England Financed Germany before WW2


England Was A Major Financer of Hitler

Clement Attlee
(the prime minister eight years later),
charged that "from the outset. a large
part of the City (the London financial
and industrial establishment) has given
every support and encouragement to
German rearmament."
It might be mentioned that the British
have disappeared from the record in Sut-
ton's account of the financing and support
of Hitler [Antony Sutton, Wall Street and
the Rise of Hitler]. There is no mention whatever
of several formidable pro-Hitler groups
in Britain, especially the Anglo-German
Fellowship and the Friends of Germany.
The former included 27 members of
the House of Commons and 28 members
of the House of Lords, including the great
coal magnate, Lord Londonderry; the
Henry Ford of England, Lord Nuffield;
and very generous representations from
England's banking, insurance, munitions,
transportation and oil companies.
A listing of its plutocratic luminaries
would fill pages, and their pro-Hitler
speeches and publications would fill
volumes. One need not have to add to
these prestigious figures the additional
personalities in Britain connected with the
Friends of Germany, The Link, with its
"Anglo-German Review," the Council
for Information and Policy, and of course,
Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fas-
Who helped finance what? Listen to
Paul Einzig, foreign editor of "Financial
News," writing in "World Finance,"
1938-39: "Practically the whole of the free
exchange available to Germany for the
purchase of raw materials was supplied
directly or indirectly by the British Gov-
ernment." Who supplied what to whom?
Thirteen days before declaring war on
Hitler on September 1, 1939, Britain
shipped to Germany 17,000 tons of rub-
her, 8,000 tons of copper, and large stocks
of nickel, tin and lead.
The London "Evening Standard" for
August 21, 1939 stated: "To execute
the orders in time, heavy withdrawals
were made from stores in the United
Kingdom. A third of our stocks of rubber
and a quarter of our supplies of nickel
have gone and are on their way to Ger-
many....before September 1."
The above is advanced, not as a British-
baiting ploy, but simply to emphasize
that when governments of national states
recognize one another, business, financial
and commercial relations among their
respective citizens are customary, normal,
and commonplace. When one seeks ex
post facto to find something sinister or
reptilian in such enterprise, the evidence
has to be twisted and tortured into won-
drous shapes in order to make possible
even the faintest semblance of plausibil-
That one can find ample documentation
of economic collaboration among Ameri-
cans, British, French and Germans in the
era of the National Socialist regime, some-
times accompanied by sympathetic politi-
cal sentiments, is hardly evidence of a
mutual arrangement to burn down the
world. (World War II hardly came about
through some independent action by the
Germans.) One must examine things in
terms of how the contemporaries to the
events saw the total situation.




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