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Experiences in the Use of
Colloidal Silver

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"Being a man, I didn't think that I could get a yeast infection . . . wrong. I got a good one from my wife several months ago. She was in her first trimester of pregnancy and, for obvious reasons, could not treat her yeast infection. I picked up the nasty stuff from her and believe me, it's nothing to mess with - bad stuff, down right nasty! There's no way I was going to see a doctor. At least, not if I could help it . . . I looked up 'Yeast Infection' on the web and soon discovered Colloidal Silver. I bought a quart of 3 ppm solution and, 'Pow' - no more yeast infection! Best of all, no getting work off to visit the doctor, no office co-pay, no prescription co-pay, and no one knows I ever got the nasty stuff - my 'pals' would NEVER have let me live it down!   Bonus: It's working small miracles on my athelet's foot and toenail fungus too! Nothing over the counter has even even made a dent in them, but the silver is doing great thus far."

Annonymous, Northern Utah             

"When I started wearing a short sleeved shirt this June while repairing a fence, I received quite a sunburn on my forearms. I liberally applied the colloidal silver to the sunburn and let it dry. All of the burning feeling was completely gone within several minutes. Also I was getting quite a few pimples under my glasses over the bridge of my nose because of the heat. After rinsing my face with the colloidal silver once a day for three days, they have all cleared up and haven't come back!

"For about 9 months I have had a cough with other cold symptoms. I had been to the doctor time after time for different antibiotics and medicines, none of which helped. After purchasing your generator and using the colloidal silver water, in two weeks all of the cold symptoms have cleared up completely."

Maria J., Oregon             

"My face has really cleared up since applying colloidal silver water to it once a day. I always have acne with pimples and since using the colloidal silver water my facial complexion has really cleared up!!! When I apply it to my face, I pour a little in my hand and rub it on my face, when I do this it gets on a wart that has been on one finger for quite a while, and the wart is really getting smaller!"

Matt N.             

"For years I have had a wart and scaly skin condition on my left shoulder and warts on my back. When I would ask doctors about it, it looked so horrible they wouldn't even touch it. They gave me different medicines to try, none of which worked. So earlier this summer (1995) I started having my wife moisten them with colloidal silver that we were buying. This started clearing them up gradually. The first part of this past November (of 1995); I started using the colloidal silver that I made with this generator. Since then the warts are going away and the skin is clearing up much faster. Also I put about eight ounces of the colloidal silver that I made in our spa. The water stays much fresher with fewer chemicals. (Which same chemicals can be absorbed through ones's skin!) I have found that when I get in the spa since putting this colloidal silver in; that these warts actually get a slight tingling sensation in them."

C. J., South Dakota             

"I have a pet cat that started throwing up everything it ate. Upon taking it to a veterinarian, it was found to have swollen intestines and the foods couldn't pass through properly. So the vet gave me antibiotics which were supposed to help. He also said I would probably have to put it on steriods after using the antibiotics up. Steriods when used on cats cause feline leukemia. When the antibiotics were used up the cat was still throwing up frequently. So I started giving him some colloidal silver several times a day. Now he is getting better and rarely throws up after eating."

C.M., Iowa             

"My son had ringworm on his arm. I had him apply colloidal silver water to the ringworm three times a day. In three days, it was gone. Also after feeding colloidal silver water to our pets they are more alert and gaining weight on the same diet."

M.W., South Dakota             

"My nephew started coming down with pink-eye and his eyes were getting matted and draining. That evening he rinsed his eyes with colloidal silver water. The next morning he rinsed them again with the colloidal silver and the pink-eye was completely cleared up!!"

T.M., South Dakota             

"Colloidal Silver Water has made a very positive effect on my bowels as I did have diverticulitus surgery and approximately 11" of my colon has been removed. Also I had severe muscle pain across my arms, shoulders and back while lying down; which caused severe sleeping problems. Within a week of taking the colloidal silver water, I no longer have this problem and can get a comfortable nights rest."

Gregory A., Minnesota             

I have already purchased my CS-300B Colloidal Silver Generator and am most pleased with having it here. I have given your name to several friends who have come begging for CS and told them of the great deal you offer.

I can attest to the many healing properties of Colloidal Silver. I have used it on myself, my dogs, cats and horses! All with spectacular results. I can give you specific instances: I had a staph infection under my fingernail that despite 2 operations and 3 months of antibiotics that would not heal. One overnight soaking with a cotton ball full of CS and it opened, drained and was completely healed in a few days.

Our Setter (English) was horribly attacked by a pack of Rottweilers - over 300 bites and one wound required 80 stitches to close. He developed an gangrenous type infection in one of the bite sites and the vet had really given up all hope that the dog could survive the severity of the attack,. I began infusing CS into the wounds and given him a couple of teaspoons to drink daily and he recovered in no time.

We use it on cuts that our horses get on the legs when playing and getting into to trouble - in no time the cuts are scabbed over and healed without a scar.

Hoped this helps you, Phil. I drink it everyday and am now using it in my jet nebulizer taking the vapors directly into my lungs. I have a rare form of genetic emphysema that is quite severe. My docs and nurses shake their heads when they listen to my lungs and hear how well they are working! Need I say more?

Some say the placebo effect is responsible for the "cures" of CS - how do you explain it in all of our animals?

In Good Health,             

Darcy Donahue             
Bruington, VA.             

Testimonials from users are for your information only and are not meant to imply that you will experience similar benefits or results. Reports on the value and the benefits derived from the use of colloidal silver are subjective. There are many individual health factors and metabolic differences in users. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated this page's information. Nothing stated here should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem. You should consult your health care professional for individual guidance for specific health problems.
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Updated: December 14, 1998