US Population We--the Whites of the world--are dying.
We are dying of spiritual AIDS. Although we enjoy the illusion of health in our chrome-plated, polystyrene surroundings, our racial immune system has been gravely compromised, and the signs and symptoms of the opportunistic infections which threaten our survival are at work within the bowels of our society, just below the surface glitz and glitter of our Consumerist lives: our parents and grandparents are whisked out of out sight into the urine-soaked back wards of "nursing homes"; millions of White infants are flushed into the sewer systems of Western cities (while the non-White population grows by leaps and bounds) and in many places our birth rates have fallen below the level needed for replacement--and racial survival; our amusements and entertainments are mindless, crotch-centered and reek of self-contempt and anti-White propaganda; and our governments have opened the floodgates to massive non-White immigration into White lands. Once 30% of the world's population, we are approaching 10%. The slaughter of the White farmers in "Zimbabwe" is a foretaste of our future.
As with physical AIDS, we have made ourselves ripe for infection and our weaknesses have been exploited by an old, old enemy of Aryans--and those of our own people allied with them--in the form of the New World Order. The New World Order's policies equate to Genocide for the White race--a price its leaders are happy to pay in return for the power inherent in a One World Government and the "global economy".
This Website and others which the Propasphere calls "hate-sites" are antibodies, desperately trying to awaken the innate instinct for racial self-preservation in our fellow-Whites.

The chart at left above is courtesy of I Love White Folks

This is the progression of human affairs: first there were forests, then huts, then the cities and finally academies...First men are aware of necessary things, then they turn their focus to useful things, thereafter take note of their comfort, further on they rejoice in their pleasures; later Luxury ruins them; at last they become foolish and destroy their inheritance.---Gianbatista Vico

If anything in the world is individualism, it is this defiance of the individual toward the whole world, his knowledge of his own indestructible will, the pleasure he takes in irreversible decisions, and the love of fate, even in the moment when he goes under because of them.--- Oswald Spengler

And that's the gist of it--the short but true explanation of why our decline began. As always (for the cycles of growth of decline are intrinsic to all highly developed human societies, Oriental as well as Aryan)--the greatest assets and talents of a race are also its critical vulnerabilites. The very energy, accumulated knowledge and technology which produce material comfort and surplus, also bring in their train dysgenic pressures (more of the marginally fit suvive to reproduce and perpetuate their genes), super-urbanization with its weakening of family ties and vapid softness, its alienation from the natural world.

Of the 3 or 4 major racial groups, Caucasians show more intra-racial variability than any of the others; this is emblematic of and related to the great drive toward individualism found in no other race, and which has been a root generator of the race's scientific and artistic genius, as well as its yearning for adventure and exploration and love of mystery. During healthy periods, this attribute advances the race, but it can catalyze the bonds necessary for racial survival: deep awareness of the shared history, traditions and even the biological common ground basic to race.

When a culture is healthy, the fact that the great majority of its members are not leaders but followers is a necessity for cooperative ventures of all kinds--from the hunt to complex projects of construction and research. But when decline sets it, the large proportion of followers acts as a makeweight, accelerating deterioration, because it is then that its preoccupation becomes security at all costs--even that of freedom. The naive and innocent desire to "do the right thing" becomes a pattern of constantly (and unconsciously) sniffing the air for signs of approval/ disapproval from others--all that it has to fall back upon when deterioration has reached the point where corruption has thinned the ranks of those with courage and integrity.

Let's consider the parts of the decline of our own culture which are essentially variations upon the forces at work during that of the Roman Empire (as well as that of Greece after Alexander the Great, the British Empire, etc.), but which--due to critical differences--are becoming ---

Billboards on the Road to Extinction

fetus-be-gone When any socio-biological entity--species, race, sub-race/culture--begins to build its society in ways which ignore and conflict with Nature, it undercuts its sustenance and ultimately the basis of its existence. The fall in birth rate to a point below that needed for replacement means that the group's environment has become hostile and fundamentaly toxic to it. The nature of how and why this unhealthiness develops is examined at the other "billboards" below, but the fall in birth rate becomes noticeable when young couples, who would normally have children, either do not marry, or marry with the intention to remain childless. Although the decisions are made individually, the aggregate result is like the group's (and Nature's, indirectly) verdict rendered on its right to bear young at a time and in cicumstances which would be fatal for them. The desire for establishing a family and having children fails to be activated and is replaced by an aimless, vaguely dissatisfied search for "self-fulfillment"--a kind of chimera composed of Status, Security, and the ever-receding prospect of a life's work that is creative, enjoyable and useful. There has never before been a more horrific harbinger of extinction for the White race than the way in which even late-term abortion has been normalized into an appealing "choice", demanding a willful blindness to what is actually being done. Once a reluctantly grasped last resort for "unwed mothers", abortion for convenience has become common. Have you ever wondered what kind of man or woman becomes a physician whose main speciality is performing abortions? And Margaret Sanger, whose name is invoked like a mantra by Planned Parenthood (a misnomer if there ever was one!) would spin in her grave to know to what purposes her work has been put.
sittingEven though the immense influence of technological advances has greatly amplified the sedentary way of life in our society, it was a marked symptom of the decline in the late Roman Empire, where a contempt for manual labor and those who work with their hands--together with growing ignorance of the most basic manual skills--was the accepted attitude. The ability to manipulate words and frame clever verbal strategies became the hallmark of the elites, just as in our society, where lawyers outnumber engineers by a factor of ten-to-one.

The role of teevee has been paramount in both the physical degeneration of our people and their mental somnolence. During the last few years, the typically overweight White adult has been joined by a startling and ominous phenomenon: the obese child. Concurrent with the severing of ties to the land, the loss of imtimacy with our heritage, tradition and family/blood ties, television has--by default-- become the creator of social norms. Instead of the awkwardly blatant propaganda of 50 years ago, we now have a sinuously sly, continuous and often subtle form of cueing, in which politically correct beliefs and attitudes are conveyed to us non-verbally. For example, characters in a TV series who display the wrong attitudes are subject to the disapproving, contemptuous looks from other characters and major goals of the Propasphere are constantly reiterated: the supposed desireability of limitless non-White immigration, the trendiness of inter-racial marriage, and the rejection of traditional mores and loyalties. There is also the deliberate mutilation of our History--as when a fairly recent movie about Robin Hood included a Black among his merry men. There are numberless instances of such distortion, and the devaluation of our culture--along with accelerating debasement of quality in publiceducation--guarantees that even as young adults, the children who saw that movie will not realize its great lie--which, of course, goes far beyond the matter of casting.

world-popPolicies such as the deliberate encouragement of immigration and multiculturalism are nothing new; Hellenistic culture-- a watered-down and debased form of Hellenic culture--was an outgrowth of the conquests of Alexander the Great and his desire to consolidate his empire and extend Greek culture by promoting the intermarriage of his officers and men with local populations. An example of what this meant for both Greece and other cultures is typified by the Ptolemy dynasty in Egypt, which resulted in a pitiful, degraded caricature of the ancient pharoahic line of Egypt, and a weakened, distorted version of Hellenic culture. Rome followed the same general pattern of conquest, creation of client-states, and prosperity and wealth metamorphosizing the great engineering ingenuity and valor of its citizen-soldiery into first the stagnation of ease and comfort, then the rot of luxury and corruption. Rome was the economic Mecca of its time, and as the Roman citizen began to disdain the simpler, homely life of his forebears, the influx of slave laborers from every point of the compass became a flood, accompanied by a significant Levantine class of middle men--speculators, slave and luxury purveyors and other opportunists. Gradually at first, then with increasing rapidity, the Roman citizenship was extended until it became virtually Empire-wide; when it reached the point where almost everyone was or could be a Roman citizen, Roman citizenship itself had become totally debased.

The Fall of Rome was no sudden catastrophe but a slow, inexorable dissolution, during which the distinct Roman genotype was diluted and absorbed via the solvent of incoming peoples--Celts, Germans, Levantines, Greeks, etc. Yet all of these peoples had highly developed cultures, and, in the case of the "Barbarians", brought invigorating blood and spirit which eventually were manifested in the nation-states of Europe. The tragedy of the Fall of Rome was mitigated and transformed by the fact that the inheritors of Italy and the European part of the Roman Empire were (racially speaking) close relatives of the Romans--most being within the great Indo-European sub-race. They not only had uniquely beautiful cultures of their own, but were able to preserve the best that the Romans had achieved and develop it.

Our own situation is ominously different. The rough sketch of the world distribution of racial groups above is, of course, only an approximation, but it reflects the reality of the fact that just one place in the entire world remains an Aryan homeland: Iceland. Every other traditionally Aryan homeland---Europe and North America--has sustained such heavy non-White immigration, that the United States will see European-Americans become a minority in their own land within the next 40 years, Canada is headed in the same direction, and the handwriting is on the wall for even Europe. In fact, the actual situation is even more drastic than shown by the map, because a large part of Asia--Indonesia, etc.--isn't shown, and Australia, which once had a strictly preservationist immigration policy, has thrown open its doors to non-White new-comers. The very high birth-rate among the immigrants, combined with declining and even negative White birth rates tell us what too many of our people do not yet see : The genetic identity of Whites ---and only of Whites--is in jeopardy.

The great difference between the circumstances surrounding Rome's Fall and ours, is that in our case, massive non-White immigration is the result of lock-step policies of the New World Order--a cabal of international banking interests, mega-corporations, and social engineering academics (working through political puppets) who have existed as a powerful entity long before the phrase "New World Order" ever slipped George Bush's lips. Their desire for World Government, enforcing Egalitarian programs hostile to Whites (and, ultimately to all races and ethnicities) together with a history of the group and the identity of its major players, was described in a multi-volume work titled Tragedy and Hope by Dr. Carrol Quigley, who was an unabashed admirer of the group's goals and members; the work has been cited by Clinton as the book which most influenced his political thought. For decades, this group has worked and planned in semi-secrecy, and it still is fairly low-profile. From its beginnings, the role of Jewish "advisors" and bankers has been a prominent feature, following the age-old pattern of counselor-to- the-king found in the Biblical stories of Daniel and Joseph--and in the more modern examples of the Rothschilds and European royalty, the Rockefellers and Kissinger, the Kennedys and Schlesinger, Clinton and Albright. Their control of the media has been an indispensible part of the indoctrination of the West. Ultimately, however, the blame for our dilemma rests squarely upon our own shoulders. Those who wish nothing more fervently than to see us extinct have exploited weaknesses within us; their gains have come by default-- our default. If anything is to be hated, it is the greed, cowardly lust for security bought at the cost of freedom, pitiful craving for status, and abject fear of taking unpopular stands, which have allowed us to be pushed to the precipice of our own racial annhilation.

Agri-Biz The latifundia which replaced the family farm in the Rome of the late Republic and early-to-late Empire, were the agri-business of their day. As long as a culture is strongly rooted to the land through its basic unit (the family), both the family and the culture remain healthy. Once that connection with Nature is broken, the culture loses its virility--in every sense of the word. With Rome, hordes of slave labor--like the migrant laborers and illegal immigrants in America today--worked the huge estates for dandified owners who felt little affinity or attachment to the land. In the West today, in our effete, decadent, dysgenic society, where cosmopolitan-souled "humanitarians" weep over the execution of child-murderers and pronounce the death penalty "barbaric", Agri-Biz (merely one incarnation of the "global economy" so beloved of these same NWO brotherly-love-wallowers) exists by committing atrocities of which untamed Nature (bemoaned as "red in tooth and claw") is innocent: the penning up of sentient creatures into concrete cubicles for their entire lives; sewing the eyelids of rabbits open, so that the effects of various concentrations of cosmetics upon their eyes can be observed and recorded; force-feeding, hormone- "treating" animals to get more "product". There is nothing intrinsically wrong with killing animals for food--but nothing justifies these tortures. Like so much about the Propasphere, the truth about what goes on to keep it functioning is hidden behind a facade of lies. The antiseptic chrome-and- laminate fixtures of a MacDonald's or a Burger King are Potemkin-Village props which keep everyone's attention away from the truth: Agri-Biz is addicted to chemical fertilizers, highly toxic "pest control", dependence upon antibiotics and hormones. Mad Cow disease, which surfaced in Britain not long ago, is the direct result of Agri-Biz's anti-natural practices and attitude toward Nature. Meanwhile, the Propasphere sheds crocodile tears over the high rate of cancer in the West (certainly in part caused by the great number and variety of toxins in our food, water, and soil, as well as by the typical American diet, so high in refined sugars and grains and loaded with preservatives and other additives)-- while reaping huge profits from the equally toxic "chemotherapy" industry. Not only does massive non-White immigration into White lands fill its craving for cheap labor for its "factory farms", but it knows that only White countries have ever shown serious and well- conceived understanding of environmental issues or had the will to act upon those concerns. As the non-White segment of the population in White countries accelerates, it can be counted upon to behave in predictable, tractable ways beneficial to the profit-maximizing, Money-is-God "global economy".
bread&circusesThe Roman Empire became simultaneously a totalitarian state and a mobocracy--just as we are becoming. A population of whom the great majority are ignorant, dull-witted, of indifferent genetic quality and thus easily gratified by sensation and willing to exchange real liberty for the security of "government" benefits (which must, of course, be forcibly extracted from someone by government) is always promoted by power-grabbers. The Roman dole of bread, etc., is mirrored by our Welfare system and Department of "Health and Human Services". The weakening and even destruction of the family (and of all ties of blood) serves NWO-type governments in this way: when family ties are strong, not only do husband and wife look to each other for companionship, support, and loyalty, and children look to both parents for love and the skills needed to live in the world, but grandparents, maiden aunts, etc. have at once a place of refuge and a means of being valued--rather than being shamefully warehoused in the urine-smelling hell-pits called nursing "homes". But if those bonds can be weakened, then people begin to look to the government to supply not just food and shelter, but "expert" advice (which quickly and of necessity becomes data collection, evaluation, and regulation and law-making to control social transactions). For example, a free man or woman has the right--and obligation-- of self-defense. But guns have been demonized by the government as the cause of crime...and, after all, why should we have to defend ourselves, when the Government will do it for us? The fact that Government itself is the chief threat to liberty and that no armed people has ever been tyrannized is pointedly ignored. Yet now merely voicing the notion that Government may be a threat to liberty evokes sneers by the Propasphere's media pundits; it isn't a "progressive" thought. Children in public schools are questioned about their family life, and if a classmate dies, are offered "counselling". Every school has its "school psychologist"; more and more children who are still young enough to rebel at the soul-killing Propasphere in which they live, are given the mental handcuffs of Prosac and Ritalin. Only one viewpoint is taught or even tolerated in the public schools: the desireability of the West becoming "multi-cultural" (newspeak for non-White). I was given my "social security" number at the age of 17, when I started my first job. Now newborns are issued a Government number--for life. And when I got the card, the words "not to be used for purposes of identification" were prominently printed on it--words which have long since vanished. The loosening of blood ties and educational indoctrination in the public schools, added to the fractured sense of the world acquired through television result in an all-but-total severing of roots, loss of awareness of the history of the world and that of the West. Those brought up under such conditions are like inhabitatnts of Flatland, without the ability even to perceive the existence of the dimension of heritage and generational continuity. For them, the world is a contextless and contant Now. The world as it is today, this week, with the buzz-words and slogans mouthed by the Propasphere, are the only reference points, and trends, fashions, etc. are the horizon. Everything that has ever happened on earth, together with all those who ever have lived, are but dimly-sensed and are viwed as nothing but unimportant preamble to an ever-static Present. Such mutilated minds and spirits are the end product of the converging streams of technological and social causation--and a good deal of deliberate manipulation. They are the perfect fodder for the New World Order.

During the process of transfer of loyalty from kindred to government/social worker, the seldom-questioned but poisonous ethical standards of Christianity which are so alien to our ancient Aryan culture and spirit ("Love your enemies, bless them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you"; "For I am come to set a man at variance with his father, and the daughter against her mother, ...He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me", etc., etc.) become secular ethics by default--even though they are a clear prescription for a life of bondage and supine cowardliness. It's been exactly this set of monstrous "ethics" which has animated the unnatural corpse of Egalitarianism and which makes otherwise intelligent people pay tribute to the notion that some sort of muzzy-headed "love" for everyone, without discrimination is a laudable ideal, rather than a Levantine absurdity that is--at core--unclean and life-hating.

When Rome became decadent, her people alienated from Nature and the land, her borders a sieve, her old religion ossified into worship of the State, Chrsitianity rushed in to fill the vacuum; over the centuries--and not many of them-- Christianity became an institutional power. That is, it had continuity of discipline, unswerving purpose, and organized itself in a way which perpetuated and increased its power. Certainly not every priest, monk, or nun viewed his or her role within the Church in such stark terms (although certainly some Machiavellian higher-ups did so!) but in whatever city or nation a member of the clergy happened to be living, he could be counted upon to serve the goals of the Church. So inculcated with Church views were most Church personnel, that their actions for the Church often needed no conscious deliberation, planning, or decision-making. Although Christianity as a religious belief and institutional power is well into its ebb, the people from whence it sprang are at the zenith of their power; in Europe, those who publicly dispute Holocaust dogma--or even those who publish scientific findings whose truth is incontestible but which conflict with that dogma, can be and have been jailed as felons; large Internet corporations, schools and public libraries accept "hate filters" which prevent users from accessing websites disliked by them. Their presence in top positions in the government of the U.S. amounts to de facto control, as do their numbers and positions in all the media. Over the two millenia since the start of Christianity, they, too, have preserved an institutional integrity, a sense of racial identity, and remarkable cohesion when dealing with matters of concern to group welfare and power.

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