Balfour Declaration was the origin of WW2


> Chaim Weizmann notified the leading Zionist in the USA, Supreme
> Court Justice Louis Dembitz Brandeis, that Great Britain had
> promised Palestine to "the Jews of the World" if President Wilson
> would declare war on Germany and come into the war as Great
> Britain's ally.
> Supreme Court Justice Brandeis had been appointed to the United
> States Supreme Court at the suggestion of the powerful Jewish
> attorney Mr. Samuel Untermyer. Mr. Untermyer had been retained by
> a former sweetheart of then-President Woodrow Wilson to bring a
> breach-of-promise action against him shortly after he was
> installed in the White House. Mr. Untermyer's client was seeking
> forty thousand dollars from President Wilson which he was unable
> to raise. To be of assistance to his friend, President Wilson, in
> the predicament in which he found himself, Mr. Untermyer
> volunteered to pay the forty-thousand dollars to President
> Wilson's former sweetheart from his personal funds if in return
> President Wilson promised to appoint to the first vacancy on the
> United States Supreme Court the person Mr. Untermyer designated.
> The day soon arrived when the vacancy on the Court occurred. Mr.
> Untermyer submitted the name of his friend, Louis Dembitz
> Brandeis, a [Jewish] Boston lawyer, to fill the vacancy. Mr.
> Untermyer explained that he was motivated by the fact that no Jew
> had ever occupied a seat on the United States Supreme Court, and
> for that reason he would like to see Mr. Brandeis appointed.
> President Wilson and Justice Brandeis both knew the circumstances
> under which his appointment took place. They became close
> personal friends. President Wilson came to rely upon Justice
> Brandeis as an advisor in matters of state. When Chaim Weizmann
> confided in Justice Brandeis that he had made this arrangement
> with the British War Cabinet, he also told President Wilson that
> Germany had supplied provocation and justification for a US
> declaration of war against Germany. [But] President Wilson was
> running for re-election that year under the slogan "He Kept Us
> Out of War." Justice Brandeis was unable to urge President Wilson
> to declare war against Germany at that time. Further evidence of
> German "guilt" was needed. [And so, it was provided.]
> The publicity given to the alleged attack by Germany on the S.S.
> Sussex passenger ferry plying between Dover and Calais and the
> loss of 38 American lives led to the declaration of war by the
> USA against Germany on April 6, 1917. The S.S. Sussex had
> actually been concealed in a small port in the north of England
> and no American lives had been lost. The entrance of the USA into
> the war as Great Britain's ally in World War I resulted in the
> crushing defeat of Germany in 1918.
> After the entry of the USA into the war in Europe the attitude of
> many Jews in Germany underwent a change. Since the enactment in
> 1840 of the Emancipation Edict, the Jews in Germany [had been]
> accorded equal rights with other German citizens. They were free
> from the quota systems prevailing in all other countries of
> Europe. The Jews from all other countries in Europe where the
> quota system was practiced flocked to Germany in great numbers
> for education and business. Prior to the Balfour declaration,
> most Jews were pro-German. But when International Zionism got its
> promise of Palestine from Britain, everything changed. Jews,
> including many Jews in Germany, worked in every way possible for
> a German defeat. That, along with the extremely crippling and
> vindictive terms of the 1918 peace, was the main underlying cause
> for much of the anti-Jewish feeling in Germany after the war.
> Thus Jewish intrigues to obtain Palestine for themselves
> determined the outcome of World War I and also set the stage for
> World War II.



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