American Anthrax
Using a Biowar Agent as an Area Denial Weapon

Copyright Joe Vialls, November 2001
     If misleading mainstream media hype is ignored completely, the current Anthrax attacks on America can be shown to be highly targeted exercises in area denial. By looking closely at which areas are being denied, and more importantly those that are not being denied, we stand a much better chance of identifying the attackers themselves. Area denial has been around since man first walked the earth, and in the beginning amounted to little more than excluding others from a private cave or dwelling, but as societies developed, this soon expanded to wholesale exclusion of “other” societies from villages, towns and so on. Centuries later individual societies developed internal no-go areas, for reasons varying from security to exclusivity.
      To understand the sophistication of the current Anthrax attacks, we first we need to look briefly at the history of area denial methods. Initially these methods were crude in the extreme, amounting largely to “scorched earth” techniques designed to prevent another society, nowadays called “the enemy”, from deriving anything of value from the designated area, including food, shelter, and even water. The same end result could also be achieved by laying siege to a fortress or other reinforced stronghold, by blockading its food and water supply routes. Ultimately those within the walls would starve to death of course, but the process took too long for some impatient invaders.
      Sometime during the Middle Ages, a really smart cookie thought up a method guaranteed to accelerate the process. Correctly surmising that fear was every bit as important as starvation, this particular invader loaded up his giant catapults with plague- infested rats, and fired them over the fortress walls. Within days, some of the defenders developed large black festering sores, and the rest of the defenders promptly and predictably panicked. Leaving the fortress in a rush, most were cut down by the invaders with “healthy” arrows, pikes and swords, and the battle was over.
      This was the first documented account of a bio-warfare agent being used against a civil population for area denial purposes, but the method was crude in the extreme. Bubonic Plague is a terrifying weapon, able to spread like wildfire, and easily capable of infecting and killing the invaders as well as the defenders. So over the centuries that followed this historical event, successive teams of mad microbiologists searched for the “Holy Grail” of biological agents, i.e. one that could kill the enemy in controlled numbers, but not travel far enough to “loop back” and kill them as well. In the end the mad microbiologists found their biological Holy Grail and gave it a name: Bacillus anthracis, known to most of us through the media simply as “Anthrax”.
      Because the mainstream media has frightened the American public half to death with inadequate or inaccurate information, it is essential we understand what Anthrax is and what it is not, and what it can and cannot do. None of this is top secret information. Decades ago I attended the standard biological and chemical warfare classes, and wrote copious detailed notes on these weapons. Not that my country intended any of us to use such disgusting weapons on our enemies, or on our own people. Perish the thought, we were gentlemen down to the last man!
       The sole reason for stumbling around in bright orange biowarfare suits equipped with clumsy air bottles, was the perfectly rational political fear (?) that someone out there was going to use the weapons on us, and we had to be prepared. Back then in the sixties it was probably going to be the Russians who attacked us, or possibly those inscrutable Chinese. Nowadays the media would have us all to believe that the fanatical “Ayrabs” have exclusive ownership of the microbiological supermarket.
      Judging by the way the American media has presented the “facts” about Anthrax, members of the public could be excused for thinking that at least three different forms are lurking in dark alleyways waiting to kill them: First the pulmonary [lung] version that kills in hours, second the ingested [stomach] version that kills in hours or days, and last the cutaneous [skin] version that kills in days or weeks. This is pumped-up media rubbish. There is only one Bacillus anthracis, which attacks whichever part of the body it contacts, with varying degrees of success.
Next misconception is that anyone contaminated with Anthrax spores is going to die eventually. Again this is media rubbish. In reality, each Anthrax bacteria is contained inside a cocoon called a “spore”, and the practical deciding factor in the severity of the disease is the total number of spores the victim has been contaminated with. Keeping things at the simple level, a crude analogy is being hit by pellets from a shotgun blast. If you are hit by one or two small pellets, chances are you will make a full recovery. However, If you are hit by 300 or more pellets, survival could be very difficult.  In the latter case, whether Anthrax spores or shotgun pellets, the problem facing the doctor is similar, in that he lacks the drugs and equipment to deal with the catastrophic level of damage in a strictly limited time frame.
      This knowledge is extremely important, because it allows us to decode the mass of misleading information being provided by government and media, and focus on exactly who was hit the hardest. Forget the dozens of alleged Anthrax “hot spots” hyped up by the media in recent days, because most are very likely collateral damage caused by simple cross contamination. At best these more recent finds are only “warm spots”. To date, “seriously high” spore counts have been registered only in American media headquarters buildings, Capitol Hill, the State Department and its outlying embassies, and the Central Intelligence Agency.
      It comes as no great surprise to learn that these organizations, and these alone, worked in concert with banking conglomerates in the World Trade Center in terms of waging economic and physical war on countless helpless sovereign nations over the past three decades. We are not just talking about Iraq or Palestine here. To the list of those ruthlessly attacked economically in the past, we must add Russia, Britain, France, and many others.  Therefore in terms of real suspects for the attack on the World Trade Center, and the subsequent Anthrax attacks, I can only quote Israel Shamir: “It could have been anybody, and it was everybody.”
      The current low volume use of Anthrax is area denial at its most subtle. How would you feel if you had a job on Capitol Hill, or in the State Department, or an overseas embassy for example? Chances are you would not be happy. Opening a single letter would be a step into the dreaded unknown, and your overall efficiency would drop exponentially. Concentrating on your normal job of implementing globalist plans to bring yet another sovereign nation to its economic knees, would pale into insignificance compared with your personal safety.  
      Some of the more interesting potential targets
not attacked, are those agencies tasked with defending American sovereign territory against all terrorism regardless of origin. These include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).  So for the present at least, no area denial here, and folk at these agencies can go about their daily business unhindered by anxiety or pure panic in the mailroom and office. If the Anthrax attacks had been implemented by a bunch of “Islamic Extremists”, do you seriously believe they would have forgotten to post a letter to the hated Federal Bureau of Investigation?
     So far as I know, there have been four fatalities from inhaled Anthrax spores: one newspaper reporter, two postal workers, and one hospital worker. These deaths have served to confuse the American public even more, especially the apparently unrelated hospital worker. However, if we back up to the bit about the number of spores being the critical factor in the level of illness, we can unearth some seriously important clues.
      The most important clue here is the speed of the deaths, which all the best biowarfare handbooks confirm was brought about not by dozens of spores per victim, or even hundreds. For death to occur as rapidly as it did in all four cases, we are looking at thousands of spores inhaled by each victim. None of these deaths was the result of merely handling an unopened mailed envelope containing a few thousand spores total.
      Most likely possibility at this juncture would be that these victims were targeted purely to induce public confusion about distribution patterns. If this is the case, one method for individual targeting would be direct aerosol, but this would pose extreme risks for the attacker. The safest method would be by contaminated cigarette, ensuring the target received a lethal dose while the attacker received none.
      Finally it might be wise to look at future collateral consequences of these attacks, possibly induced by unwarranted medical treatment administered primarily to reduce the level of panic existing at present. Media reports indicate that hundreds of thousands of American are ingesting full courses of powerful antibiotics [with unknown long-term side effects] as talismans against catching the disease.
      In the long term this could prove lethal, as was the case with many thousands of American servicemen during and after the Gulf War, forcibly administered untested Anthrax inoculations and nerve tabs to “cure” disease or chemical attacks in advance.  This was the beginning of “Gulf War Syndrome”, which over the years was to claim the lives of nearly ten thousand servicemen, and main nearly one hundred thousand others. The US Government tried to deflect attention away from the untested inoculations vaccines and nerve tabs by claiming damage by oil smoke and/or depleted uranium, but ultimately this deception fell flat on its face. During 1996 I wrote the following report and sent it to the USA, eventually being credited formally by the Presidential Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses –
      “Carine, Australia (January 6, 1996). During late 1995, devastating new evidence on Gulf War Syndrome was released, providing strong scientific support for those who have long suspected Gulf veterans are suffering short and long term effects of unproven anti-bacteriological warfare inoculations and anti-nerve gas tablets, forcibly administered by U.S. Army doctors in Saudi Arabia.
      With thousands of U.S. veterans suffering from Gulf War Syndrome, it came as no surprise to learn in October that several hundred British veterans were suffering in the same way, with three to five new cases being reported every week. Like their U.S. counterparts, most were puzzled by the origins of the disease, which they initially attributed to exposure to oil-laden smoke in Kuwait, toxic dust from depleted uranium rounds fired by U.S. weapons, and possible contamination from expended Iraqi chemical shells in the area, fired before the Gulf War commenced.
In a startling break with tradition, one British military doctor stated that in her view, 99% of the problems could be traced back to the anti-bacteriological warfare "cocktail" inoculations, and anti-nerve gas tablets forcibly administered to military personnel in the Gulf region at that time.
       In an October 1995 broadcast of the ITN TV World News from London, she further explained that all British military personnel had been provided with the same untested and unproven drugs as the Americans, from the U.S. medical sources. To reinforce the point she was making, the doctor explained that the number of British personnel suffering symptoms correlated exactly on a per capita basis with the Americans. It was a controversial claim, but apparently lacking in substance.
      Shattering confirmation of her claim came eleven hours later when Australian Channel 10 television carried exactly the same story at 5 p.m., but with an extra piece tagged onto the end. The extra piece claimed that French military personnel in the Gulf region, numbering about the same as the British contingent, had been prevented from taking the "cocktails" and tablets on the direct order of the French Commander-in-Chief. The story continued that since the end of the Gulf War, not a single member of the French military has suffered from Gulf War Syndrome or reported any of its known symptoms.
       By 6 p.m. the same night, when the other Australian television networks ran their news broadcasts, the awesome story with its stunning implications had vanished from sight and was not run by any other Australian TV network. Nor was it reported in the Australian newspapers.
      For any scientist or veteran, the fact that the French should be completely clear of Gulf War Syndrome while the Americans and British are not, has huge and potentially horrifying implications. After all, the French at the same food, drank the same water, breathed the same air and trudged through hundreds of miles of the same desert. They also fired much the same weapons at much the same targets.
       So what were the additional environmental variables which made the French unique in their ability to completely withstand the deadly Gulf War Syndrome? The truth is there were none at all, save for the experimental American "cocktail" inoculations and tablets. To attempt to confirm this very short-lived story, the author contacted the French Military Attaché in Australia and inquired if it was correct that the French Commander-in-Chief forbade his own personnel the untested substances.
      The Military Attaché was happy to confirm this, and further stated that not one French soldier or airman has suffered since the end of the Gulf War. It seemed to be a subject of which he was very proud, and rightly so. Perhaps it is time for U.S. and British veterans to confirm the same points with their local French consulates, before taking a very hefty legal swing at their own governments.”
       The above report does not prove that the two antibiotics currently selected to “treat” non-existent Anthrax in anxious citizens will cause long term damage. But with the experiences of the Gulf War Veterans clear for all to see, only fools would ingest powerful antibiotics capable of wreaking havoc on their auto-immune systems.
       On a closing note it might be wise to remember philosopher Sun Tzu, who stated that the best  way to win a war was not to fight one at all.  Far better, Sun Tzu reasoned, to “induce a war from within.” Based on all the available evidence, that is exactly what is happening in America today.

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QUIZ: World Trade Center Building 7 was not hit by any debris when Buildings 1 and 2 collapsed, yet it completely vanished later that afternoon, accompanied by a loud explosion. Who destroyed the building and how? Hopefully the answer will be posted on this site within two months.