New Hope For People Who Suffer From Pain

Folks, there's a new analgesic that you should stock in your medicine chest for bumps, bruises, cuts, insect bites and all-around pain relief. It's called Penetran, a topical gel that takes advantage of the remarkable pain relieving and healing properties of nitrogen compounds called quaternary amines. Quaternary amines are the primary agent for most of the injectable anesthetics. Cocaine, for instance, which was studied as an anesthetic in the 1930's , 1940's and 1950's, contains quaternary amines as part of its chemical makeup. And it's this end of the molecule that brings anesthesia. However cocaine is addictive and efforts to change it reduce its anesthetic and pain relieving qualities.

A Remedy As Old As The Bedouin Tribes

Our bodies produce gobs of quaternary amines every day as breakdown products of protein, which are excreted in the urine. The bedouin nomads wandering in the Sahara desert are constantly burning themselves sitting around campfires. For centuries, they have been applying fresh urine to their burns for Instant Pain Relief. I can understand the mental barrier you would have to urinating on a burn, but fresh urine is sterile and loaded with pain-killing quaternary amines that also facilitate rapid wound healing. Lifeguards know that if you are stung by a jellyfish while swimming in the ocean, urine applied to the sting site will bring instant relief, again because of the quaternary amines in the urine. Quaternary amines stop pain by stabilizing the electrical charge of cellular membranes. Healthy tissues maintain an electrical balance with a positive charge outside of the cell and a net negative charge inside the cell. Any type of injury that disrupts the cellular membrane causes a breakdown of this healthy electrical balance, and may result in pain. Penetran, like many injectable medications used for pain relief, works by restoring the electrical balance in cell membranes.

How Inez Avoided Knee-Replacement Surgery

Double blind, placebo-controlled trials - the medical industry's gold standard of research - on Penetran are now underway, and a preliminary study of 20 women with arthritis of the hands, who used Penetran indicates impressive results: At 14 days, 17 of the patients were virtually symptom-free with full function! Inez developed severe arthritis in her right knee. This had kept her from walking naturally for almost nine months. She even underwent arthroscopic surgery to remove cartilage and debris. The surgery didn't help, in spite of the $10,000 price tag. She was then advised to undergo a total knee replacement. Then a doctor suggested she use Penetran. She applied this to her knee three times a day, and on the third day, she underwent an exercise stress test. She walked eight minutes at gradually increasing speeds without any pain at all. She is now virtually symptom-free, and she even spent a whole day wandering around Disneyworld without pain. I've seen hundreds of people with equally impressive results.

Recommendation: Don't Leave Home Without It

Keep a bottle of Penetran in your medicine chest and one in your travel bag. Be sure to reach for it when you experience pain from either a sudden or longstanding injury, cut, burn, bruise, or bite. It can also be used on a fresh surgical wound. Though you shouldn't rely on it as an antiseptic, it does have antiseptic properties and can be put on fresh cuts. If other topical ointments haven't relieved your arthritis pain, try applying Penetran two or three times daily, rubbing it into your skin until pain relief occurs. Results are faster and more reliable in joints closer to the skin surface, such as hands, ankles, elbows and knees. Finally, use Penetran for temporary muscle aches from excessive exercise. Weekend warriors typically have aching muscles and bones which could be relieved with this topical gel.

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