Gulf War Syndrome Caused by 'Drug Cocktail' Which Soldiers Were Forced to Take

By Joe Vialls


Excerpted from Joe Vialls' essay, American Anthrax Using a Biowar Agent as an Area Denial Weapon Nov 2001

For any scientist or veteran, the fact that the French should be completely clear of Gulf War Syndrome while the Americans and British are not, has huge and potentially horrifying implications. After all, the French at the same food, drank the same water, breathed the same air and trudged through hundreds of miles of the same desert. They also fired much the same weapons at much the same targets. So what were the additional environmental variables which made the French unique in their ability to completely withstand the deadly Gulf War Syndrome? The truth is there were none at all, save for the experimental American "cocktail" inoculations and tablets. To attempt to confirm this very short-lived story, the author contacted the French Military Attaché in Australia, and inquired if it was correct that the French Commander-in-Chief forbade his own personnel the untested substances. The Military Attaché was happy to confirm this, and further stated that not one French soldier or airman has suffered since the end of the Gulf War. It seemed to be a subject of which he was very proud, and rightly so. Perhaps it is time for U.S. and British veterans to confirm the same points with their local French consulates, before taking a very hefty legal swing at their own governments.” The above does not prove that the two antibiotics currently selected to “treat” non-existent Anthrax in anxious citizens will cause long term damage. But with the experiences of the Gulf War Veterans clear for all to see, only fools would ingest powerful antibiotics capable of wreaking complete havoc on their auto-immune systems. --Joe Vialls



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