatment of cancer to a group of Chiropractors in Tallmadge, Ohio, at which time I was called a quack by some of my colleagues and threatened with de-licensing etc. The techniques that I taught at that seminar, while based upon the fundamental idea of John Beard as interpreted by Dr Kelley, have been perfected over the years by Dr Kelley and Dr Gonzalez and now represent statistically, by peer reviewed study, the best approach available for the cancer patient. This is regardless of the type or location of the cancer with the possible exception of the cancer of pregnancy.

A case by case approach based upon biochemical individuality is now being used by Nicholas Gonzalez MD, in NYC and others. Effective biochemical and other forms of screening, individualized diets, physical examinations, nutrient supplementation and special detoxification techniques have now been formulated into the best approach to cancer in history. The treatment of cancer is now highly successful.

The established protocols have been demonstrably successful with pancreatic cancer. Gonzalez in NYC has published the results of the effectiveness of the nutritional approach to cancer which far exceeds anything available in the orthodox approach in most cancers [see choriocarcinoma below].

Julius Cohnheim (1839-1884) described the embryonal rest theory, surmising that when the embryo is formed, an excess of germ cells are formed which later, subjected to certain environmental stimuli, can multiply out of control. The result would be cancer if it were not for [as later discovered by John Beard] a properly functioning pancreas producing the enzymes necessary to keep such growths under control.

These germ cells, called trophoblasts by John Beard are none other than the STEM CELL of modern research. They originate in the yolk sac and migrate to all sections of the body where they become the “seeds” for future tissue growth depending upon their location.

Cohnheim’s idea had to wait for the Scot, John Beard to figure out the connection between the pancreas and cancer. Beard observed that the developing embryo is immediately surrounded by a layer of trophoblasts which eat into the lining to prepare a nest for the developing egg where they continue to multiply until the day the fetal pancreas turns on. Trophoblasts are wild and wooly cells, primitive and undifferentiated parts of the placenta and if unchecked by pancreatic enzymes, become the most rapidly destructive cancer, choriocarcinoma. Orthodox drug therapy is effective in 80-90% of choriocarcinoma via the use of Methotrexate and other drugs [Dr Gonzalez, pers comm.].

At a certain time in the development of the embryo, the seemingly unchecked growth of these cells would abruptly stop at a specific day in every species observed by Beard. This led to his theory that perhaps the use pancreatic enzymes would be effective in the treatment of cancer since it was these very pancreatic enzymes that digested and eliminated the potentially cancer forming trophoblasts of pregnancy.

Beard gave us the answer to the DIRECT cause of cancer – it has been kept out of sight, ridiculed and ostracized by organized medicine ever since he reported his findings in 1902 (Lancet 1:1758) in an article entitled The Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer.

In 1911 Beard published a book, “The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer” and shortly thereafter, forty clinics in London, England were busily treating cancer with crude pancreatic enzymes. Another investigator named Beard (Howard Beard) later proposed that urine Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, (hCG) was a sure fire indicator of cancer. [A hard copy of the 1911 book is available from this website]

hCG is the molecule used in pregnancy tests to establish pregnancy. hCG also indicates the presence of malignant cells. hCG in the urine indicates one of three possibilities: a pregnant female, a male with cancer, or an un-pregnant female with cancer.

HCG is a negatively charged glycoprotein hormone (a “sialoglyocprotein”). Howard Beard developed the “Anthrone” urine test to detect hCG in the urine as a specific pathognomonic sign of cancer except in the pregnant female. The pharmaceutically supported establishment criminals in government bureacracies have managed to keep this information under the rug until 1992 when Acevedo’s research was finally published in the establishment mouthpiece for cancer, the journal Cancer 1992;69:1818-28 and 1829-42 finally published the truth along with Cancer Det Prev 1995;19:37. The chief investigator said, “hCG, the hormone of pregnancy…is a common phenotypic characteristic of cancer.”

In another study The Michigan State Department of Biomechanics reported 96% effectiveness in the Furda Biochemical analysis ability to predict cancer based on protein electrophoresis analysis. (pers comm. H.Eidenier Jr). In 1994 Krichevsky reported that ALL cancer cells express hCG in all its forms including the related human luteinizing hormone (Endocrin 1994;135:1034-39).

So the truth is finally out officially. In 1942 Ernst T. Krebs Jr rediscovered Beard’s thesis and history and in July 1950 they published an article in the Medical Record entitled, “The Unitarian Trophoblastic Thesis of Cancer.” Krebs stated, “cancer is trophoblast in special and temporal anomaly, hybridized with, and vasularized by, hostal or somatic cells and in irreversible and fiercely malignant antithesis to such.” (Townsend Letter Feb/Mar 1993 p175).

Krebs co-discovered Laetrile (Vitamin B17), found especially in apricot kernels. Vigorous nutritional therapy has been responsible for deaths attributed to too rapid breakdown of tumors that release overwhelming toxins into the body. Underactivity of the Liver would contribute to such deaths and this is the reason for the insistence on the use of coffee enemas on a daily basis by patients on the nutritional cure of cancer to insure Liver breakdown of the highly toxic products of tumor breakdown.

Dr Kelley cured himself of pancreatic cancer by simple, natural means. Although his approach was only about thirty per cent effective in the very beginning because he used a strictly vegetarian approach, he quickly found out that other methods had to be brought into the equation.

Kelley had the will to perform the thousands of painstaking studies on the effects of the various vitamins, minerals and essential food factors necessary to figure out an effective protocol for all the metabolic types. The Kelley approach is being successfully used by Gonzalez in NYC [greatly improved as new products are discovered and developed]. The protocol is practically a guaranteed success for those who use it properly. [Any patient who has been given six months to live stands a good chance of full recovery]

The nutritional treatment of cancer is based upon John Beard’s trophoblastic theory of cancer which includes the use of pancreatic enzymes and detoxifying methods including the liver flush and coffee enema. The use of detoxifying methods are absolutely essential in all cancer patients and is lifesaving in some due to the enormous amount of toxins released from tumor break-down. Many cancer patients thought to be dying of cancer drug effects are in fact dying from the poisonous products of tumor breakdown. If that is not detoxified by coffee enemas and liver flushes, the patient will often die even though the signs of cancer [tumors] are disappearing in their body.

Basically the nutritional approach to cancer involves the use of large amounts of pancreatic enzymes, diet tailored to the individual biochemical needs of the patient and the rigorous use of the coffee enema, liver flushes, special detoxification techniques and purges.

The quackbusters who have been ridiculing the coffee enema are referred to the Merck Manual from 1898 to 1977. Coffee enema is recommended in that prestigious medical manual.

Medical literature reveals that coffee enemas have been used in hospital emergency situations for conditions as serious as septic shock and was first used by nurses in the days of Florence Nightingale. Nurses treating wounded soldiers ran out of hashish being given by enema to control pain. One of the nurses noted the coffee pot on the stove and suddenly was inspired to use the brown coffee which resembled the hashish, in an attempt to achieve a placebo effect on the soldiers. The coffee enema turned out to have a better effect on pain than the hashish, due to its effect on flushing the gallbladder and draining the liver.

The treatment of cancer is a do-it-at-home approach and is a full time job. Minimum enemas per day is usually two and some patients require as many as six to eight. Coffee enemas using strictly fresh ground ORGANIC coffee are necessary along with the consumption of as many as 180 vitamin tablets per day depending upon the severity of the situation. Cost is estimated at one twentieth of the cost of orthodox medical treatment, most of the latter of which ends up killing the patient. Hardly anyone dies of cancer these days, most people die from the medical treatment.

One thing is certain, the NUTRITIONAL, NATURAL cure for cancer is available. Those in government positions who continue to support the drug oriented orthodox medical approach to cancer while suppressing information vital to the public health and welfare should be identified and brought before a jury and tried for crimes against humanity in accordance with the principles laid down at Nuremberg. There is no question in my mind that if this were accomplished properly, many of the leading figures in our government bureacracies today would be found guilty of villainous acts against the public good.

The number of people victimized by the Nazi medical crimes pale in comparison to the numbers of innocent victims in the USA today who are dying from medical quackery being rendered by doctors practicing orthodox medicine. This is particularly true in regards to those being treated by the deadly drugs used for AIDS, a myth similar to fictional epidemic [SMON] in Japan during the fifties and sixties when doctors killed over 11,000 people while the medical quacks searched for a mysterious, non existing virus as cause of the doctor induced deaths. It is high time that we examine such activities and treat them for what they are, crimes against humanity for profit. Every year thousands of Americans are dying at the hands of modern medicine.

The situation is totally out of control and has now reached mind boggling proportions.

The makers of Bayer Aspirin just admitted to killing over 80 Americans with a useless cholesterol drug being commercialized to improperly influence the elderly who do better with higher cholesterol levels!

Every member of the orthodox medical fraternity and every person who benefits from tax supported medical research resulting in the propagation of destructive propaganda from orthodox medicine are equally guilty. These co-conspirators should be brought to trial and tried under principles laid down at Nuremberg.

The NIH and the CDC especially, are a plague on humankind and causing more deaths, ill health, maiming, and unnecessary business losses [Mad cow, Hoof and Mouth insanity etc], than all of the wars of history and will continue to do so until a public consciousness is awakened and proper actions as suggested herein are put into effect.



1. Cancer patients call Kelley’s health food store in Texas.

College Health Store

410 Lution

Weatherford, Texas


Tel 1-888-477-3618 toll free from within the USA – you usually have to leave your name and number and request and people at the store will call you back. If outside the USA use 1-817-594-0705. Fax number is 1-817-594-1471. Ask for the nutritional catalog that contains the pancreatic enzymes and other nutritional items necessary to comply with the Kelley cancer treatment protocol. ALSO ASK FOR A COPY OF THE NUTRITIONAL PROTOCOL FOR YOU TO FOLLOW.

2. Call 1-888-477-3618 toll free and order Dr Kelley’s SELF TEST and take it from there, he will recommend the specific nutrition for each metabolic type after you complete the comprehensive (2 to 3 hours) questionnaire - cost is only $19.95 for the SELF TEST. [call 1-817-594-0705 if you are out of the country]

3. Dr Kelley recommends the Navarro urine test to diagnose the presence of cancer. The telephone number for the Navarro clinic, [long distance to the Philipines] is 011-632-714-7442 or 847-359-3634. Also call Lorraine Rosenthal director, Cancer Control Society at 323-663-7801 for further information. Anyone taking the urine test for cancer must abstain from pancreatic enzymes for five days.

4. If you are not a do-it-yourselfer call Dr Gonzalez in NYC 1-212-213-3337. My advice for those calling Gonzalez – if you do not appear to be fully committed to his therapy you probably won’t be accepted as a patient.




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