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 "While all those formidable transformations were occurring in Europe, Corporal Hitler was fighting his long, wearing battle for the German heart.  The story of that struggle cannot be read without admiration for the courage, the perseverance, and the vital force which enabled him to challenge, defy, conciliate, or overcome, all the authorities or resistance's which barred his path. He, and the ever increasing legions who worked with him, certainly showed at this time, in their patriotic ardor and love of country, that there was nothing that they would not dare, no sacrifice of life, limb or liberty that they would not make themselves or inflict upon their opponents." - Winston Churchill. Francis Nielson. 'Makers of War' p.101

LLOYD GEORGE, FORMER PRIME MINISTER: upon his return following a visit to Hitler, his daughter greeted Lloyd George, humorously with a "Heil Hitler!"   "Yes, Heil Hitler.  I too, say that because he is truly a great man. I have never met a happier people than the Germans and Hitler is one of the greatest men among the distinctly great men that I have ever encountered."
JOSEF STALIN: "He (Stalin) did not share the view of the President that Hitler was unbalanced and emphasised that only a very able man could accomplish what Hitler had done in solidifying the German people whatever we thought of the methods."
THEODUR HEUSS: "No one can deny recognising the indefatigability of this man who, after his sentence of confinement, cautiously undertook with understanding and precision, painstakingly and with great tenacity, to form a new vessel out of the fragments. Of course one would not be fully objective towards Hitler's accomplishments if one intended only to see him as the great, untiring organiser.  He also moved souls, the will to sacrifice, and great devotion, enthralling and enthusiastically inspiring everyone by his appearance." - anti-NSDAP politician, publisher.
LORD ROTHERMERE: "He conveys good comradeship. He is unpretentious, naturally and apparently sincere.  He has a supreme intellect.  If one puts a question to Hitler, he gives an immediate, brilliant clear answer. There is no human being living whose promise on important matters I would trust more readily. He values family life very highly, whereas Communism is its worst enemy.  He has thoroughly cleansed the moral, ethical life of Germany, forbidden publication of obscene books, and performance of questionable plays and films. No words can describe his politeness; he disarms men as well as women and can win both at any time with his conciliatory, pleasant smile.  He is a man of rare culture.  His knowledge of music, the arts and architecture is profound.
- Viscount Rothermere, 'Warnings and Predictions', p.180 - 183
THE DAILY MAIL: "Hitler's political aim and policy is directed towards attaining his goal without loss of blood.  He succeeded in ascending to the highest power-position in Germany with very little spilling of blood or loss of human life in a land of 68 million inhabitants.  Austria was annexed without one shot being fired..”
- Daily Mail, 20th May 1938
HANS GRIMM: "I witness with awe and admiration, that he, as nearly the first in the world, caused multitudes without force or any personal benefits to follow him of their own free will and volition."
HOUSTON STEWART CHAMBERLAIN: "At one stroke you have transformed the state of my soul. That Germany in the greatest hour of its need can produce a Hitler testifies to its vitality."
DAVID LLOYD GEORGE, FORMER PRIME MINISTER "He has achieved a marvelous transformation in the spirit of the people, in their attitude towards each other, and in their social and economic outlook.
It is not the Germany of the first decade that followed the war - broken, dejected and bowed down with a sense of apprehension and impotence. It is now full of hope and confidence, and of a renewed sense of determination to lead its own life without interference from any influence outside its own frontiers.
One man has accomplished this miracle.  He is a born leader of men; a magnetic and dynamic personality with a single-minded purpose, a resolute will and a dauntless heart.
He is not merely in name but in fact the national Leader. As to his popularity, especially among the youth of Germany, there can be no manner of doubt.  The old trust him; the young idolise him.  It is not the admiration accorded to a popular leader. It is the worship of a national hero who has saved his country from utter despondence and degradation.
To those who have actually seen and sensed the way Hitler reigns over the heart and minds of Germany, this description may appear extravagant.  All the same it is the bare truth.  This great people will work better, sacrifice more, and, if necessary, fight with greater resolution because Hitler asks them to do so.  Catholic and Protestant, Prussian and Bavarian, employer and workman, rich and poor, have been consolidated into one people.  Religious, provincial and class origins no longer divide the nation.  There is a passion for unity born of dire necessity.
- David Lloyd George, Daily Express, 17.9.1936
GEORGE BERNARD SHAW: "It was evident that Germany needed only a resolute and clear-headed leader to denounce the Treaty; declare her determination to assert her full equality with the Powers, and refuse to be disarmed, plundered and chastised under the pretext of reparations and 'war guilt', to rally to him every living soul whose native language was German, and at the same time take a great step towards peace in Europe by proving that neither France nor England nor the United States dare outrage humanity by attempting military occupation of her territory on the model of the old partitions of Poland; in short, that instead of Europe being plunged into war she would be dragged back from the brink of it by Germany.
Herr Hitler seized the hour and said the word, and France and England immediately climbed down, preserving their dignity by lecturing the Chancellor solemnly on his naughty behaviour as they descended.
Mr. Vernon Bartlett was soundly berated by the Foreign Office for imploring all lovers of peace to believe in the perfect sincerity of Herr Hitler's assurance that a free Germany would be a peaceful Germany, but 95% of the listeners who wrote to him wanted to have him appointed Foreign Secretary.  When I said that Herr Hitler's action was right and inevitable, the storm of abuse that was about to bust on me was suddenly checked by Mr. Lloyd George saying exactly the same thing.
Europe breathed again.  The beginnings of a British popularity set in for Herr Hitler as they had set in years before for Signor Mussolini, in spite of all the liberal protests, and it only remains to watch the results of the forthcoming general election in Germany, in which it is inconceivable that a single vote should be cast against him, even by the angriest German Jew or German Communist." -George Bernard Shaw. 'The Observer' November 5th 1933
SIR ARNOLD WILSON, M.P: "Health statistics in Germany are satisfactory.  Infant mortality has been greatly reduced and is considerably inferior to that in Great Britain. Tuberculosis and other diseases have noticeably diminished.  The criminal courts have never had so little to do and the prisons have never had so few occupants.  It is a pleasure to observe the physical aptitude of the German youth.  Even the poorest persons are better clothed than was formerly the case, and their cheerful faces testify to their psychological improvement that has been wrought within them.  Economic conditions in Germany, abstraction made of the influence exerted by rearmament, are steadily progressing.  Unemployment has greatly decreased.
G.E.O KNIGHT:  Altogether, Herr Hitler has worked miracles for the new Germany.  I anticipate that in a very short time, the Chancellor will have shown the world more than it ever bargained for in its wildest efforts to crush the new regime.”
- G.E.O Knight, In Defence of Germany
JACQUES BAINVILLE: " Hitler is undoubtedly lucky.  Hitherto he has succeeded in everything, since even in his most impulsive moments he is a prudent calculator, and he shapes his foreign policy with the same bold imagination as he shaped the policy which was foreordained to make him the master of German's destinies.
Poland's leading newspaper writes; 'Hitler is the first German statesman who has found the right language at the right time.  Hitler has always stressed that any treaty signed by him is worth far more than the Treaty of Locarno. 
THE MARQUIS OF LOTHIAN:  "I think that it must be admitted that National Socialism has done a great deal for Germany.  It has undoubtedly cleaned up Germany in the ordinary moral sense of the word.  The defeatism, the corruption so manifest a characteristic in the days after the war has disappeared, at any rate from public view.  It has given discipline and order and a sense of purpose to the great majority of young people who in earlier days did not know where to go or what they were living for." - His Lordship, the Marquis of Lothian, British Ambassador to Washington, June 29th 1937
THE CHURCH: "The spectacle of Germany today is a tremendous experience.  Fifteen years after the war in which the allied powers thought they had destroyed her, Germany is on her feet again.  As compared with 1922 and 1931, when I last saw Germany, the change is miraculous.  The people are confident, enthusiastic and courageous.  They have recovered their morale.  In 1931 the German people were going to pieces.  But now they are themselves again, no doubt about that!  The masses of the people are increasingly with Hitler.  I have been fooling myself all along that this was not so, but now I know it is so."  - John H. Holmes, Pastor. Community Church. N.Y Times, July 12th, 1935
"Last May, I returned, bringing my family for another sojourn, after two years spent in other European countries.  I found a Germany which has advanced miraculously from the point of 1933.  I found political solidarity, a wholesome tone in the life of city dweller and country dweller alike.  I found living costs materially reduced and an unmistakable optimism on every hand.  In every quarter I found the same answer to my questioning: Profound belief in the genius of the Leader, love and admiration for him as an individual. My observations have covered a wide range of social classification.  I have talked with the humblest type of labourers, with merchants, professional men. I have yet to discover a dissenting voice to the question of loyalty to the Fuehrer.  My two young daughters are attending German public schools and are receiving an education which in thoroughness could be equaled in few countries.”
- John L. Garvin. The Observer
JACQUES BAINVILLE:  "For Stressseman represented political parties which no longer existed, whereas Hitler enjoys the confidence of the whole of Germany expressed by the votes of over forty million electors.' " -  l'Action Francais
JESSE OWENS, AMERICAN NEGRO OLYMPIC ATHLETE: "When I passed the Chancellor he arose, waved his hand at me, and I waved back at him.  I think the writers showed bad taste in criticising the man of the hour in Germany."
- Richard D. Mandell. The Nazi Olympics
GENERAL LEON DEGRELLE: "Hitler was the greatest statesman Europe has ever known.  History will prove that when whipped up emotions have died down.  Hitler, in his being a man of his time, dreamed of an enduring, just, honest Europe, unified by the initiative of the victor.  A Europe however in which each ethnic group could develop according to their merits and accomplishments. 
Some comrades of the Fuhrer might still have been short-sighted Pan-Germanists.  But Hitler had the genius, the right scale, the absence of bias and the necessary vision to accomplish the terrific task.  He had an authority, not to be found a second time in the history of the continent.  His success would have established wealth and civilisation of Europe for centuries, probably forever.  Hitler's plans for Europe would have meant a blessing for us all."
THE READERS DIGEST “Hitler’s conquest of the minds and hearts of all classes of Germans is now so complete that even if all of his Brown Shirts and Steel Helmets were to be disbanded tomorrow he would still be easily the strongest man in Germany, and on any appeal to the electorate would be confirmed in power by a quite overwhelming majority of votes.
Hitler is recognised by the whole of the political and official intelligentsia as an exceedingly able man . . . it is good also that it (Germany) should possess a spokesman whose authority to speak and act in its name cannot be questioned by the outside world.”
         Readers Digest September 1933
FORMER U.S. JOHN F. KENNEDY "After visiting these two places (Berchtesgaden and Eagles Nest) you can easily understand how that within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived . .. . He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him.  He had in him the stuff of which legends are made."
- Prelude to Leadership: The European Diary of John F. Kennedy, Summer 1945 (Washington, 1945), ed. Hugh Sidey.
This is what a minority of stupid Europeans destroyed with the assistance of the sons of Israel, the U.S and the blood-soaked Soviet Union. And your reward for race treachery? A multi-racial crime-infested dumbocracy in which you are little more than medieval serfs: half of your earnings go to the state which sends your sons to even more territorial wars whilst encouraging your womenfolk to mate with non-Europeans.
For the first time in the history of your race you are colonised and have become 2nd Class citizens in your own country.

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