Nazism Vs Communism

By Ingrid Rimland


Copyright (c) 2000 - Ingrid A. Rimland

April 20, 2000

Good Morning from the Zundelsite:

Yesterday I had a long conversation with a minister and patriot who is quite savvy about who's who and what's what - but who was rather horrified that Ernst had written in a recent Power letter:

"A series of birthdays:

"April 20 - Adolf Hitler's. April 24 - Ernst Zündel's. April 26 - Rudolf Hess's. I am in good company."

Could Mr. Z. be serious?!

Well, yes. And today being April 20, how can I resist the temptation? I list for my telephone friend some of the reasons why Mr. Zundel is serious. With the essay below I had help from a writer I call "Matthew" (No, not Giwer this time...)


One of the great popular misconceptions is that there was no essential difference between German National Socialism and Soviet Communism. In fact, the differences were profound.

* The first difference is that Adolf Hitler was a revolutionary in ***defense*** of Western civilization. Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin were revolutionaries out to ***destroy*** Western Civilization. This distinction is not mere rhetoric. Numerous prominent statesmen, intimately familiar with Hitler's pre-war achievements, praised the man and his social system to the skies. It will suffice to mention just two - Lloyd George, Prime Minister of England and Germany's opponent during the Great War, and the Duke of Windsor, heir to the English throne. Both men referred to Hitler as "a truly great man" and to the Germans as "a truly happy people" under National Socialism.

* National Socialism was constructive; Communism was destructive. Everyone now admits that Marxism ***devastated*** Russia. National Socialism ***rebuilt*** Germany. It is false to maintain that National Socialism rebuilt German economy through arms build-up. As the Harvard Jewish economist, Burton Klein, demonstrated in his immediate post-war study, "Germany's Economic Preparation for War", the percentage of Germany's GNP being spent on arms production was lower than that of either France or Great Britain prior to 1939.

* The methods used by Hitler to rebuild Germany were ***remarkably similar*** to those used by FDR in the United States. Both systems relied on deficit spending, currency depreciation and government make-work schemes. Indeed, many Germans of the Hitler era referred to FDR's "New Deal" as "National Socialism for Americans." It is ironic indeeed that the worshippers of Franklin Delano Roosevelt should accuse Hitler of using war as a solution to economic policies - when that very charge can be laid at the programs of their own domestic Führer.

* National Socialism rescued Germany from a vindictive peace treaty. It ***raised*** the living standards of the average German and abolished class warfare. Communism ***destroyed*** the tremendous social progress made by the Czar and interrupted by the First World War.

* The concentration camps and secret police enslaved and ***exterminated millions*** in the USSR between two world wars. In pre-1939, the total number of camp inmates in Hitler's Germany ***never exceeded 20,0000***. These German camps were not extermination camps, and the inmates were well fed and clothed.

* When the war broke out, German occupation policies were uniformly mild compared to those of the mass-raping Red Army. Normal activities were not disruped, ***provided that the soldiers were not attacked***. If deportatiosn took place, they were for labor conscriptions. Families were not separated, and efforts were made to make working conditions hygienic. More than 3000 healthy babies with almost zero mortality were born to Jewesses at the infamous Auschwitz camp. ***No such miracles occurred in Siberia***.

* National Socialism undoubtedly saw Germans as the leading people of Europe. It did not, like Communism, aim to subvert the social structures of other countries to promote social chaos. Discovery after discovery from the former Soviet archives has confirmed ***widespread manipulation of American society and government*** after the fall of National Socialism. No such evidence of National Socialist subversion has ever been discovered.

* National Socialism opposed Jewish influence. Communism has never opposed Jews (only Zionism). Any study of the ethnic origins of Communism will show why.

* Communism always sought ***to break down*** the British Empire and white global hegemony. National Socialism ***sought the preservation*** of the British Empure and global alliance between kindred White nations.

No genuine Americans ever saw good in Soviet Communism. Many truly great Americans, such as Charles Lindbergh, Joseph Kennedy and Walt Disney saw in German National Socialism a social revolution truly responsive to the needs of a great people. They saw the casting away of the chains of a vindictive peace treaty and the salvation of Europe from the threat to the East. These Americans have been vilified by the history books written by the victors. But fifty years of Cold War of the military-industrial complex created by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, of endless bloody and generation-dividing conflicts such as Korea and Viet Nam, suggest that they were far wiser than those fellow travelers of the 1930s who saw in Stalin's Russia a land of milk and honey.

National Socialism was defeated by Allies who became enemies after the war in theory, but were really partners in practice. That is a fact worth pondering - and perhaps the single most salient fact hiding between the pages of the history of the "Good War."




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