just an example of what I meant.





With British armoured Forces only hours away from finishing World War Two,  Heinrich Himmler ordered that approx 10.000 weak and sick prisoners from the concentration camp Neuengamme and its satellite camps,  be transferred to three ships parked in the Bay of Lübeck.   The three ships were the Deutschland, the Thielbek and the cruise liner Cap Arcona.      Accompanying these prisoners were some camp guards and a number of German medical personell .



           The Cap Arcona                                          The Thielbek


On the 3r d  May 1945, with British armoured columns  less than 80kms away from Lübeck,  a squadron of British Typhoon Fighter Bombers  attacked the three ships,  firing rockets and machine guns.   None of the three ships were armed with any sort of weaponry, the Cap Arcona was a prestigious passenger liner and so within seconds of the attack starting,  the ship’s Captain ordered his Second Officer to hoist a huge white flag across the top deck, to signal their surrender. 


Despite the huge White flag and the Red Cross flag the ship had already been flying,  and even after the burning passenger liners had rolled over, the British Pilots continued to attack and fire their machine-guns into the hundreds of  people swimming helplessly in the water around the blazing ships.


On the 27th August 2004 a major German TV channel showed the Documentary of this mass murder in which around 7000 unarmed concentration camp prisoners were killed. 


During the 45 minute long  documentary the film-makers  tried to give the impression the Nazis  ‘had planned the massacre that way’ they called the ships,  quote;  ‘Floating Concentration Camps’. 

(Ignoring the fact the prisoners were housed in luxury as shown in these photos of the interior of the Cap Arcona )



The Filmmakers and some of the  Prisoners who survived,  actually claimed that Himmler had really planned to scuttle these ships at sea and thereby rid himself of 10.000 witnesses from the camps,  The Royal Airforce supposedly attacked  believing the ships contained only fleeing SS forces and were therefore fooled into helping Himmler carry out his devilish plan.


 The Filmmakers claim this in an attempt to push the blame for the deaths onto the SS and not the Royal Airforce, but it didn’t quite succeed because the Second Officer of the Cap Arcona, who also survived,  obviously didn’t know about any plan to scuttle the ship, and why would the Germans Guards and Medical Personell that went on board, all volunteer to commit suicide?


Then once again, demonstrating the typical arrogance and stupidity shown by many of these ‘Documentary filmmakers’ they shot themselves in the foot because   some of the British Pilots who were interviewed for the film,  freely admitted that Royal Airforce High Command not only knew the ships were carrying concentration camp prisoners but purposefully did not inform the Pilots before the attack.   

 When the Pilots were asked,  ‘Even though you knew it was a war crime, WHY  did you continue to fire apon the people floundering in the water ?   their very British answers were ;   ‘These things happen in war’

(Imagine if a German officer in Nuremburg had just shrugged his shoulders and said  ‘Shit happens!)


The Filmmakers showed the large Memorials erected to the memory of the 7500 dead prisoners and played Jewish Klezma Music in the background to give the impression the victims were mostly Jews. The truth is, less than one fifth of the Prisoners on board were Jewish. 


 There was no mention made in the film at all about the German Doctors and Nurses, Crew members or Camp guards who also died during the attack, no memorials for them were ever erected,  although their losses must also have been very high. 

As is usual with these documentaries there were the unbelievable ‘eyewitness testimonies’ about the sinking,  such as the survivor who claimed:     ‘Just before I jumped over the railing into the water, I was approached by an SS guard I knew,   he pulled out his pistol and before I could stop him, he shot himself in the head.


Another Survivor,  Quote:   A German Patrol boat came out of the harbour towards us, we thought it had come to save us , but instead it started running over  the people swimming in the water  killing them with its propellers, a British plane came and sank it and we all cheered.


Another one claimed that local Germans helped fish survivors out of the water and once on land the Germans then set about killing them and were only stopped by the arrival of British Tanks. (Why pull them out of the water?)


At subsequent war-crime trials the German Guards from Neuengamme camp who had survived the sinkings, plus the Camp’s Commandant Max Pauley  were blamed for the deaths and hanged.  There were some feeble attempts to bring the British Pilots to justice for shooting the unarmed civilians and although the Royal Airforce admitted it knew the ships were full of Camp Prisoners and the Pilots were not told this before the mission NOTHING WAS EVER DONE ABOUT IT.

The Placque to the memory of those killed, still claims those killed, were the victims of NAZI DICTATORSHIP


No Plaque remembering the dead German Crew members, Medical Personell or Guards has ever been erected.