Hi Guys
Things are hotting up around the world...who knows who is spreading Bacteriological weapons.....Foreigners are bringing in Aids, TBC, Hepatitis etc etc.... soon you will have to help yourself...heres one of the best methods.

I've attached a scan of  a colloidal silver maker....a small owner run factory that might save your life.
PARTS required:
1)  Two pure silver wires (Cost about $Aud 18.-   for both)
2)  3  9volt Batteries
3)  2   crocodile clips  
4)   Glass of PURE (NOT Mineral)   Water
5)   Piece of Plastic/cardboard that will hold the silver wires apart.

Put it together as in photo.... The Silver making Process must be done in the dark because silver reacts to light (thats why its used in making photographic film).
Once you put the wires into the WARM (not icy cold) water the process will start.  In 45 minutes its finished...you then pour your silver solution into a DARK BOTTLE (from Chemist) and you can;
a) Take sips throughout the day
b)  Spray the silver solution into open wounds, infected areas, (its even safe in eyes)

Normal Anti-biotics you get from a Doctor kill around 5-7  different Bacteria.
COLLOIDAL SILVER kills over 60 different strains of Bacteria