War-lies and Atrocity Propaganda:
How the good-doers justify crimes against humanity
Revelations according to German Television

The greedier USrael becomes for oil and Israel for the water resources of the Middle East, the reports about alleged crimes of Saddam Hussein increase in their craziness.

The readiness to wage a war of aggression against countries who have done nothing to the aggressors, were already achieved during World War I by spreading atrocity propaganda. The following is an overview about atrocity lies, which were invented in order to find a shabby justification for unspeakable destruction and mass murders.

1. Gas-Chamber-Lies: With the help of a gas-chamber-lie America interfered in the war against the German Reich in 1917. By meddling in this war, America's enty into the war increased the regional conflict into a full-scale world war. America's aim in the long run, was to bring Europe under its hegemonial control. The Daily Telegraph published in 1916 a decisive gas-chamber-lie which made the American people consent to America's war plans for Europe.

The Daily Telegraph

(London), March 22,1916, page 7: (London), June 25, 1942, page 5:

... Serbian refugees, not on oath, have sta-ted that they were present at a dis-tribution of bombs and machines for producing asphyxiating gas to the Bulgarians by the Germans and Aus-trians, who instructed the former how to utilise these instruments to exterminate the Serbian population...


... The most gruesome details of mass killing, even to the use of poison gas, are revealed in a report sent secretly to Mr. S. Zygielboim, Jewish representative on the Polish National Council in London, by an active group in Poland...

"Atrocity propaganda is a term to define deliberate false reports about enemy crimes in war time. In principle this has always been a means of psychological warfare. Atrocity propaganda was used in abundance during WWI that the propaganda's credibility was effected and the aims very often could not be achieved. Such propaganda often caused the opposite effect when obvious lies were exposed. Famous atrocity propaganda lies were: German soldiers had, on detailed instruction by their emperor, Wilhelm II, hacked off the hands of Belgium children and then raped them. The other famous propaganda lie was published in the London Daily Telegraph in March 1916, that claimed Austrians had gassed 700,00 Serbs (sic!)"

Das Grosse Lexikon des Dritten Reiches
Südwest Verlag, München 1985, Seite 225

Any similarity between the above article and the one of the DAILY TELEGRAPH of 1916 would be purely accidental. Hitler's gas chambers are considered to be a fact of common knowledge and not a war-propaganda-lie as it was the case in 1916. The holocaust is judicially defined for the Germans as follows:

"The mass murder of the Jews mainly took place in gas chambers of German concentration camps. This is common knowledge and judicial notice."
(Supreme Court of Germany, File: 1 StR 179/93)

Jewish celebrities (i.e. G. Sereny) do, however,  make incriminating statements by calling Auschwitz "not a death camp". This constitutes a crime in Germany.

Gitta Sereny, one of Britain's most famous Jewish journalists and a recognized holocaust researcher, wrote a new book: The German Trauma: Experiences and Reflections 1938-2001, (Penguin Books). The Times reviewed the book and interviewed Mrs. Sereny. Mrs. Sereny said in the Interview (Times of Aug 29. 2001) the following:

"Why on earth have all these people who made Auschwitz into a sacred cow ... A terrible place -- but it was not an extermination camp."

In 1991 Wiesenthal was spreading gas chamber atrocity lies:

Feb 15, 1991, Frontpage:



Gas chambers again. The Jewish weekly "The Jewish Press" (New York) reveals on Feb. 15, 1991 that Saddam Hussein had gas chambers for all Jews. "Iraqis have gas chambers for all Jews".

This latest gas chamber revelation is not yet protected by the German law. It will be, if it becomes relevant to support the common knowledge of the existence of the Hitler gas chambers.


THE WIESENTHAL CENTER WORLD REPORT, Spring 1991, Vol. 12, No.1, S. 2:
Shocking Revelation: German Firms Produce Zyklon B in Iraq

True to the legacy of their Nazi-era predecessors, the German bu-siness community has sought to absolve itself of its share of blame in the current Middle East disaster. "We did not knowingly supply Iraq with weapons of mass destruction - we violated no law - we were just filling orders ... Even more ominous, is the report that Iraq has developed a new potent gas which actually contains Zyklon B ... this gas, and the nerve gas, Tabun, were tested on Iranian POWs in gas chambers specially designed for the Iraqis by the German company ... (see cover photo of gas chamber prototype). German Gas Chamber: Nightmare Revisited ....

Simon Wiesenthal lies about gas chambers, as did the journalists from the Jewish Press and from The Daily Telegraph of 1916. If you are from Germany, please don't get any wrong ideas about the story of "The Daily Telegraph" of 1942. Politically incorrect thinking of the Nazi gas chambers are punished in Germany as "thought crimes" with up to five years of incarceration.

2. Incubator Lie

George W. Bush sr. forced America's public opinion to support his war against Iraq in 1991 by inventing the "Incubator-Lie". Bush sr. and the American media spread the lie that Iraqi soldiers had snatched infants out of hospital incubators and smashed them to pieces on the floors. George W. Bush said (re-translated from German TV): "They hurl incubator babies like firewood on the floor." (1) Before the Security Council of the Untied Nations a young Kuwaiti girl witnessed, that she observed the mass murder of the infants: "I saw with my own eyes how Iraqi soldiers tore infants out of the incubators and I watched them dying on the floor." (2) The young witness cried heartbreakingly when she told her story to the members of the UN-Security Council. After her stageperformance as a so-called eyewitness the war against Iraq was unanumously agreed and decided. The justification for this war was, however, based on an atrocity lie: "After the war, the whole truth came to light: The baby-murders never took place, it was all a lie. The witness performance before the UN-Security-Council was strong anough to be awarded with a Hollywood Oscar. The young girl who saw the baby-murders was really the doughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to America. The entire atrocity story was fabricated in New York, by the publicity professionals of Hill & Knowlton. This firm maintains close contacts to the American government. ... It was a perfidious show, a vast manipulation in order to legitimise a war. In order to get the support from the American Congress and the public, Bush had to prove that this war was against the devil himself. An inhumane and barbaric Regime that does not even stop before baby-murders. It was a PR-trick of the most perfidious kind." (3)
1-3) German TV, PANORAMA No. 622, Feb 6, 2003

3. The Tonking-Lie

"In 1964 in America, an entire nation wanted peace, the opposite to the desire of their government. US-President Johnson was determined to wage war in Vietnam. To help to implent Johnson's war-project, an incident in the Gulf of Tonking came just at the right moment. On August 4 the US-Destroyer 'Maddox' was alegedly torpedoed by a North-Vietnamese torpedo-boat. A serious provocation the Americans claimed. The case was brought before the United Nations and the mood changed. There was no longer a desire for peace amongst the American public. President Johnson had his pretext for bombing North-Vietnam. Lyndon B. Johnson (US-President) on TV then: 'As I speak to you tonight, our action is now an execution.' For the first time America became directly involved in combat on Vietnamese soil. That is how the Vietnam-War began. Seven years later Journalists from the New York Times discovered that the pretext for war was nothing but a propaganda lie. The truth is, the Americans together with their ally South-Vietnam, attacked North-Vietnam first. ... Johnson needed a pretext and a justification for a war against the Vietcong, as he had to convince the congress for to back his war plans. Johnson needed the American public and the world's support for his war in Vietnam. The 'Tonking-Lie' was just perfect." (German TV, PANORAMA No. 622, Feb 6, 2003)

4. The Kosovo-Lie

"In January 1999, two months before the war in Kosovo was launched, pictures of 23 dead Albanians, lying next to each other in a row, implying that a massacre had taken place, were sent to Western governments. German Defence Minister, Rudolf Scharping, appreciated these photos, because he required photographic evidence of Serbian atrocities, with which he intended to justify the imminent war against Milosevic. The Minister showed these photos to the press as proof that a mass murder had taken place in the Village of Rugovo. He claimed that the incident had been thoroughly checked and investigated. Rudolf Scharping: 'This case has been deeply investigated and we obtained these photos from OSCE officials who had taken them in the morning between 7 and 8 h.' ... A German police official, Henning Hensch, who was at the site as an international investigator, explained: 'The story is incorrectly told. The dead bodies were there, yes, but they were taken there by Serbian security forces, after the real site of the crime had been inspected. It was decided by the investigating judge to take the dead bodies away from the site where they had died.' TV images prove: At first, the dead lay around scattered as after a shoot-out. Amongst the dead were Albanian KLA  fighters. After the original crime scene had been inspected and investigated, the dead were taken to another place and were laid next to each other in a row. This was the scene later photographed and the pictures sent to Western governments. These were the images the German Defence Minister had used when he proved a Serbian massacre. ... It is about war in the heads and hearts of the people, and those who win this one, win the real war eventually. This is especially significant in democracies because they need the support of their own people for waging wars." (German TV, PANORAMA No. 622, Feb 6, 2003)

Which lie will America use to justify its forthcoming war against Iraq? Perhaps this one:

Re-translated from German: "The Iraqis torture children and force their parents to watch the torture. Witness accounts report on torture chambers and electric shock treatment, also using red-hot iron for torture. The witness reports refer to cuting out tongues and to raping. If that is not evil, then there is no evil." This was said by President George W. Bush sr before Congress in February 2003.  (German TV, PANORAMA Nr. 622 vom 6.2.2003)