An electronics expert residing in South Carolina seems to be responsible for the health and well-being of hundreds, if not thousands, of people who were ailing from a diversity of disorders. Jimmy Scribner, involved in electronics since its infancy, began experimenting some years ago to develop a method of heating that would utilize its electrical power source more efficiently than traditional heaters. In the course of his work, he noticed a remarkable growth in an ivy plant that was near one of his experimental boards. When he moved the board near another ivy, the same phenomenon took place. Scribner tested the board and discovered it was producing free electrons. Further experimentation produced exceptional growth in a variety of agricultural items. He succeeded 'in growing a twenty-two-foot lima bean plant, which produced two bushels of beans during the summer of 1971. The plant won a blue ribbon in the "unusual vegetable" category. Most unusual.

The Earth Board may cause an agricultural revolution, but of greater importance is its effect on man. Scribner's wife, Doanda, had already had two operations to remove ruptured discs and was facing a third. Dr. Leslie Mayer, of Greenville, S. C., informed Doanda that the procedure might leave her permanently crippled. She was in such severe pain she decided to risk it, and a hospital bed was reserved for her. Feeling desperate and hopeless, Scribner prayed one night that something be put in his mind to help his suffering wife. And then suddenly he remembered what had happened to their pet cat. It had been born with paralyzed hindquarters. The gentle warmth of one of the test boards attracted the cat, and it made a habit of lying on the board. About seven weeks later, Jimmy noticed that the cat was beginning to use its back legs. Within six months, it was walking around like a normal cat!

It occurred to Scribner that if the electron-emitting board had helped a crippled cat, perhaps it was possible help Doanda. The boards he had were designed for plant growth, and he knew that the metallic particles in the board would have to be reduced in size to be in the same frequency range as the protons in the human cell. He used the smallest possible particles-ten to twenty times smaller than those in talcum powder-mixing them with carbon adhesive and then applying the substance to asbestos cement boards. The finished board, geared to supply electrons to the human cell, was slipped between Doanda's mattress and box spring five days before she was scheduled to enter the hospital. Each day there was less pain; after five days, she was able to go to the hospital under her own steam. Upon examination, the puzzled Dr. Mayer found the pain and swelling gone and so canceled her operation. Doanda returned home and improved steadily thereafter.

Since the time Doanda was benefited by the board invented for her, numerous others have testified to dramatic relief from back ailments, arthritis, acne, high blood pressure, diabetes, insomnia, hemorrhoids, Parkinson's disease, bedsores, loss of vision, fractures and sprains, tumors, nervous problems, kidney infections, strokes, and even cancer. It should be emphasized, however, that the boards should not be used as a substitute for competent medical diagnosis and treatment.

To understand precisely how the Earth Board works, one would probably have to be an electronics genius .like its inventor. But the principle is based on the fact that the human body is known to be a community of electrochemical cells. The flow of free electrons into a person's body activates all the cells and restores them to healthy condition. The inventor has said that if people would sleep outside on the dew-covered ground and take long walks in the rain, there would be no need for his device.

Almost all healthy people who have reported on the effects of the board have experienced an initial stimulation and energizing effect, so much in some cases that they are wide awake and refreshed earlier than their usual waking time. A few have reported needing more sleep for a short period of time until the body normalizes itself. After investigating the Earth Board, Dr. David S. Howell, of the University of Miami, concluded that there are no harmful side effects possible.

Researchers and scientists, including the notable Albert Einstein, have agreed that great breakthroughs don't result from cognitive reasoning as often as from the simple "aba"--a drowsy moment, a dream, a period of intense stress or joy, and aha! the solution comes. There are some few unique individuals who are termed psychic or clairvoyant, and who seem to be able to "tune in" at will to the level of the aha, and, spontaneously, that which needs to be known becomes known.

Rolling Thunder, chief medicine man of the Shoshone Indian Nation, has spoken of the electrical balance in the human organism. He attributed much of the ill health of modem man to artificial insulation from the earth caused by walking on sidewalks, riding in autos, living in high-rise apartments, et cetera. These barriers, according to Rolling Thunder, effectively disrupt that important balance and endanger health and well-being.

The famous "Sleeping Prophet," Edgar Cayce, often stated in his "readings" that the basis of all life is electricity. A respected interpreter of the readings frequently advises friends to discontinue use of rubber heels on shoes, reflecting the importance Cayce put on contact with the earth.



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