Everything you always wanted to know about smallpox vaccinations, but which the Federal government and the Big Pharmaceutical corporations have refused to tell you.......
Do not put your hope in medical "care". You do not have to fear smallpox, even if you should develop it, as long as you immediately quit eating and go to bed and rest, drinking pure water only when thirsty...  the truth is that compulsory
vaccination was abandoned because more deaths were caused by the vaccinations than there were cases of smallpox...
It is pertinent that James Phipps, the eight year old boy vaccinated by Jenner in l896, died at the age of 20...
Smallpox ...{Just the thing to scare the sheeple!}
by Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano
Question: Why isn't Dr. Vetrano our Surgeon General???
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A dead disease is being resurrected. Now the media will have something
exciting to talk about everyday and to frighten the benighted American
public with. For whatever reason, the revivification of smallpox is
certainly on the current agenda.

Not too long ago Fox News showed us a picture of a man who was covered
with smallpox pustules on his arms, face, legs and abdomen. The pustules were
big, black, ugly, scabby and closely compacted. He looked like he was a
monster from some other world. It was enough to scare me, were it not for
the fact that I know that it was drug treatment that caused that ugly
picture and not the disease at all. The cause of those ugly marks was
carbolic acid that had been used to kill the supposed germ that caused
the eruptive rash.

Who are the terrorists? The pharmaceutical companies or the Taliban?
Because of what the terrorists may or may not do, the pharmaceutical industry
(the largest industry in the world), is gearing us up for mandatory
vaccinations, especially for certain people in areas that may be targeted by the
terrorists. The authorities claim that we will be safe from terrorists
attacks using the pox virus because there are adequate stockpiles of
cultivated smallpox viruses in Russia and in the USA to make most all
the vaccines "needed."

It is claimed by medical historians that the vaccination process wiped
out smallpox throughout the world. However, the truth is that compulsory
vaccination was abandoned because more deaths were caused by the
vaccinations than there were cases of smallpox. A slight of the hand
trick was used to foster the claim that smallpox was eradicated by the
vaccination practice. Everyone who had been vaccinated and who developed
smallpox was diagnosed as having chicken pox!

The doctors who were interviewed on recent television shows admit that
the vaccine may cause many serious side-effects and that a certain number of
persons will develop painful and sometimes lethal sequelae. Yet, they advise
that it is better to take the chance and be vaccinated in spite of these

Edward Jenner, a notorious fake and quack, is credited with having
"discovered" vaccination. However, it was a practice of many ancient
peoples long before his time. Savage and barbaric tribes in various parts of the
world practiced inoculation even before Jenner's time. It is conjectured
to have begun in India and then spread to Africa and Europe. Lady Mary
Wortley Montague, wife of the British Ambassador to the Ottoman Court in l7l7
introduced the practice to Europe. But, due to its proven evils, one of
which was an increase in smallpox in England, the practice was abolished
in l840.

It is pertinent that James Phipps, the eight year old boy vaccinated by
Jenner in l896, died at the age of 20. He had been re-vaccinated twenty
times. Jenner's own son who had also been vaccinated more than once died
at the young age of twenty-one. Both succumbed to tuberculosis, a condition
that some researchers have linked to the smallpox vaccine. (Eleanor Mc Bean,
The Poisoned Needle, 28,29,66 ).

According to the medical profession, smallpox or variola is an acute highly
infectious and contagious disease characterized by a specific rash.
According to past and present Natural Hygienic practitioners smallpox is
primarily a disease brought about by gastrointestinal putrescence.
Fermenting and rotting food in the intestinal tract enervates, and causes
increased digestive impairment accompanied by increased systemic

The toxins are from the absorption of the fermentation products formed
in the intestinal tract. Since those who overeat, especially on animal
products, are enervated, meaning they lack normal nerve function, all
the organs of elimination are functioning on a lower physiological level and
greater toxicity ensues. Toxins from decomposing animal foods are highly
irritating, so the body has to get rid of them quickly and must use
extraordinary means since the organs of elimination are not functioning
well. Therefore, the poisons are carried by the blood to the skin and the
body eliminates them in various forms of skin eruptions.

Smallpox is about as contagious as stumbling over a rock. Dr. Herbert M.
Shelton slept in the same bed with his brother while the latter was in the
so-called infectious stage with vesicles all over. Yet Dr. Shelton did not
develop smallpox.

Smallpox begins with the same symptoms that many acute diseases do; such
as chills, fever, backache, and vomiting. This is indicative of a common
cause and a common way to deal with the cause. The body is a magnificent
ecosystem and when it finds abnormal and extraneous substances anywhere
within its domain, it creates a higher temperature, purposely, to overcome the
foreign proteins, toxic substances, viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms.
Whatever is upsetting the ecosystem must be corrected by the organism
itself. It needs no alien "cures." The symptoms should not be "cured." To
suppress these symptoms assures that some other worse problem will

Some substances, such as an excess of protein putrefactive products, are
so toxic that it is urgent to eliminate them immediately. The papular eruption
of smallpox is purposely created and chosen as the correct channel at the
time for the elimination of these types of noxious substances. Furthermore,
the body may not have the specific enzymes to biodegrade whatever it is.

Instead of being taken care of by the liver or the kidneys the body chooses
to eject them through the skin. Vicarious eliminations such as this are
often natural emergency measures.

Smallpox begins with chills, fever, backache, headache and vomiting. A
fever of l03 to l04 degrees F is customary. The high fever increases the
healing activities of the cells, and it is a most efficient way to accomplish
the needed detoxification. This means that the toxins are now out of the
functioning cells and in the blood near the skin. The body no longer
needs to speed up cellular metabolism in order to cast out the extraneous
substances and the fever subsides. In about two days the fever, and other
symptoms subside. This is when the inflammatory rash appears. It turns
into an elevation of the skin called a papule. The blister becomes dimpled or
umbilicated. The rash and the development of the papules indicate that
the irritants or toxic substances have been removed by the hyperactive,
feverish cells and carried to the skin to be cast out.

Next the little papules become vesicles, like a blister, except that each
papule has a little dimple in it. This is the so-called stage that is
supposed to be infective or contagious, should anyone touch the person
having smallpox. After the vesicles are formed, they may become pustules
filled with white blood cells if the individual is extra toxic. The white
blood cells are there to destroy the toxins in the vesicles. But, this stage
would never be reached if cared for Hygienically. The papules dry up and
form scabs that eventually fall off. When treated improperly they will
leave a scar.

It is pertinent to recognize that when the eruption begins, the fever
subsides. The patient would normally be on the road to recovery were it
not for the medications given by the doctor. Medical treatment however,
consists in using something that kills the microbes which they assume cause the
rash, so it has to be something such as a disinfectant that destroys cell
life. This is consistent with their medical dogma. Therefore, in the past, the
profession applied gauze that had been soaked in antiseptic solutions
such as phenol (carbolic acid) or bichloride of mercury ( aka mercuric
chloride and corrosive sublimate). Both these agents, carbolic acid and mercuric
chloride are corrosive.

After applying the gauze, soaked in either carbolic acid or mercuric
chloride, to the lesions, they were covered with more gauze. Being
tightly wrapped with gauze, the exudate from the vesicle or papule was retained
in the lesion and not allowed to drain away when it ruptured. Naturally,
bacteria are going to invade this lesion to clean up the excreted

This corrosive treatment also destroyed living tissues including the
protective phagocytic white blood cells and the surrounding skin and
subcutaneous tissues. A high second fever was urgently needed to once
again begin warfare on the extraneous poisons and the invading bacteria.

Either of the two corrosive drugs used can now ooze its way into the
vital domain and impede normal function of all the cells in the body; while
completely annihilating many. Ugly black confluent pustules mar the skin.
The rash gets worse. Vesicles turn into pustules. The pustules become
swollen and more inflamed. The inflammation around them spreads and the
lesions fuse together. These pathological effects were caused by the

It is clear that the condition worsens because of the treatment. The primary
symptoms, i.e. the fever, chills, headache, and backache were suppressed
by pharmaceuticals. The stifling of symptoms with medication prevented the
body from completing its job of cleansing, and increased the internal
toxemia. As a result, the umbilicated blisters with clear fluid in them became
pustules filled with dead and dying tissues and white blood cells. The change to
a pustule is the direct result of the damaging effects of medications whether
taken internally or applied to the skin. It is incredible that the physicians did
not recognize the lethality of their practice. But, then, they do not recognize it
today either. They are blinded by bygone theories.

These substances may have killed microorganisms but they also killed human
tissues and in reality caused the pustules and all the terrible
complications and symptoms thought to be caused by the germ. Let me
emphasize, the symptoms thought to be smallpox are symptoms caused by
the treatment. They were so yesterday just as they are today and always will
be in the future as long as we insist on clinging to the idea that disease
is something "caught" and that symptoms must be gotten rid of by unnatural
means. As long as we try to eradicate disease with anything, and
especially man-made chemicals, we will suffer more than if we merely put up with
the symptoms.

All the various treatments to kill microbes which are "causing" the disease,
are killing the patient. They are not permitting the body to eliminate
toxins or restore the blood and tissues to their normal healthy condition.
All treatments, no matter how benign they are claimed to be, impede the
recovery process itself. By using treatments of any kind and getting rid
of a rash by rash means, or to doctor it in any way, is the disastrous
blunder that causes horrible side-effects, more disease and even death.

Hemorrhagic or what is known as "black smallpox" is an even more serious
type of smallpox and the patient often died. Again, this serious type of
smallpox was directly caused by the cell-killing drugs. Pustules often
developed in the throat and mouth. When an acidic drug is placed on
living tissues, it kills them. The skin and mucous membranes are already
inflamed and are less protective than normal skin. Therefore, the destructive
acids can be absorbed and cause greater internal toxemia. Carbolic acid or
mercuric chloride caused the hemorrhaging of the skin and also
hemorrhaging into the pustule. Either of the corrosive drugs also destroyed the
kidney cells and caused bloody urine noted in many hapless smallpox patients.

There were also many serious complications of this type of treatment in
addition to the common ordinary ones that were erroneously thought to be
symptoms of smallpox, but we won't go into them now.

From time immemorial people have been frightened of disease. It was a
curse, an evil spirit, or evil demon that caused the problem. Also from time
immemorial people have thought it necessary to exorcize the disease, to
placate and appease the evil spirit or demon, to give sacrifices to some
god in order to get the demon or evil spirit out of them. In modern times we
do the same. We have not grown in knowledge. We just put the evil spirits
in the magician's top hat and pulled out the evil germs and evil viruses.
We still exorcize, placate, appease, and eradicate the evil microbe or evil
virus. Whatever symptoms we have, they are felt to be extraneous, foreign
and not from us, so they must be eradicated or extirpated. We still fear
death from the simplest of diseases. Whatever it is, it must be extirpated
or eradicated. We do it not with incantations but with substances much
more evil than anything used in the past.

Hygienic Care

If Hygienic care had been resorted to in the beginning of smallpox no
complications would have occurred and there would rarely be a genuine
pustule. With Hygienic management the disease would not have to progress
to the second stage with pustules or a second fever. It would only become
pustular if the individual prevented drainage of the vesicle and continued
eating a heavy diet. The vesicles containing the unwanted debris that
was in the organs and tissues would burst. The clear fluid containing the toxic
substances would flow out onto the skin. Frequent warm sponge baths would
wash away all the poisonous debris. The inflammation of the skin would heal
and that would be the end of the disease. There would be no horrendous
pustules, or other complications brought about by the medications. If
individuals kept themselves clean, but did not take off the scabs until they
fell off naturally, there would be no unsightly pock-marks. People are
always too anxious to pull scabs away. To do so is to expose the lesion to
the atmosphere before the skin has completely healed below it. The skin
then has to quickly heal over before it has completed restoring the underlying
tissues. This, naturally leaves a pit or scar. The extensive boils and
gangrene that regularly occurred would not have taken place had no
corrosive drugs been used.

If you think those symptoms are bad, and that we do not use any medicine
so lethal as corrosive sublimate and carbolic acid today, you'd better rethink
the problem. Today's drugs are even more lethal because they are designed to
be easily absorbed, and to spread to every tissue and cell in the body and
kill cells all over the body. Do not put your hope in medical "care". The
only care you need is a healthy body and to let it do its thing.

You do not have to fear smallpox, even if you should develop it, as long
as you immediately quit eating and go to bed and rest, drinking pure water
only when thirsty. Smallpox is a disease of the bon-vivant, epicurean, who
overeats on a daily basis, especially on animal foods. The condition of
enervation is built by anyone who does not secure sufficient rest and
sleep to permit the elimination of endogenic and exogenic toxins, and for the
restoration of the nervous system. Once the stage of enervation is
established digestion is further impaired and the body is flooded with
fermentation and decomposition products from the intestines. This is
what is called Toxemia, and Toxicosis. Toxicosis makes it exigent and imperative
that these toxins be eliminated immediately by extraordinary means, such
as through the skin.

Every single cell in your body is capable of eliminating and destroying
various microorganisms and their waste products, as well as man-made
organic products, but most man-made products are more toxic than those made by
bacteria and they cause more damage than bacterial waste products. It
can be disastrous when the body is overwhelmed by substances that do not belong
inside it, and which the body cannot use under any circumstance of life.
And this is what happens when diseases are "treated." Your body is inundated
with toxic substances and it may drown.


Dr. Vivian Virginia Vetrano graduated in l965 from the Texas Chiropractic
College, summa cum laude. After working at Dr. Shelton's Health School
for several years she went on to study Naturopathy, Homeopathy, and
Medicine. In addition to her Chiropractic degree she holds degrees in Homeopathy
and Medicine. When she was an undergraduate she studied Radiation Biology at
Trinity University, San Antonio and was the first person to make the
public aware of the dangers of ionizing radiation through the many articles she
authored on this subject. Dr. Vetrano gives personal consultations by
telephone. For information you may write Dr. Vetrano at P.O. Box l90,
Barksdale, Texas 78828; or call 830-234-3499; or fax 830-234-3599.