...Which perhaps explains why those people everlastingly sucking on
a diet soda seem so brainless!
Aspartame Destroys the Brain
It was originally developed as ant poison...
then someone noticed it was sweet!
> Subject: For Immediate Release: Norwegian Study on Aspartame, Abstract,
> January, 2002 Shows Aspartame Destroys the Brain Contact Betty Martini, 770
> 242-2599 Class Action:
From: "Ken Smith" <shining@voyager.net>
> Of interest is they say aspartame was made for diabetics whereas aspartame
> can actually precipitate diabetes, keeps blood sugar out of control,
> destroys the optic nerve and even can cause diabetics to go into
> convulsions.  It also INTERACTS WITH INSULIN.  Aspartame is as dangerous for
> diabetics as it is for pregnant women, as it is a teratogen and triggers
> birth defects and mental retardation.  All of this is explained in Aspartame
> Disease: An Ignored Epidemic, by diabetic specialist, H.  J.  Roberts, M.D.
> which even has a chapter on drug interactions, and aspartame interacts with
> just about every drug used to treat the problems it causes.
www.aspartameispoison.com or www.sunsentpress.com
> Dr.  Roberts position paper on aspartame and diabetes and hypoglycemia, and
> the Diabetic Journal of India, 16 pages on the dangers of aspartame to the
> diabetic, are on
www.dorway.com Please note that aspartame not only destroys
> the brain but especially in the area of learning which accounts for the
> global epidemic of ADD.  This is discussed in Excitotoxins: The Taste That
> Kills by neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, M.D.,
www.amazon.com Studies were
> also done on humans in South America and again showed aspartame destroyed
> the brain but the original manufacturer, Searle, did not publish the studies
> because they showed aspartame to be a killer in many ways with subjects
> having grand mal seizures and even in 18 months triggering astrocytomas and
> glioblastomas.  They also showed that aspartame destroys the central nervous
> system and hardens the synovial fluids accounting for the agonizing joint
> pain aspartame victims suffer from.  For all reading this please pass it
> along to saturate the globe.  Aspartame is also a GM product.
> Read on for the abstract.  Complete study to be translated soon.
> Betty Martini, Founder,
> Mission Possible International,
> 9270 River Club Parkway,
> Duluth, Georgia 30097,
> 770 242-2599
> Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 14:06:35 EST
> Subject: ABSTRACT of Norwegian Aspartame Study
> To:
> ABSTRACT Introduction: Aspartame (ASM) is a product that was originally made
> for diabetics,but today ASM is widely used by healthy people as artificial
> sweetner in manyfood products.
> Purpose: The main goal with this research was to see whether ASM was harmful
> tobrain cells (cerebellar granule cells).  We wanted to check if the damage
> to the neurons are connected to the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)-receptors on
> these cells.
> Procedure: Brain cells from 7 day old mice were used.  They were cultured in
> 24well dishes and different quantities of ASM were added.  After 7 days the
> cultures were analysed by two different tests: Lactate dehydrogenases
> (LDH)test, which gives a picture of cell death (LDH leakage to the medium in
> which the cells were cultured).
> 3-[4,5-dimethylthiazol-2yl]-2,5-diphenyltetrazoliumbromid (MTT) test, which
> can be used to analyse mitochondrial activity inliving cells.  To test
> whether the NMDA-receptor was involved in the damage done by ASM, the
> receptor was blocked by ()-2-amino-5 phosphonopentanocid (AP5). Results:
> Our results showed damage/cell death from an added quantity of 0,06mg/ml ASM
> each day for 4 days.  As a comparison there is 0,24 mg/ml ASM in Colalight
> MTT- and LDH-tests showed damage to the neurons at an added quantity of
> 1.5and 3.00 mg/ml ASM after 22 hours of incubation.  The results also show
> that ASMis in part acting through the NMDA-receptor because AP5 reduced or
> blocked the damage to the granule cells.
> Conclusion: In light of these results our conclusion is that in order to be
> on the safe side it should be warned against use of ASM as a food additive,
> maybe especially in products consumed by children, because NMDA-receptors
> and the synapses involved also are connected to learning.
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