The Terry Schiavo Affair & The Case for
Retiring the Bald Eagle as National Mascot

By John M. King, MAEd

Birdman comment: John King is one of the Movement's upcoming Bright Stars. This beautiful, thoughtful and powerful essay is one of the best I have ever read.

For at least the past decade, coinciding with the beginning of my political awakening, I began to think that the current national symbol of America, namely the Bald Eagle, had become outdated and should be replaced with a lactating sow. With government spending and handouts to individuals reaching epic proportions, I likened the feeding piglets, each attached and suckling on a teat, to various constituency groups (ie. the black welfare underclass, farm subsidies, military contractors, Israel, etc) who are bought off or rewarded with the free milk (and honey) of an out-of-control ship of state. But recently I came to the conclusion that there is an even more apt candidate for national poster child and mascot.

In 1990 an attractive and happily married woman died as the result of cardiac arrest. Every memory, thought and feeling, that is, the essence of her life, died during the time in which her brain was deprived of oxygen. Her body, robbed of consciousness, carried on in its vegetative functions, only requiring artificial feeding. In the birthing process the placenta is commonly referred to as the after-birth. What has persisted in a hospice in Pinellas Park, Florida for the past fifteen years might aptly be labeled the after-death.

The Terri Schiavo of today is the proverbial bump on a log. For the past fifteen years, she hasn’t uttered a word. Not only that, she’s been in an irreversible vegetative state. Despite public statements by her self-styled “Christian” parents who would lead us to believe that she could recover if given the right therapy, the medical community is in almost unanimous agreement that her condition is permanent and irreversible. To be blunt and to the point, she is not a thinking, self-aware being like you or I but rather the empty shell of a beautiful young woman who took her last thought (no doubt of fright and panic) during the cardiac event. Many would consider it a sacrilege to use her tragic case as fodder for political critique but I whole-heartedly believe that there should be no subjects beyond debate. Having viewed pictures of her prior to being struck down, I am saddened by the plight of the young woman who was struck down in her prime of life. That aside, I will observe no veneration towards the mindless body, which she inadvertently left behind. I contend and will set forth ample evidence that the Bald Eagle should be retired as national mascot and replaced with Terri’s body. The Bald Eagle, proudly and mightily flying above the landscape, was a fitting personification of the dynamic Old America. Conjure up images of our westward expansion across the North American continent, the rise of industry, the building of the railroads, victory in numerous wars, the construction of the suburbs, landing a man on the moon, etc. In a similar manner I intend to show that Terri Schiavo’s body is likewise an apt personification of trends present in America of the early 21st century.

From a fiscal point of view, the continued life support of this comatose body is a testament to government waste, which has become rampant at present. The Greeks of old spoke of King Midas, who could turn any object he touched into gold. The Federal Government or Jewish Occupation Government (JOG) as some are fond of calling it, has what might be best described as a “reverse Midas touch”. That is to say, whatever social pathology which the government meddles in – poverty, drug abuse, crime, education - will never be ameliorated. Given the government’s dismal track record in combating the above social problems, it becomes obvious that this government only worsens such pathologies when it intervenes. Forty years after Lyndon Johnson launched his “war on poverty” poverty is more widespread than ever. To further compound the problem, the government allows thousands of poor people from Mexico and Central America to enter the country via our southern border every day. The “war on drugs” begun with Reagan is likewise a failure and now under an American puppet-regime Afghanistan has reaped its biggest poppy harvest in history. The failure of the American school system is so pervasive, that anyone who cannot see the destruction should be sent back to repeat 1st grade. Some would argue that the decline of American public educational infrastructure began in 1948 as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s verdict in the Brown vs. Board of Education case. President Eisenhower’s sending in the National Guard to forcibly integrate successful white schools in the name of ‘equality’ was only the beginning. A plethora of further examples could be cited but suffice it for now to say what every man or woman can plainly see: that government programs cannot solve complex social pathologies. This government destroys everything it puts its hands on. Indeed to make the analogy with Midas meaningful, we must say that everything this government touches turns to excrement.

One reason that elements of the political establishment have championed Terri Schiavo is that she epitomizes a dumbed-down citizenry in an almost iconic manner. Throughout history despotic rulers have always preferred an uneducated population over a savvy well-educated one. No wonder it was such a grave offense in the antebellum South to teach a slave how to read. With an elementary grasp of reading a slave might have been able to read a map or follow road signs north. An uneducated, semi-comatose population serves its masters well. It rarely questions the master’s demands. It has no idea that the grass is greener on the other side and lacks the ability to understand abstract concepts such as justice and self-betterment. Like the worker bees in a colony, a dumb-downed citizen is a compliant citizen. He’ll toil at his mindless job, gleefully fork over part of his income to the government as taxes and believe everything he sees on his Televitz. That’s precisely what the government wants. While no one is saying that Joe Sixpack, the average citizen, has been reduced to the intellectual level of an eggplant, the mindless vegetable as exemplified by Terri Schiavo is the end goal in the long term plan of our educrats whose present motto is “no child left behind”. Undeniably educational attainment as demonstrated in the case of our public (government) schools has slipped downward in the past fifty years with no sign of a turnaround. More than ever schools are turning out intellectually-dwarfed drones who will joyfully take up their ‘careers’ at McDonalds and Burger King. So that these young people don’t suffer a blow to their self-esteems, we should use Newspeak and refer to them as culinary technicians rather than burger flippers. With companies exporting jobs to the Third World at a fanatical pace, let them be content in knowing that it’s logistically impossible to outsource America’s junk food outlets and that their careers are safe.

In the case of Terry Schiavo, the government is most definitely involved. Every day her “life” is extended by artificial feeding is one more day that her nursing home will be billing Medicaid. We the taxpayers have payed more than a million dollars over the past fifteen years. And what have we got in return? Any nursing home operator would do everything possible to recruit patients like her. She’s the model patient. She never complains about her treatment, never refuses to take her medicine and never throws a temper tantrum. Despite her mother’s apparent bouts of hallucination, she never says anything. Other than feeding her through a tube three times a day, a few diaper changes and a bath several times a week, she requires little supervision or care. And other than keeping her alive – if we loosely define life as a beating heart – this treatment has not improved her condition one iota. Now certainly any reasonable person wouldn’t have a problem with this sort of treatment if her Christian parents mortgaged their house, liquidated their assets and footed the bill. But no, her holier than thou parents want us suckers out in TV land to pay for this useless treatment just for their own ego support. It would be an interesting exercise to ascertain how many similar brain-dead vegetables our government is supporting in this costly fashion throughout the nation.

Terry’s feeding tube, an innocuous clear rubber hose penetrating her umbilicus, is a conspicuously visible example of the government’s system of handouts. The racket being perpetrated by the US government is one of Marxist re-distributionism of money through heavy taxation from those who work for a living and keep the ship of state rely (barely) afloat to the pockets and in Terry’s case, the stomachs of the dead weight of this society. Decades of government handouts have split the American populace in half. Some refer to this sociological schism as the competition of the haves vs the have-nots but such an outdated expression is inappropriate here since America’s poor are the richest poor in the world. Visit any public housing complex (in reality a government subsidized Negro breeding colony) and you will see plenty of satellite dishes, hundred dollar sneakers, cell phones and late-model automobiles. In today’s America we simply have a classic case of parasitism ie. the Takers are sucking the blood of the Producers. With an ever-increasing percentage of the federal budget being allocated to payments to individuals, the Takers are asserting their dominance and biting down ever harder on the hand that feeds them. At the same time a program of psychological manipulation has long been underway in the controlled media and government schools to ‘soften up’ the Producers, lest they desire to keep their hard-earned money for their own families. Brainwash them into believing that they’re privileged and that it’s their moral obligation to support Tyrone, Tenisha and Terri.

Government policies contrary to the wishes of the majority of the public is a characteristic of this government in regards to the Schiavo debate. President Bush cut short his vacation to return to Washington to sign the hastily cobbled Congressional bill, which granted the Shindlers the exclusive right to appeal to a federal court. Yet nationwide polls have shown that roughly 70% of the American people are against federal intervention. This fact should come as no shock to anybody as this is the typical modus operandi of our self-anointed elites at the top. Likewise a hefty majority of the populace supports securing our borders – especially since we now have 10 million illegal aliens in the country (government estimate), the majority of whom are Mexico’s imported underclass. Our southern border is currently 2000 agents short of what President Bush funded. Don’t expect any change in the future since business interests (ie. the people who fund the campaigns of presidential candidates) want the Mexicanos here for the cheap labor. The more people there are to compete for jobs, the lower wages will drop. It’s simple economics. The phenomenon of having a government out of step with the governed can be seen in a myriad of other issues. As a further example one might point to our growing system of racial quotas at all levels of government or giving money away to foreign despots. Court-ordered integration of southern schools and school ‘busing’ to achieve ‘racial balance’ in big cities are classic examples from the past of how the government shoves extremely unpopular edicts down the collective throat of the citizenry. This sure doesn’t sound like “a government of the people, by the people and for the people,” as Lincoln is credited with saying but rather a self-aware entity much akin to HAL of “2001 A Space Odyssey” fame which mercilessly pursues the agenda of the self-anointed elite against the wishes of the common man.

With the advent of the Schiavo affair, the breakdown of intelligent political debate has now come full circle. This breakdown has been decades in the making and cannot be attributed solely to any person, historical event or institution. Most all of us – perhaps with the exception of the geriatric population – have grown up and lived our entire lives in a land in which the advocates of the political Left have constantly engaged in name calling and ad hominem vilification of their opponents. It is said in the controlled media that the word nigger as used in its traditional connotation is the most offensive word in the English language and dehumanizes black individuals. Leftist epithets such as racist, nazi, fascist, homophobe, white supremacist, sexist, etc have the same intended dehumanizing effect. The idea is to transform your opponent from a human being into a demon. The reasoning is that it’s wrong to kill a person but it’s always permissible to kill a demon. The following two sample sentences will demonstrate this phenomenon.

“John King is a law-abiding advocate for white racial self-determination.”

This sentence is very objective and descriptive of the subject. But Leftists, who are mixers by nature (a mixer being defined as one who advocates an end to racial differences and the amalgamation of the races) and openly hostile to the continuance of the White race as we know it, would more likely say,

“John King is a rabid nazi beast and wants to kill everyone who isn’t white.”

The first half of the sentence dehumanizes the subject. The second half is a fabrication meant to inflame the hate of certain constituencies toward the subject and to falsely assert that the subject is a threat to public security. All together this statement gives pseudo-license and moral justification to mentally-compromised individuals to commit violence or murder against the subject. The added effect of Leftist epithets is that they have the tendency to stifle or abort debate. The black man who is called a nigger will not quietly walk away like a dog with his tail between its legs. Quite the opposite will likely occur. Leftist epithets, on the other hand, frequently have the effect of turning adults into spineless jellyfish, which head to the nearest hole for cover. Case in point, our spineless Congressmen. Even though ‘conservative’ Republicans have held a decent majority in Congress for years, they have never attempted to dismantle our legally codified system of racial preferences. This is something, which the overwhelming white voter base of the Republican party has desired for decades. The Conservatives in Congress understand this but they’ll never lift a finger because they fear such a change in public policy would be instantly denounced as racist by Leftists everywhere. For the Left these epithets are the best thing to come along since sliced bread. They can mean whatever the user wants them to mean. But in most cases they have no meaning. They’re just a way to tar and feather your opponent without having to get your hands dirty in the process. Indeed, one contemporary philosopher has remarked that racist is just one man’s way of calling another man a nigger.

The breakdown of intelligent political debate has come full circle during the Schiavo affair. For the first time, people on the Right referred to the Left as ‘Nazis’. “Judge Greer is Hitler,” reads the placard of a Christian protestor. “People did this in Nazi Germany,” remarked Bro. Paul O’Donnell (any relation to Rosie?), a seemingly gay monk and ‘spiritual advisor’ to the Schindler family. Terri’s sister Suzie said, “She looks like she’s in a concentration camp.” Another protest sign read, “Hitler would have approved.” The real Hitler would not have flushed millions of Reichsmarks down the toilet to carry on this exercise in futility for fifteen years! All four of the above statements utilize the commonly-used logical fallacy of Reductio ad Hitlerum. When all else fails, simply say that what your opponent is doing something Hitler (allegedly) did or would (allegedly) have approved of. The word allegedly is italicized in the above discussion to point out that much of what we hear in the controlled media about Hitler and the Third Reich is outright fabrication. Comments made by the individuals show a clear ignorance of history, which is not the fault of the individuals themselves but rather our kosher media and educational system, which churns out lies by the barrel load on a daily basis. Much is to be said for teaching the history of the Third Reich and World War II in accordance with the facts as they occurred but that is beyond the scope of this essay. As a final thought, it seems strange to this writer that the mineral water industry has not come under attack from Simon Wiesenthal and his fellow vultures in the Holocaust industry. Mineral water, it is said, was the Führer’s drink of choice.

Up until this sad event the epithet “Nazi” had been the exclusive property of the Left, used to demonize those on the Right. With the advent of Schiavo affair we now are witnessing people on the Right throwing the term back at the Left. To see the Right throw back the mud, which the Left has tossed for decades, is refreshing if not downright funny. But what we are witnessing is the total degeneration of public civility and the death of intelligent debate. With both sides of the political spectrum engaging in name-calling our collective political conversation has regressed to the name-calling behavior of children on the playground.

The terms Left and Right should be approached with great caution. The wide use of the terms in the media would make one think that a huge philosophical cleft exists between the two dominant parties. The fact is that there is little difference between Democrats and Republicans aside from their election time rhetoric and promises. For reasons of honesty they should be lumped together under the name of Republicrats. The reality is that we live under a one party dictatorship. Elections nowadays are the equivalent of choosing between Coke and Pepsi or Exxon and Texaco. Despite whatever (empty) promises they make around election time you can rest assured that they all support ‘free trade’, open borders, racial preferences to non-Whites, unlimited immigration, giving tax payer money to Israel (approximately $6 billion last year), etc. Many would argue that the use of the terms Left and Right are merely a device used by the real powerbrokers -- namely that ethnic group which owns an estimated 92% of the newspapers, magazines and television networks in America -- to keep the American populace divided and at each other’s throats. It has been said that divide and conquer is the oldest trick in the book.

Government meddling through the passage of clearly unconstitutional laws is also evident in the subversion which Gov. Jeb Bush and the Florida State Assembly have so blatantly and publicly perpetrated. The above statement is by no means meant to single out the petty legislators of Florida for such egregious disregard for the Constitution. This is a phenomenon seen at all levels of government, especially at the federal level. As everyone – including the members of Congress – knows, the 10th Amendment gives to the States any and all powers not specifically granted to the Federal Government. Control over education is not granted to the Federal Government in the Constitution, yet the National Guard was used to integrate southern schools following the Brown vs Board of Education decision. President Carter created the Department of Education, the bureaucracy which oversees the educational dismantling of our schools. Congress routinely passes bills requiring local schools to follow its mandates. Education is just one area where the Federal Government has unconstitutionally usurped powers granted to State Governments. To Congress, the Constitution is seen as little more than a speed bump – just something to maneuver around. After Michael Schiavo, Terri’s husband, had his legal rights as Terry’s guardian affirmed by state courts and had Terri’s feeding tube removed the first time, the Florida State Assembly fell into a state of mass hysteria not seen since since the days of the Salem witch ‘trials’. Unhappy with the just and objective verdict of the courts, the legislature jumped in on this personal matter and cast asunder the so-called right to privacy. They collectively patted themselves on the back and produced “Terri’s Law” which was eagerly signed by brother Jeb. This law simply ordered that the feeding tube be reconnected despite the husband’s wishes. On April 5, 2000 “Terry’s law” was ruled to be unconstitutional. This came as no shock to the Florida legislators. As individuals of average or better intelligence they were always aware of the provisions of the Constitution of Florida. But the bottom line is that they don’t give a damn about what that Florida constitution says. Now Terry’s feeding tube – read: government umbilical cord – has been removed again. Two days into her “starvation” (March 20) as the holier than thou crowd call it, the US Congress burned the midnight oil and have readied a bill for President George Bush to sign which would give Terry’s parents the right to an appeal at a Federal Court. If the Federal Courts reject the appeal of the Schindlers (as they likely will) can we expect George Bush to send in the National Guard to the Pinellas Park hospice and forcefully remove Terri from the facility?

Terri Schiavo’s dependency on life support may be seen as a microcosm of this nation in general. Many would say that the United States itself is on life support. Rather than depending on a tube for our daily meal, the US relies for its survival and continuance on foreign dependencies. Without a constant influx of Arab oil our cars and the machines of industry would soon grind to a halt. Without cheap goods from China, which fill the shelves of your all-American Wal-Mart, consumer prices would skyrocket out of control. Without cheap domestic labor from Mexican illegal immigrants, slaughter houses and meat packing plants would cease production. Nobody would be harvesting tomatoes in Arizona or picking grapes in California. These are, as the media tells us, jobs that Americans don’t want to do. The sad fact is that the media may be right on this point. Lastly, we can’t forget the oldsters, you know, ‘America’s Greatest Generation’ as the controlled press calls them. Their whole financial livelihood is being kept afloat by a government program, which is no more than a Ponzi scheme. It’s called Social Security and it’s set to go bankrupt in 2041 – at least that’s what the government says. The generation of octogenarians who believe they “saved the world” during WWII will die with a fully-stocked refrigerator courtesy of Big Brother but their grandchildren, among them this author, will be left to fend and forage for themselves in the jungle of post-Social Security America. Perhaps if there is any moral to this story, it’s to say “Hell No!” to any self-annointed charlatan who lures us to “Save the World” or to “Spread Democracy” as the current occupant of the White House prefers to say.

Exploiting or creating emergencies has been a time-honored method of expanding the powers of government. By whipping the populace up into a state of hysteria and making them feel vulnerable to some outside force, governments are able to expand their powers with little popular resistance. The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11/01 provided the Congress the cover to enact the Patriot Act, one of the largest federal power grabs to come along in years.

The removal of Terri’s feeding tube was likewise portrayed by the controlled media as a sort of national emergency. With a battalion of news reporters dispatched to the Pinellas Park Hospice and the resulting 24/7 televised coverage of the Schiavo debacle, the atmosphere of hysteria had been created, where Congress felt it was safe to pass some more unconstitutional legislation. In Congress these efforts were lead by Congressman Tom DeLay, the Majority Leader of the House and a self-styled ‘conservative’ of the Republican Party. Alluding to the penny from Heaven which the situation had accorded him, DeLay spoke like a prophet, proclaiming, “One thing God has brought to us is Terri.” With American jobs being sent overseas and thousands of Mexicans streaming across our southern border daily like someone bashed open a pinata -- on the watch of Mr. DeLay and company -- it remains to be seen what he and his colleagues are actually trying to conserve. A future for White children, the rule of law, the separation of powers and the right to family privacy are concepts which he has demonstrated no interest in conserving. The effort to intervene was for sure a Republican ploy although Democrats caught up in the hysteria and peer pressure of the moment overwhelmingly supported it as well. Some political pundits were quick to point out that this whole exercise in legislative symbolism had less to do with Terri Schiavo than with keeping the ‘pro-life’ segment of the electorate squarely anchored in the Republican camp. In the days following the signing of DeLay’s legislation some courageous members of the media pointed out DeLay’s hypocrisy. So it happens that DeLay’s father was critically injured in 1988. He and his family decided not to put his father on kidney dialysis. His father soon passed away. On a more serious note it seems to this writer the height of hypocrisy that these Bible thumpers in Congress who are up in arms about a woman’s mindless body do nothing to protect millions of viable fetuses, which are legally aborted every year. If President Bush, Congressman DeLay and other aspiring dictators in Washington were sincere in their ‘pro-life’ rhetoric they should have long ago thumbed their noses at the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision and sent in the National Guard to close down every abortion clinic. Unlike the unconstitutional Congressional intervention we are witnessing in the Schiavo affair, putting the abortion industry out of business would be a much more popular endeavor as seen in the eyes of the public.

Our discussion of this Congressional stage act would be incomplete without the stunted wisdom of Tom DeLay. He justified his rejection of numerous court decisions against the Schindlers and his desire to circumvent lawful judicial decisions as the need to “save a life”. Despite the expert opinions of numerous neurologists in the Schiavo affair, DeLay arrogantly believes he is more qualified to make such an assessment. What are his credentials? A certificate in spiritual healing from the Falwell-Robertson online Bible College? Just when we thought we had heard it all, DeLay uttered his most absurd pronouncement: “She’s not a vegetable. She’s just handicapped.” Every handicapped individual reading these lines should be enraged that this man would have the gall to compare a handicapped individual with a mindless body on life support. To the handicapped of America, send all your rotten vegetables to the Congressman’s office!

As our discussion has made clear, all of the pathological political and social tendencies of modern America have been focused -- or rather have converged -- on Pinellas Park, Florida. The Terri Schiavo affair can be likened to an alignment of the planets for our purposes. In particular, we can see that Terri Schiavo’s intellectually vacuous body is the perfect metaphor for modern-day America. Both Terri and the old America we remember have been gutted of their souls. They are just empty vessels, vestiges of a greatness that is no more. Roll over, Bald Eagle.


At 9:05 am on Thursday March 31, two weeks after the feeding tube was removed, the body of Theresa Schindler Schiavo expired. The process of death, long delayed by years of frivolous lawsuits by the Schindlers and the illegal intervention of ‘caring’ politicians, was finally allowed to take its course. Tom DeLay threatened the judiciary for having ignored the will of Congress (forget the separation of powers enshrined in the Constitution) and then slithered back into his hole. President Bush said that millions of Americans are mourning Terri’s passing. But here in Newport News, Virginia the day ended just like it had begun. The millions of mourners must live in some other city or state or dimension. And if George Bush is mourning tonight, he’s only mourning the fact that he and his team failed to keep this political farce alive for another day.



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