A Strategy for Smallpox Vaccination Survival

By Henry Ayre


Date: 12/11/02

The threat of smallpox vaccination by the Madmen on the Potomac needs a more intellectual and subtle counterplan than simple refusal, it seems to me. Certainly, if you can refuse without being thrown in jail, having your home ransacked, losing your job, etc., all the better. But an alternate plan should be ready as well...

Let them!

So you dutifully march to the vaccination area and bare your arm. What sort of a plan is that? On the surface it looks like complete capitulation, doesn't it? But it really isn't because you know things they don't know. What you want to avoid are the effects of the vaccination, right? So you take the vaccination to appease these ignorant but powerful dictators, but you don't have any effects. (But you don't tell THEM that!) How does that work?

The Plan

Smallpox vaccination is not a needle shot, it's an infection induced on the surface of the skin which thereafter goes into the system. The virus is swabbed on the arm and there the skin is punctured - but only shallowly - by a tiny fork-like device. Since the Beasts on the Beltway want the whole world, the moon and stars to get this procedure you may be sure that all this is going to be done on an assembly line basis. It won't take long. You're in, you're out. And before you're in you've made some preparations, and after you're out you have some things to do as well.

Keep it Simple...

Vitamin C. When you see the vaccination wagon coming down the pike to reach you in several days to a week, begin to take at least 4 grams a day of vitamin C. Since there is no overdose for vitamin C you can take more than that. When the Big Day looks like tomorrow, start taking powdered golden seal every four hours. This is available at health food stores. It is extremely bitter and is also extremely finely powdered. Take 1/8th teaspoon at a time in a little fruit juice. This is a powerful natural anti-biotic. Again there is no upper dosage but the price will curb your intake... it costs about $150 per pound, thus you buy very little at a time. It's worth it!

Smile, don't wince!

The wonderful Big Day for Dictators has arrived. Act pleasant, as if you are thrilled at the Fedgovt's care for your frail pink little body. Smile, don't wince when your arm is abraded by this barbarian holdover from two centuries ago. Get up and walk, don't run, to the designated exit just as if nothing had happened. Then dive into the nearest private establishment, bar, restaurant, supermarket, etc. that has a Ladies and Gents. Go into one of the private areas with a door, peal off the bandage covering the poison on your arm, pull out of your pocket the small bottle of isopropyl alcohol you've been carrying there for several days (to get used to the idea) and douse your smallpox tattooed arm with this germicide. Put a clean bandage on your arm (also in your pocket for days folded in saran wrap) and soak it in isopropyl alcohol. Then put yourself together again, FLUSH THE TOILET, and leave. Don't forget to wash your hands at the lavabo before leaving. That's for show, of course.

Heat, and plenty of it!

The next part is very important. What you have done up to then is great and has probably prevented the smallpox virus from getting into your system. But maybe not completely. So how do you throw out this Federal government filth? You turn up the heat on it... literally. If there is a sauna nearby at a health club, spa, etc., get to it and take the mother of all saunas. To make sure you DO take the mother of all saunas, you use your oral fever thermometer. The object is repeatedly to raise your body temperature to 105 and stay there for 20 minutes. You will have to drink a lot during this extended process. Don't forget to add salt back to your body for all the salt you will lose during this time. But what if a sauna isn't available? Then fill your bathtub with water at 113 degrees, stay in it with just your face above water, again check your body temperature with a fever thermometer, then rest and sleep, then do it over again...

Show 'em the results!

I vaguely remember as a child getting a smallpox vaccination. If I remember correctly, it was necessary to show the vaccination a week or so later to make sure it "took." This time around it may be the same thing... or not. But just to be sure, get some makeup preparation that will create a nice "took" effect. After all, we don't want to disappoint the Government Ghouls after they have spent so much (of our) money on this project. The inspection of the scab is apt to be cursory at best, but do try to do a good job with the macquillage. You wouldn't want to go through this mess twice.

I am sure others can add to this, modify it, and discuss it. Have at it, people. Henri.



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